Heroes: New Refines and more to come in next update, and VG begins!

Today’s Heroes news brings a preview ahead of the upcoming version 4.8.0 update which will be landing during early August.

First up is the new units to receive new PRF weapons and refines:

New weapons with refine:
Sneering Axe (Legion: Masked Maniac),
Tome of Order (Cecilia: Etrurian General),
Setsuna’s Yumi (Setsuna: Absent Archer),
and a refine for:
Bright Naginata (Shiro: Raw Talent)

Next up, the compat manuals available from August’s red toilet paper (Ephemera 8):

5-Stars: Tana, Dancer Ryoma
4-Stars: Cain, Laslow, Bantu, Subaki, Roderick

With the next update will have a minor quality of life change implemented in category icons accompanying each live summoning event.

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Example image:

The following types of summoning event will have their own unique icon:

  • New Heroes
  • Special Heroes
  • Double Special Heroes
  • Summoning Focus
  • Legendary/Mythic Heroes
  • Free Summon (Random)
  • Free 5-Star Summon
  • Revival Summon
  • Hero Fest

There will be two new ingredients added to the field in Aether Resort: Tomatoes will be able to be planted, and you can receive spices and gourmet spices from Feh as provisions. There will be new dishes to create using these new ingredients.

There will be three new songs added to the Concert Hall: “Thracia 776 Begins” from Thracia 776, “Quiet Days” from Path of Radiance, and “A Promise” from Three Houses.

Some structures in Aether Raids will have their level cap increased:
Bolt Tower (O/D): up to level 7
Escape Ladder (O): up to level 5

Some mechanisms in Mjolnir’s Strike will have their level cap increased:
Nifl Icicle: Up to level 4

The following Heroes will be summonable via Heroic Grails:
Gangrel: Plegia’s Mad King
Rhys: Gentle Basker

Finally for today’s news update, a new Voting Gauntlet event has begun, so get behind your favourite beachwear-clad Hero and pick up some easy Feathers along the way.

Contestants are Summer variants of Lute, Mia, Rhys, Byleth, Joshua, Dorothea, Sylvain, and Lorenz.
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