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Heroes: BHB – Corrin & Kana, and BHB Summoning Focus

Another day, another Heroes new update! Today, a new Bound Hero Battle begins: Corrin & Kana – father and daughter from Fire Emblem Fates.

Defeat Hard, Lunatic and Infernal difficulties to earn a total of 9 Orbs.

As normal, a BHB always comes bundled with a Banner featuring the two Bound Heroes.

In this banner, Corrin: Fateful Prince, Kana: Dragon Princess, and Silas: Loyal Knight will be the focus Heroes. This is your best opportunity to summon them if you’ve been saving Orbs.

Both the BHB event and the accompanying banner will end on the 23rd of November 6:59AM UTC.

Also, a reminder that v2.11.1 was recenntly released, and the changes that were mentioned in previous news updates have now been fully applied. Expect to see 10 Orbs in your present list from the 20th of November 7:00AM UTC, so be sure to pick them up before they disappear on the 4th of December 6:59AM UTC.

Heroes: Arena Quests, new Tactics Drills, and applied fixes to recent issues

Welcome to another Fire Emblem Heroes news update! First off, we have some new Special Quests: Arena Quests!

These quests have three tiers to them: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. You must complete the current difficulty tier to advance and begin earning the next tier’s rewards. Up for grabs are some extra Arena Crests, Stamina Potions, Feathers and Orbs! The quests begin today, and will end on the 29th of November, at 6:59AM UTC.

A new Tactic Drills has also been added today.

This time, it’s a Skill Studies drill, named “Overprotective Corrin.” It puts you in control of two of the newest Heroes introduced to the game – Mikoto and female Corrin (Adrift ver.). Make use of their abilities to survive and conquer all enemies within 7 phases!

The devs have also posted a follow-up report regarding the recent issues they posted yesterday.

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Heroes: “Heroes with Drive Atk” banner!

Welcome to another Heroes news update! With one banner having ended today, and another three set to end within less than 24 hours, we need something fresh to keep the banner machine going until the Feh Channel drops its payload in less than 2 days’ time. Introducing the “Heroes with Drive Atk” banner:

This banner features Heroes with Drive Atk (up to +3 Atk for allies in combat within 2 spaces) – Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn, Leif: Prince of Leonster, and Quan: Luminous Lancer.

The banner will end on the 14th of November, at 6:59AM UTC.

Heroes: Weapon Refinery Update – coming soon!

Welcome to another Heroes news update! Today brings news of four weapon refines, up from our usual three at a time we’re usually accustomed to.

  • Saber: Driven Mercenary will receive the Golden Dagger.
  • Shanna: Sprightly Flier will receive Shanna’s Lance.
  • Florina: Lovely Flier will receive Florina’s Lance.
  • Bartre: Fearless Warrior will receive Axe of Virility.

As usual, the devs do not release any information about the new weapons, aside from the fact they can be further upgraded once refined. We’ll probably have wait until the update lands to see how the weapons will perform.

In case you didn’t know, “virility” means to have the traits of a manly man, amongst other masculine traits. To say the least, it’s an appropriate weapon for our mustached musclehead.