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Three Houses: Nintendo Japan Sheds a Tiny Bit More Light on “Cindered Shadows” Side Story

Following yesterday’s trailer for Wave 4 of the Three Houses DLC, Nintendo Japan posted an article with a few more details.


To get everyone up to speed, Wave 4 will be arriving on 12th or 13th February 2020 (depending on where you live). It will include a new side story called “Cindered Shadows” and features new characters, classes, paralogues and activities etc.

The first thing to note is that Cindered Shadows is separate from the main game, with its own save files. To play it, you must choose the new “Side Story” option located between “Nintendo eShop” and “Copy”.

When creating a save file, players can choose the protagonist’s form and name, as well as select the difficulty (Normal or Hard) and mode (Classic or Casual). Just like when you begin a new save file for the main game.

In the main game, players followed a monthly routine where they taught and socialised with their students, while preparing for the end-of-month task. However, Cindered Shadows will have a different gameplay cycle (no details given).

Also, players will be provided with fixed team members and won’t be able to recruit other students. Furthermore, the maps will feature a lot of gimmicks and the overall difficulty is a bit higher than the main game.

(Not mentioned here, but by playing the side story, you can recruit new characters from the side story in the main game.)

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Three Houses Becomes “Four Houses” When “Cindered Shadows” DLC Story Arrives on 13th February 2020*

Byleth getting invited into Smash wasn’t the only big news today! Nintendo also surprised fans with a trailer for Wave 4 of the Three Houses DLC, featuring the new “Cindered Shadows” side story.

In this new story, you’ll join forces with four members of the Ashen Wolves, the secret fourth house living in the Abyss below Garreg Mach Monastery. From the looks of things, members of this house are rejects from society.

By progressing through this side story, you can recruit the new characters–Balthus, Yuri, Constance and Hapi–to the main story, while unlocking new classes, paralogues and activities.

Also, during the side story, it looks like you can use all three three House Leaders alongside other impossible recruits (like Hilda fighting alongside Edelgard!).

Cindered Shadows will be available for Expansion Pass owners from 13th February 2020* (UTC).

* 12th February 2020 (PST).

For more details and screenshots, please keep reading!

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Three Houses: “Sothis Regalia” Costume for Protagonists Available via Expansion Pass

To celebrate the end of the year, owners of the Three Houses expansion pass can download the “Sothis Regalia” costume, which lets the protagonists dress up as Sothis.

By the way, the Japanese website explicitly states that this will be the final costume DLC for the game.

Looking back at the upcoming DLC info from the Famitsu guidebook, you can see that this costume was originally part of the 4th and final wave of DLC. We translated it as “new costume(s) for male Byleth, female Byleth and Sothis”.

However, the wording was rather unclear; it was probably intended to be read as “new Sothis costumes for male Byleth and female Byleth”. Indeed, I’m sure many fans were wondering how they’d implement a costume for Sothis, who’s a NPC.

The Game Awards: Three Houses Success Stories in Best Strategy Game and Player’s Voice awards!

To sum up things from The Game Awards 2019, not only was a lot announced, but Fire Emblem Three Houses won the Best Strategy Game. Nintendo America is quite proud of this, and many of the people behind the beloved game, such as the voice actors of Dorothea and Claude, have shared their pride in the success.

It’s well deserved, especially since Three Houses also won the Player’s Voice fan-vote award! That’s two rewards for traditional Fire Emblem’s first formal introduction back into a console since Radiant Dawn in 2007. Even if Three Houses wasn’t nominated for Game of the Year, it’s evident that it’s a widely appreciated game. If you haven’t played it yet, let this be what motivates you to pull that trigger and give it a shot.

If you’ve got time to burn during commercials, go look around Twitter at the community celebrating together!

I’d say that Super Smash Bros is practically a Fire Emblem game too, given its representation of many big names in the franchise such as long time fighters Marth and Roy, as well as Ike, Chrom, Lucina and Corrin and the myriad of assist trophies. Therefore, I am happy to see the Super Smash Bros Ultimate brought home the award for Best Fighting Game.

I’m posting this a bit early, so there could be some more Fire Emblem love going on in announcements or trailers, but I’m going to share this now because if you haven’t already seen the news, you deserve to be updated!