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Heroes: Sigurd & Lewyn Bound Hero Battle + Weekly Revival 13

There are two small things happening in Fire Emblem Heroes this Sunday.

Firstly, there’s a new Bound Hero Battle starring Sigurd and Lewyn from Genealogy of the Holy War. Accompanying it is a summoning banner featuring Sigurd, Lewyn and Silvia. Both will be around until the daily rollover on 28th January 2020 (UTC).

In addition, the Weekly Revival 13 banner is back for another round! The classic Heroes are: Tana, Luke and Hector. As it happens, all three have weapon refine options, plus you can never have too much Distant Counter fodder…

As a reminder, the new Heroes from the recently re-released Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will debut tomorrow. So bear that in mind before you decide spending your Orbs!

Heroes: “Kingdoms vs. Empires” Voting Gauntlet Coming Soon

The Fire Emblem series features many powerful kingdoms and empires, but have you ever wondered which was the strongest one? That’s the premise of the upcoming Voting Gauntlet event: Kingdoms vs. Empires.

In the event, which runs between 1st and 7th January 2020 (UTC), Summoners can side with eight Heroes, each representing a particular nation.

They are: Christmas Marth (Altea), Fallen Hardin (Archanea), Dimitri (Faerghus), Edelgard (Adrestia), New Year’s Alfonse (Askr), Brave Veronica (Embla), Cavalry Chrom (Ylisse) and Walhart (Valm).

As a helping hand, there’s currently a Voting Gauntlet banner featuring 3 of the participating Heroes: Brave Veronica, Fallen Hardin and Cavalry Chrom.

For the others, Christmas Marth is obviously from the on-going Christmas banner, Dimitri and Edelgard are in the Legendary Celica banner, New Year’s Alfonse is in the upcoming New Year’s banner and, finally, Walhart can be summoned using Heroic Grails.

Heroes: Weekly Revival 9, Hall of Forms & Heroes with Rally Skills

We hope you’re enjoying this final weekend before Christmas! Over on FE Heroes, there are a few things to keep you busy. Firstly, the Weekly Revival 9 banner is now live.

Three Valentian Heroes can be yours with a boosted 4% rate: Alm, Delthea and Faye. Although they’ve been around for a while, they’re all solid units with access to powerful weapon refines. I’m half tempted to fix my Alm’s Atk bane.

Also, in case you missed the memo, the 2nd Hall of Forms event has started! This one stars Marth (Groom), Caeda (Bride), Draug and Merric from the Archanean saga. The first Hall of Forms seems to have been well received, so it’s nice to see it back again!

Finally, there’s a Heroes with Rally Skills banner currently available until the daily rollover on 2nd January 2020 (UTC). The featured Heroes are Ophelia, female Corrin (Adrift) and Quan. Their Rally skills are probably the least important part of them though.

Heroes: Weekly Revival Banner 3 Rerun is Here!

It’s Sunday again, so that means it’s time another revival banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on Weekly Revival Banner 3 for your shot at Julia, Nephenee, or Sigurd.

As before, you have a 4% chance to nab one of the featured heroes, better than regular banners. The banner ends in a week, so act quickly if you’re interested.