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Heroes: Information for Version 6.9.0, Coming 5~6th September

We have some information for this month’s version update for Fire Emblem Heroes, scheduled for release on 5th~6th September 2022, depending on your time zone.

You can view the information via the official website and we’ll also paraphrase the details below.

Weapon Refinery

Another 7 Heroes will benefit from upgraded weapon skills.

New weapon skills + refines

  • Tempest’s Claw – Haar

New refines

  • Sublime Surge – Sothis
  • Dark Spikes T – Brave Lysithea
  • Moon Gradivus – Brave Dimitri
  • Virtuous Naga – Legendary Julia
  • Flower Hauteclere – Brave Edelgard
  • Wind Parthia – Brave Claude

Combat Manuals

New events from Version 6.9.0 will award Divine Codes (Ephemera 9), which can be exchanged for the following limited-time manuals:

  • 5-star: Dancer Quan and Dancer Reinhardt
  • 4-star: Easter Luthier, Abel, Miriel, Norne and Felicia

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Merchandise: Sanei’s All Star Collection plush toys from Fire Emblem: Three Houses arrive in Japan this June

Byleth, Sothis, and more turn into plushies this summer!

Plush toy manufacturer Sanei has announced a new wave of goodies to their All Star Collection series lineup, slated for release in early June. From Three Houses joins Byleth male and female, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and Sothis.

Check out photos we have of each via Amazon JP, as well as an update on Sanei’s original Fire Emblem plush toys from 2019.

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Heroes: More Dragons Celebrate the Harvest Season in “Shared Bounty”

Earlier, the marketing team for FE Heroes made a boo-boo by revealing this year’s spooky Heroes in a Twitter ad for Mythic Ótr. Anyway, just like last year’s Halloween banner, the Heroes are all related to dragons in some form.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

“Shared Harvest” will run from 7th October through 7th November 2021 (UTC). The featured Heroes are male Robin, Rhea, Kurthnaga and Duo Sothis (with male Byleth).

Sophia will be the Tempest Trials reward (Blue Tome Flier), along with the Odd Def Wave 1 and Shield Session 1 Sacred Seals.

Please continue for a breakdown of the Special Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: Return of Year 1 + 2 Winter Banners & Sothis’s Twitter Takeover

Christmas is just around the corner! To mark the occasion, Fire Emblem Heroes is re-running the Winter Special Heroes banners from the 1st and 2nd years of the game.

Winter’s Envoy features four Heroes from Awakening: Tharja, Lissa, male Robin and Chrom. If Heroes wasn’t delayed, this banner might have been released a year earlier than it did…

Meanwhile, Gifts of Winter continues the armoured Christmas tradition with Heroes from The Sacred Stones and Binding Blade: Eirika, Fae and Ephraim.

If you go to summon from one of these two banners, you may notice it’s possible to redeem (presumably) first summoning tickets, although we currently have none. Perhaps we’ll get some as our very first Christmas present?!

For reference, these tickets were discovered by data-miners last week. Curiously, three tickets are coded in, although we can only see two of them in the game right now. What could the third one (III) be used for? Assuming it’s going to be used.

Lastly, in a surprising twist, after Feh the messenger owl fell asleep on the job, Sothis–the mysterious girl from Three Houses–has taken over FE Heroes’s official Twitter accounts. Right now, it seems to be for a bit of fun, although it’d be nice if it led to something special!