Heroes: Resplendent Roy, Three Houses Revival, Twitter Vote for Next Event Revival & “Shrouded Skirmish” Voting Gauntlet!

This week in Fire Emblem Heroes is off to a busy start! Firstly, Feh Pass owners can now receive their Resplendent Sanaki. Afterwards, the next Resplendent Hero being offered will be Roy: Young Lion.

You can check out his artwork and some of his voice clips via the Feh Pass website. Resplendent Roy will be available from 10th June 2020 (UTC), after the distribution for Sanaki ends.

Next up, the 2019 Three Houses banner will be returning until 2nd June (UTC). This time around, the guaranteed 5-star focus Hero after 40 summons will be in place! Previously this was intended for New Heroes only, but presumably they’re testing the waters.

Also, the corresponding Forging Bonds event “Joining Forces” is back for the same time period.

Furthermore, there’s a vote on Twitter for the next banner and Forging Bonds revival to be held in July. The candidates are Changing Winds, The Chosen Ones, Zofia’s Call and Desert Mercenaries. Voting will continue until approx. 30th May (UTC).

Like the Three Houses revival, the next revival will have the guaranteed 5-star summon, so this could be a good chance to nab a Hero that previously slipped from your grasp. Perhaps with enough pushing, they’ll add it for Special Heroes too?

Still here? From 29th May to 4th June, there will be a Voting Gauntlet event, “Shrouded Skirmish”. As you can see, all the combatants are stylish mask-wearers.

The initial brackets are: Lif vs Masked Marth, Black Knight vs Death Knight, Legion vs Gerome and Conrad vs Sirius.

Most of these Heroes can be obtained via Heroic Grails, while Lif will be appearing in this month’s Legendary Hero banner and Sirius is in the on-going Lull skills banner.

Lastly, the next Hall of Forms event will start on 26th May (UTC). The forma Heroes you can build up (and potentially purchase) are Brave Lyn, Flying Nino, Bride Ninian and Summer Fiora.

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