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Heroes: Bunny Voting Gauntlet on 1st April, Upcoming Weapon Refines & Heroes w/ Even Wave Skills

As we approach April, there’s a fair amount happening (hoppening?) in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Starting 1st April, there will be a Voting Gauntlet event between spring-themed Heroes from 2017 to present. The initial brackets are: Idunn vs Narcian, Catria vs Veronica, Palla vs Loki and Xander vs Est.

With the exception of Loki and Xander, all Heroes are available to summon now. As for Loki, you can grab her with Heroic Grails; for Xander, you’ll have to wait a short while until the Spring Festival banner returns.

Some time in April, when the next version update drops, four good ol’ Heroes will be receiving new weapon skills and/or refinery options:

  • Eirika: Gleipnir refine
  • Gunter: Inveterate Axe + refine
  • Gaius: Candied Dagger + refine
  • Ursula: Blue-Crow Tome + refine

Also, in case you missed it, there’s currently a Heroes with Even Wave skills banner. The featured Heroes are: Shannan, Selkie and Osian. Last but not least, there’s a Lost Lore event centred around Path of Radiance. Please don’t send Oliver with Reyson.

Heroes: A Hero Rises 2020 Voting Gauntlet has begun! Winner will be distributed to all players!

Today’s FE Heroes update brings with it the beginning of probably the most important event in Heroes to date, A Hero Rises 2020 Finals Voting Gauntlet, where a copy of the winner will be gifted to every player!

The eight contenders are the top eight of the AHR2020: Mythic Altina, New Year’s Alfonse & Sharena, Mythic Sothis, Legendary Leif, Winter Sothis, Legendary Azura, Legendary Alm, and Edelgard. Also, there is no 1.1x bonus for using the same unit as the army you have joined. So, fight for who you want in your barracks!

The event is already underway and will come to an end on the 5th of March 3:59am UTC. If you’re like me and haven’t felt particularly inspired by Voting Gauntlet events for a while and cared more about the feathers they pump out, maybe these stakes will rekindle that flame.

Also today, there is information on the next version update that lands early March.

The update includes news on the Compile Combat Manual feature, the next batch of Heroes to receive new weapons and/or refines, Aether Raids and Aether Resort updates, additional Heroes added via Heroic Grails, amongst other things. Click on “Read more” below to see what’s coming.

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Heroes: Mythic Hero Líf banner, Mythic Hero Battle, and Voting Gauntlet are live!

Today in Heroes: The recently revealed Mythic Hero Líf: Lethal Swordsman is now available through the Mythic Hero Summoning Event.

The banner also comes with a Mythic Hero Battle, where you can pick up Orbs and a golden accessory for beating the Abyssal difficulty. Both the banner and MHB will come to an end on the 6th of February 6:59am UTC.

Also today: A new Voting Gauntlet has begun! Partake and earn Feathers, Orbs and other materials all the while supporting your favourite unit.

The VG ends on the 5th of February 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Voting Gauntlet banner is live!

Today FE Heroes brings us a new banner based on the upcoming Voting Gauntlet event: Clash of the Claws, featuring two focus reds in Keaton and Tibarn, and one focus blue in Nailah.

As well as this, Weekly Revival 14 was released yesterday, which features Saber, OG Linde and Sonya on 4% focus.

The VG banner will come to a close on the 5th of February 6:59am UTC.

The Voting Gauntlet itself will begin on the 30th of January 7:00am UTC.