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Heroes: Upcoming Voting Gauntlet, with 2 VG banners live now!

Coming soon to a Voting Gauntlet near you: The Battle of the Bands. Or rather, Headband Brawl, but my given name is objectively better.

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All these dudes are wearing bands of some sort around their head – as the VG’s name may have implied – so it’s time for you to get behind your favourite band-wielder and pick up some rewards while you’re at it.

All the ladies are on one side, while the men are on the other. Tibarn, Barst, Grey, George, Sue, OG Mia, OG Sanaki and Flying Olivia are the 8 participants.

The VG will begin on the 1st of July, 7:00am UTC and will come to a close on the 7th of July, 3:59am UTC. Regular Voting Gauntlet rules apply.

As with every VG, there comes banners.

The genders have been separated into their own banners, and you get one free pull from each. Both banners begin today, and will come to a close on the 7th of July, 6:59am UTC. If you’re only going for the free summon, you’re statistically more likely for a free 5-Star pulling red in both banners.

One final thing for today: It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for new Tactics Drills. Today’s release is a Skill Studies map, titled “Timid for a Reason.” You control Panne and her son Yarne in a shorter than usual 3-phase battle to eradicate all enemies.

Heroes: New Weapon Refines for June & Marital Bonds Voting Gauntlet Now Active

Fans of older Heroes, rejoice! In a new Fire Emblem Heroes update coming some time in June, four Heroes released during Year 1 will be receiving new weapon skills and/or refinery options.

This month’s lucky Heroes are Oscar, Saizo, Kagero and Elincia. The first three can learn Loyal Greatlance, Saizo’s Star and Kagero’s Dart respectively. In addition, all three can refine their new weapons, while Elincia can refine her Amiti.

A precise date for this update was not provided, but if it’s anything like past updates, you probably don’t need to wait too long.

Also, as a reminder, the “Marital Bonds” Voting Gauntlet is now active until a few hours before the daily rollover 9th June 2019. As always, there are quests for each of the three rounds. For further details, check the in-game notifications or our earlier article.

Heroes: “Marital Bonds” Voting Gauntlet Coming Soon + Summoning Focus & “Discover Naga” Video

As mentioned in the Deep Bonds event, a new Voting Gauntlet will be arriving in Fire Emblem Heroes starting from 3rd June 2019. Marital Bonds will see four pairs of lovey-dovey couples fighting for the crown.

The starting brackets are Pent vs Sigurd, Bartre vs Quan, Louise vs Deirdre and Karla vs Ethlyn. For the first two rounds, the guys will be competing between themselves and same with the ladies. However, during the third round, it’s possible for a couple to fight among themselves. Hopefully this doesn’t rock their marriage…

For your convenience, there’s currently a Summoning Focus with four of the Heroes from the Voting Gauntlet: Karla, Quan, Sigurd and Deirdre. All are powerful Heroes in their own right, so if you’re still missing any (or want merges), now’s your chance!

Otherwise, Louise is currently a reward from the on-going Tempest Trials, although you don’t have long left. Ethlyn can be summoned via Heroic Grails. Pent can be found in the Bridal Belonging banner. Finally, you must have a Bartre or maybe twenty lying around.

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Heroes: Children’s Day Voting Gauntlet Now Underway

The latest Voting Gauntlet event in Fire Emblem Heroes has now started. As we learned earlier, this one is focused around the many abnormally powerful children found in the series.

The starting brackets are Young Tiki versus Male Kana, Lugh versus Ylgr, Fae versus Yune and Flying Nino versus Delthea.

As usual, there are quests for each of the three rounds of the event, each awarding Battle Flags, Orbs, Sacred Coins and Refining Stones. The event runs until a few hours before the daily rollover on 6th May 2019.

Speaking of quests, the second half of the Allegiance Battles quests are now available, where you can grab the remaining 5 First Summon Tickets. Also, in case you’ve forgotten, the first pair of daily special maps are set to expire after today.