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Heroes: New Weapon Refinery Updates for December Update!

Ever since Heroes claimed that the Version 3.0 Update would come in December, players have eagerly been awaiting news. Now we might have the first piece of it, with New Weapon Refinery Updates planned to go into effect soon!

A whopping 7 characters are getting new weapons with this update:

  • Palla: Whitewing Blade
  • Est: Whitewing Spear
  • Catria: Whitewing Lance
  • Ogma: Gladiator’s Blade
  • Female Robin: Tactical Gale
  • Male Robin: Tactical Bolt
  • Navarre: Scarlet Sword

Additionally, all of these weapons will get further upgrades via the Weapon Refinery! The Japanese Heroes twitter claims that the Whitewings’ weapons will have a special Triangle Attack effect. What do you think the other weapons’ special abilities will be?

Unfortunately we don’t have any further news as to when the update will come, aside from “December”. We also don’t know what else will be planned to come along with it, besides the hints towards Book III. Hopefully we’ll get some more information soon.


Heroes: Adrift Banner, 2.11 Update, & Aether Raids Now Available!

The latest Summoning Focus has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The latest Adrift Banner is now available for all summoners. Spend some Orbs to summon up new alternate versions of M!Corrin, F!Corrin, and Camilla, as well as the brand new Mikoto. Check out our earlier article for a better look at these heroes.

In addition to the banner, all four of these heroes also appear in the new Paralogue, also called Adrift. Beat all three paralogue chapters on all difficulties and complete the matching quests to earn up to 12 Orbs! We also get another Log-In Bonus to earn Orbs daily just for logging in over the next 10 days.

If you’d like even more Orbs to summon these new heroes, the November Orb Promo also begins today! For the usual price, you can buy 21 Orbs along with a special gift of 60 Sacred Coins. It’ll last the a whole month until the December promo comes out.

The Adrift Banner will last until 21 November. Presumably, we’ll get a new batch of heroes then, possibly along with Book III? This banner also officially concludes our most recent Event Calendar, so hopefully we’ll get another one of those soon.

Furthermore, the Version 2.11 Update is now available! You can update within Google Play or the App Store if your Heroes app doesn’t load the update automatically.

This update contains the new Aether Raids gameplay mode information, which also begins today! We also get access to the Heroic Grails feature. Check out our Feh Channel article for more information, or jump into the game and play through the tutorial yourself. Read on below for further details of the update changes.

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Heroes: Version 2.10.0 Incoming – Abyssal GHBs, new weapon refines + QoL

October has just started and Fire Emblem Heroes is already off to an exciting start with an announcement of the next version update: 2.10.0. This will be arriving during “early October”, so hopefully pretty soon.

This update includes four main features.

Abyssal difficulty for daily Grand Hero Battles

The following daily Grand Hero Battles will receive Abyssal difficulty maps: Navarre, Michalis, Ursula, Xander, Lloyd, Narcian and female Robin. Similar to existing Abyssal maps, you can earn golden accessories from clearing them.

Lite Data Version

As the years and months have gone by, Fire Emblem Heroes has started to become pretty big, space-wise. For those concerned about the game taking up too much space, a “Lite Data Version” will be provided.

This version of the game will have lower visual and sound quality, but will reduce the size of the game data by a whopping 75%. Currently the game is around 1.5 GB, so the file size should end up less than 400 MB.

New players can choose to download the Lite Data Version or the original “High Quality Version” when starting the game. Otherwise, you can switch over by going to the Miscellaneous menu in-game or by going to Clear Cache from the title screen.

New weapon refinement options

Lon’qu will receive a new weapon skill Solitary Blade that can be learned when he’s upgraded to 5★.

Meanwhile the Frelian royals, Tana and Innes, will gain refinement options for their legendary weapons, Vidofnir and Nidhogg.

Presumably, Solitary Blade can also be refined like all the new weapons added to existing characters.

Naming favourite-marks

To make things more convenient, you’ll be able to assign a name to the 8 favourite marks that can be given to Heroes. In the example, they’ve named each mark after all the consoles that Fire Emblem has appeared on (or will, in the case of the Switch).

Heroes: Version 2.8 Update Now Live!

Fire Emblem Heroes sneakily released the Version 2.8 Update just a few hours ago! Load up the program to download this latest update. If Heroes does not download the update automatically, you can grab it manually from the Play Store or App Store.

The Version 2.8 Update brings lots of neat, new features to the game, including Skill Sets for your heroes. We also get a new Arena Tier, Weapon Refinery options for the Askr Trio, additions to Blessed Gardens, an updated Favourites system, more Teams and Brigades, and more!

Click on the “Read More” button to see a text breakdown of everything the new update brings us.

Furthermore, Feh’s Summer Celebration is still continuing! Today’s banner is Heroes with Threaten Def, containing 5★ focus units for Ephraim, Peri, and Raven. Don’t forget to do your daily free summons and complete the daily maps for additional Orbs. You’ll certainly want those Orbs for when tomorrow’s Hoshidan Festival units come out…
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