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Heroes: Battle of the Mages Voting Gauntlet is Live!

It’s time for another Voting Gauntlet in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Battle of the Mages Voting Gauntlet has now begun. It was first announced in the FEH Channel Livestream.

Round 1 Matchups are as follows:

Linde vs. Tharja
Sanaki vs. Julia
Leo vs. Henry
Robin vs. Merric

This first round ends on 14 May at 7:59am UTC. Victors will then proceed to the second round, and the next match will begin. The full ladder is below.

As a reminder, we have some new rules for this Voting Gauntlet! If your chosen army is at a disadvantage, all votes accumulated for that army during that hour will be multiplied by 3. Hopefully this will keep each round a bit more fair and interesting.

The Female Mages and Male Mages summon focus banners will remain available for the duration of the gauntlet. If you’d like a powerful magic user to add to your team, or if you haven’t had a chance to summon your favourite mage of the gauntlet yet, now is the perfect time.

As usual, you can also complete a series of Quests to win additional Battle Flags to support your team. The full list of quests can be found below.

The banners and quests will disappear at the end of the gauntlet on 18 May at 7:59am UTC. Fight for your chosen champion and do your best!

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Heroes: Mage Gauntlet Info, Arena Update, & EXP Event in 1.3.0 Update

A new update (1.3.0) is available for Fire Emblem Heroes! It includes some changes to the game, as well as information about the upcoming Voting Gauntlet and an event. Heroes will prompt you to download the update when you open the app.

The first thing you may notice upon logging into the game is a small pop-up featuring Feh, the owl, during loading. These little tips and tricks about the game will now display while loading Heroes.

Once the game has opened, you’ll see that the Hero Fest banners are gone, replaced with two new banners for the upcoming Mage Voting Gauntlet. The two banners feature the eight mages that will be competing in the Gauntlet. Spend your Orbs wisely to try and pull Julia, Linde, Tharja, Sanaki, Henry, Merric, Leo, or Robin!

The Gauntlet itself is scheduled to begin on Friday, 12 May. As previously noted, updates to the Gauntlet rules will give losing heroes a bit of an advantage. Hopefully this will result in more even battles between characters.

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Heroes: FEH Channel’s Livestream Breakdown

Well boy howdy, we got quite a pile of information for what’s coming up in Fire Emblem Heroes, and lots of it is coming sooner than you might think.

For starters, we have a new Banner coming up, featuring the 5* Focus units of Hector, Azura, Ryoma and Takumi. This banner starts in just a few hours (on 4/28) and will have unit pull rates boosted from 3% to 5%.

Two new events will also be running alongside the new banner. The “Hero Fest Log In Bonus” will continue giving players 2 free Orbs per day. There is also a “Double SP Event” wherein all heroes earn twice as much SP as usual when defeating enemies! The Focus Banner and both events will last through 7:59am UTC on May 7th.

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Heroes: Navarre and Voting Gauntlet News

Summoners can now challenge the Scarlet Sword at his own game, by entering Navarre’s Special Map any time between now and April 9.

His map expires on April 9 at 1:59a EDT, so you have time to train up your team if you need. If you need a new unit to help your cause, the Battling Navarre Banner is also available for the duration of the Grand Hero Battle.

That’s not all, however. The Wyvern Riders vs Pegasus Knights Voting Gauntlet starts in about 15 hours, and the first round brackets have already been posted by the FE_Heroes_JP Twitter. The Round 1 Matchups are:

Subaki vs Beruka
Palla vs Minerva

Cordelia vs Cherche
Hinoka vs Camilla

While the ladder itself hasn’t been posted (meaning Round 2 Matchups are not quite confirmed due to layout variances), this implies a bit of a difference from the last round, in which each side fought amongst itself for the top representative of its side.