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Heroes: New Banner + Voting Gauntlet Results + Retweet for Orbs + Play Everyday

In anticipation for tomorrow’s Fire Emblem Heroes update, the official Japanese Twitter account has teased a new banner, which focuses on characters from Blazing Blade.

The characters included are Ninian, Karel, Priscilla, Jaffar, Rebecca and Lucius. As usual, there will be new Paralogues and timed quests to accompany these new Heroes.

Earlier, the Princes versus Princesses Voting Gauntlet reached its conclusion, with Awakening‘s Lucina winning by a predictable landslide.

Even if your team(s) didn’t win, we hope you had fun and that you managed to bag a good number of Hero Feathers from the event!

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Heroes Voting Gauntlet Completes Round 1

It’s been a hectic 45 hours…so hectic, that Nintendo updated the Princes vs. Princesses Voting Gauntlet to add more Milestone Bonus Rewards after the top Milestone was achieved before Round 1 completed. The craziest part is that those Milestones were met, too!

Assuming Milestones don’t change from here, everyone can expect at the event’s conclusion to receive five of each Great badge, 5,000 Universal Crystals, and best of all, 20 Orbs!

Competition was fierce, but the winners for the first round of the bracket have been decided. While some wins were by a landslide (Lucina defeated Sharena by almost a 3-to-1 scale), others were much closer (Ephraim defeated Leo by a much more narrow margin). Next up, we’ll see Lucina versus Eirika in the Princess bracket, while Ephraim faces Chrom in the Princes side.

The semi-final matches are available for 45 hours as of now, so if you were on one of the losing teams, you can join a new team and get back in the battle and push for those Hero Feathers!

Additionally, Nintendo sent out five free Orbs to users as both an appreciation gift and an apology for misleading information during Arena Defense calculation scores.

Update: The official Japanese Twitter account has teased a new Grand Hero Battle for tomorrow.

To nobody’s surprise, the Black Fang’s “Blue Crow” will be up for grabs. What we didn’t know though is that a 4 star version of (presumably) Ursula can be obtained.

Heroes: Skill Inheritance & Voting Gauntlet Updates

The new “Inherit Skill” feature will be coming soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! The planned release is scheduled for next week on Thursday, March 16th.

Updates posted to the @FE_Heroes_JP Twitter account give us some further details regarding how skill inheritance will work.

  • Up to 3 skills can be inherited from each Hero. (From an earlier update, we learned that you need to sacrifice a Hero to inherit their skills.)
  • Inherited skills will start off as unlearned.
  • Learning inherited skills costs 1.5 times the usual amount of SP.
  • Exclusive skills such as Falchion cannot be inherited. Some skills cannot be inherited due to weapon-type or movement-type restrictions. (We knew this already.)

Additionally, new rewards have been added to the Voting Gauntlet in celebration of its success. Two new reards tiers have been unveiled for 8 billion and 10 billion total points earned. Currently, Heroes players have already earned a whopping 6 billion points for their armies!

Today is the last day for the first round of the gauntlet, so make sure to win lots of battles for your chosen Hero’s army!