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Heroes: Voting Gauntlet is live!

The next Voting Gauntlet has begun, and the theme is Brave Rivalries.

We’ve got rivalries from several points in Fire Emblem History coming together into a single Gauntlet.

Brave Micaiah vs Legendary Ike. Brave Alm vs Fallen Berkut. Brave Eliwood vs OG Hector. Brave Camilla vs Bow Hinoka. Support your favourite units and earn rewards such as Orbs, Sacred Coins, Refining Stones and Feathers.

The Voting Gauntlet ends on the 4th of September, 3:59am UTC.

Finally for today, there’s a new Tactics Drills: Grandmaster for you to challenge, titled “Winds, Howl!”

Heroes: More Summoning Banners & Voting Gauntlet Info!

Another Sunday brings up 2 More Summoning Banners in Fire Emblem Heroes! First up, our latest weekly banner contains Lute, Dorcas, and Mia. We also get a Voting Gauntlet banner containing Flying Hinoka, Hector, and Fallen Berkut.

All three of those latest heroes will be available heroes to support in the upcoming Voting Gauntlet: Brave Rivalries. Our four newest Brave Heroes will be going head-to-head against their in-universe rivals. Check out the first round bracket below:

Seven of these eight heroes are currently available, either in this new banner or the existing Brave Echoes banner. The odd man out is Legendary Ike, but he’ll be showing up soon in the next Legendary Hero Banner.

Voting Gauntlet: Brave Rivalries begins on Thursday, 29 August, so you’ve got plenty of time to train up your chosen hero.

Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: Beach Battle Ballot Now Live!

Grab your swimsuits and head out towards the ocean for the next Fire Emblem Heroes event! Voting Gauntlet: Beach Battle Ballot starts today!

This latest Voting Gauntlet features all eight of the new summer characters that came out this year. Choose your hero from the swimsuit versions of Laegjarn, Laevatein, Helbindi, Gunnthrá, Lyn, Wolt, Lilina, or Ursula. If you lack any of these heroes, their banners are still available in the summon screen. Check out the first round match-ups below:

Compete in matches to earn points and battle flags for you chosen hero. You can also earn up other sweet rewards, like Orbs, with quests during each round! Each round will last a bit less than two days, as usual. Voting Gauntlet: Beach Battle Ballot as a whole will end on 7 August.

Additionally, August quests are also now available! You’ll have the whole month to complete these quests and reap the rewards. Check out details in-game.

Heroes: Upcoming Voting Gauntlet, with 2 VG banners live now!

Coming soon to a Voting Gauntlet near you: The Battle of the Bands. Or rather, Headband Brawl, but my given name is objectively better.

Click to view larger image

All these dudes are wearing bands of some sort around their head – as the VG’s name may have implied – so it’s time for you to get behind your favourite band-wielder and pick up some rewards while you’re at it.

All the ladies are on one side, while the men are on the other. Tibarn, Barst, Grey, George, Sue, OG Mia, OG Sanaki and Flying Olivia are the 8 participants.

The VG will begin on the 1st of July, 7:00am UTC and will come to a close on the 7th of July, 3:59am UTC. Regular Voting Gauntlet rules apply.

As with every VG, there comes banners.

The genders have been separated into their own banners, and you get one free pull from each. Both banners begin today, and will come to a close on the 7th of July, 6:59am UTC. If you’re only going for the free summon, you’re statistically more likely for a free 5-Star pulling red in both banners.

One final thing for today: It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for new Tactics Drills. Today’s release is a Skill Studies map, titled “Timid for a Reason.” You control Panne and her son Yarne in a shorter than usual 3-phase battle to eradicate all enemies.