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Heroes: New Summoning Focus for Weapon Triangle Skill Users!

Fire Emblem Heroes got a new surprise summoning focus today! Entitled Weapon Triangle Skill Users, its four focus heroes are Azura, Cecilia, Hinata, and Titania.

As expected based on the name, all of these heroes use the weapon triangle to their advantage. Hinata, Azura, and Titania all wield a special coloured weapon that gives them a 20% Atk bonus when fighting with triangle advantage. Similarly, Cecilia’s weapon also gives her triangle advantage over colorless foes.

We’re not entirely sure what the occasion is for the new banner. Regardless, it will be available until 6 June at 7:59am UTC. We may still get some related quests or other in-game uses for these particular heroes in the meantime.

Heroes: Lloyd Grand Hero Battle & Banner + Mage Gauntlet Rewards!

It’s time for the next Grand Hero Battle in Fire Emblem Heroes! The star of the newest battle is Lloyd, one of the Four Fangs from Blazing Sword.

Like previous battles, you can play both a Hard and a Lunatic difficulty map to earn yourself a 3★ or 4★ version of the White Wolf, respectively. At 5★, Lloyd gains access to a new weapon, the Regal Sword, which gives him an Atk/Spd boost if he’s fighting a foe at full health. He also comes with Iceberg, Pass, and Threaten Atk.

If you’re having trouble completing Lloyd’s map, there’s a new Summon Focus available to help you out! The Battling Lloyd banner contains four 5★ focus units: Ninian, Raven, Klein, and Hinoka. Hopefully summoning one of these units can give you the boost you need to win the day!

Both the Grand Hero Battle and the matching banner will be available until 26 May at 7:59am UTC.

Interestingly enough, Lloyd is the final scheduled Grand Hero Battle. While it’s likely that there will be more in the future, the heroes of these battles are still unknown. Either we’ll learn them in an upcoming announcement or datamine, or they’ll remain a mystery until shortly before arrival.

Rewards from the Mage Gauntlet are now also available to all players! Visit Feh the owl on the home screen to pick up your 20 Orbs, 5 of each Great Badge, and 5,000 Universal Crystals.

Heroes: Rite of Shadows Summoning Event is Live!

The Rite of Shadows Summoning Event is live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Players can now summon 5★ versions of Celica, Boey, Mae, and Genny from Fire Emblem Echoes. Take a look at our previous article for a trailer and analysis that shows off the heroes and the new skills they bring to the game.

Alongside the new banner, “Chapter 11: Rite of Shadows” has been added to Story Maps. It features five new maps that can be played on all three difficulties, earning players up to fifteen Orbs.The new maps include some elements memorable to those who have played Echoes or the original Gaiden, such as gravestones and large boat maps.

A new mission also entitled “Rite of Shadows” awards players up to five additional Orbs for beating the new maps on Lunatic difficulty under certain conditions.

The new summoning banner and quests will be available until 30 May at 7:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Zephiel Grand Hero Battle & Battling Zephiel Banner!

The next Grand Hero Battle in Fire Emblem Heroes is now live! The star of this battle is Zephiel, the main antagonist of Binding Blade. As usual, you can play both a Hard and Lunatic map to earn yourself a 3★ and 4★ version of the King of Bern.

Releasing alongside the new Grand Hero Battle is a matching focus banner entitled Battling Zephiel. The 5★ focus units available in this battle are Nowi, Frederick, Hana, and Reinhardt. If you’re having trouble against Zephiel, perhaps summoning one or more of these heroes could help lead your army to victory!

Both the battle and the accompanying banner will be available until Monday, April 24th at 7:59 am UTC.