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Heroes: Version 4.1.0 Update Coming Soon, Tempest Trials+ Now Available & New Year’s Skit

Fire Emblem Heroes will be receiving its first version update of the year during early January. Version 4.1.0 brings new weapon refinery options, more things to buy or level up, plus some minor fixes and adjustments.

Let’s begin with the highlight! The new weapon refines will apply to:

  • Cordelia’s Lance (new weapon skill) for Cordelia: Knight Paragon.
  • Rebecca’s Bow (new weapon skill) for Rebecca: Wildflower.
  • Corvus Tome (new weapon skill) for Henry: Twisted Mind.
  • Light Brand for Leif: Prince of Leonster.

Elsewhere, the Dark Shrine (O) and Dark Shrine (D) Aether Raids structures will have their level cap increased to 5.

Meanwhile, the Concert Hall in the Aether Resort will be blessed with three new songs: “Silesse Castle Town” (from Genealogy of the Holy War), “Young Warriors” (from Path of Radiance) and “As Fierce as Fire” (from Three Houses).

As mentioned previously, Igrene’s Guardian Bow skill will be adjusted. After the update, the Speed check will apply both before and during combat. If the attacker and defender both have the Guardian Bow, the attacker’s Speed check will apply first.

10 compensation Orbs will be given out between the daily rollovers on 9th January and 23rd January (UTC). Presumably we’ll be getting Version 4.1.0 on 9th January or around then.

Furthermore, Cormag: Aloof Lanceman and Brunnya: Devoted General will be added to the Heroic Grails shop.

Lastly, some miscellaneous game improvements:

  • In-game and push notifications will be sent when the Battle Ballot is fully restored during a Voting Gauntlet event.
  • Descriptions of Heroes from active summoning events will appear in loading screens.
  • “Minor issues” related to the Mjolnir’s Strike event will be addressed.

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Heroes: Feh Channel, New Mode (Mjölnir’s Strike), Thracia 776 Banner, Book IV, New Free 5* Unit, Weapon Refines and More

Welcome, Summoners, to the next Feh Channel, for December 2019! This one’s got quite a bit, including the upcoming new Book IV, the next gameplay mode Mjölnir’s Strike, upcoming non-seasonal Thracia 776 Banner, mild details of the next Version Update, and a slew of other details actually released in the Version Update that came out while I was putting together this post that weren’t covered in the Feh Channel.

Feh ‘cuts the chit chat’ so to speak, by jumping into things before the 1 minute mark (which is pretty new for Feh, I’d say).

We are immediately granted view of the new mode, Mjölnir’s Strike, which features Thor, the God of War, and is actually available now via the newly released version update that came out moments ago.

This mode includes phases, including the first “Brace Phase”. We’re informed that they function one after the other in sequence, so this multi-phase battle gives Summoners a variety of ways to tackle the mode, rather than one quick and boring one, which is pretty exciting.

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Three Houses: Wave 3 DLC and Version 1.1.0. Update Now Available!

From 8th November 2019, fans can now download the new Version 1.1.0 update for Three Houses.

This update adds some new features (including playable Jeritza), quality of life changes (more save files!) and bug fixes for all users. Plus additional content for expansion pass owners (playable Anna, new costumes, playing with animals, the sauna, etc.).

If you’ve been closely following Three Houses news, some of these features were revealed via the Famitsu guidebook released a few months ago. From here on, there is one more wave of DLC planned, featuring new story content (the mysterious “Abyss Mode”) and much, much more.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the detailed patch notes, please continue after the break or pay a visit to Nintendo’s website!

Of note, the new update fixes a bug with the Adjutant Follow-Up attack rate, causing it to be lower than usual for specific support levels, which I believe we were the first to discover. It’s nice that somebody noticed or reported this bug to Nintendo.

(Also, we’ll update our Three Houses pages with info for Anna and Jeritza etc. as soon as we can. But it might take a short while.)

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Three Houses: Version 1.0.2 (Maddening Difficulty) and Wave 2 DLC (New Outfits, Items and Battles) Now Available!

Ready to add a lot more hours in Three Houses? From today, all players can download the free version 1.0.2 update. This includes the previously teased higher difficulty level, a few additional features and various bug changes.


With this update, expansion pass owners can access the Wave 2 contents. Look forward to new glasses for the protagonist, house loungewear for your students, new stat-boosting items and auxiliary battles (including a new “Corridor of the Tempest” music track).

(Images via Nintendo of America: 1 | 2)

Furthermore, looking at the expansion pass’s updated eShop listing, it seems there will be at least two more sets of costumes, which will presumably be added in Wave 3 (alongside the additional quests).

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