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Heroes: Echoes of Mystery Banner & Paralogues + Tempest Trial Bonus!

New Mystery of the Emblem has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Echoes of Mystery contains a new Summoning Focus as well as a new set of Paralogue Maps and associated quests. Check out our earlier article for the character introduction trailer!

The Summoning Focus contains four new 5★ characters: Katarina, Roderick, Athena, and Luke. Roderick (“Rody” in the fan translation) and Luke originated in Mystery of the Emblem, whereas Athena and Katarina are remake-exclusive characters. Athena also appeared as a special side-story character in Shadow Dragon.

The Echoes of Mystery paralogue contains three new maps. Play each map on all three difficulties for up to nine Orbs! Playing the maps on Lunatic under certain conditions will net you an additional three Orbs. Quest details can be found below.

The paralogue maps also give us a look at some of New Mystery‘s villains: Legion (“Roro”) and Clarisse (“Kleine”). Both appear as enemies in the maps, and may soon be available in future Great Hero Battles as well.

The new banner and quests will be around for a little over two weeks until 30 June at 6:59am UTC.

Additionally, rewards have been given out for the Tempest Trials Kick-Off Event! Heroes players more than doubled the the 1-billion point goal, and as a result, all players get a bonus present of 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers. Visit Feh to collect your rewards.

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Heroes: New ‘Heroes with Vantage’ Summoning Focus!

A new Summoning Focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Heroes with Vantage contains, as you may expect, heroes who have the valuable Vantage skill.

You can pull three 5★ Focus Heroes in this new banner: Gordin, Lon’qu, and Reinhardt. These three units are the only summonable heroes who come with Vantage. Like the recent Weapon Triangle focus, this focus does not have any associated quests or specific in-game uses. It seems to exist for people to have a wider variety of units to summon.

The Heroes with Vantage summoning focus will be available for a couple of weeks until 26 June at 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Tempest Trials Event, Summon Focus, Xenologue, and Daily Bonus!

The new Tempest Trials event is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! In addition to the new battle mode, we also get some daily Orbs, a new Paralogue, some quests, and a new Summoning Focus.

When you first open the game, you’ll notice that the four +40% Bonus Allies are featured in a new Summoning Focus, also called “Tempest Trials”. Summon a 5★ version of Tharja, Male Robin, Nowi, or Lucina to help you earn more points during the event!

If you need more Orbs to help you summon those characters, Heroes is willing to help you out. Starting today, all players will get a Special Log-In Bonus of two Orbs! There’s also a new Paralogue entitled Xenologue 2: The Brink Of Chaos that explains the in-universe story of the event. Clear the paralogue on each difficulty to earn nine more Orbs.

The new event, quests, summon focus, and daily Orbs will be available through 22 June. Read on below for a deeper look at the Tempest Trials…

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Heroes: Camus Great Hero Battle is Live!

The next Great Hero Battle has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Now is your chance to defeat Camus: Sable Knight and add him to your team!

As in previous battles, you can challenge him at both Hard and Lunatic difficulty to earn yourself a 3★ or 4★ version of Camus to your team respectively. Armed with Gradivus, Grani’s Shield, and Goad Cavalry, he makes a great addition to any cavalier team. He also comes with the special skill Growing Thunder.

If you’re having troubles against Camus, the new banner Battling Camus may be able to help you out. The 5★ focus units for this banner are Young Tiki, Fae, Olwen, and Jaffar.

Both the Grand Hero Battle and its associated banner will be available for a week until 9 June at 6:59am UTC. There’s still been no word yet on what the next Great Hero Battle will be.