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Heroes: Hares at the Fair Banner & Paralogue!

Four new spring heroes have just hopped into Fire Emblem Heroes! Grab your special seasonal versions of Alfonse, Sharena, Catria, and Kagero in the Hares at the Fair Summoning Focus! Check out our article from earlier this week for a look at the trailer and a breakdown of their skills.

These heroes also star in the latest Heroes paralogue, also titled “Hares at the Fair“. Complete all three chapters on all three difficulties, plus the associated quests, and you’ll earn 12 more Orbs! We’ll also get a further 13 Orbs over the next ten days as part of a new Log-In Bonus.

The Hares at the Fair banner and associated quests will be around for a full month, ending on 23 April. May you have the best of luck adding some new spring bunnies onto your team!

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Heroes: Weapons to Refine Summoning Focus!

It’s time for another Weapon Refinery banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! The latest Weapons to Refine Summoning Focus contains 5★ focus units for Eirika, Leo, and Soren.

All three of these heroes received weapon upgrades in the recent version update. Soren even got a brand new unique weapon with the Wind Brand tome! Summon one of these heroes and save up some Divine Dew to unlock the full potential of their weapons. They could be a valuable addition to your team!

The Weapons to Refine Summoning Focus will last for about a week, ending on 28 March at 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Chrom & Lissa!

A new battle is available in Fire Emblem Heroes! When you feel like taking a break from the Tempest Trials, check out Bound Hero Battle: Chrom & Lissa. You can also summon 5★ versions of Chrom, Lissa, and Male Robin in the associated banner.

As usual, the Bound Hero Battle is available in three difficulties: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. Complete all three maps while keeping all four of your heroes alive and you could earn up to nine Orbs!

Both Bound Hero Battle: Chrom & Lissa and the associated banner will be around for a week, ending on 25 March at 6:59am UTC.

As a reminder, new Rival Domains and Blessed Gardens are also available! The latest Rival Domain arrived yesterday, replacing the first batch, and a new Blessed Garden map just arrived in the Garden of Wind today. These features will continue getting updates every week, so remember to check them out!

Heroes: Summoning Focus: Countering Skills!

Prepare yourself for another skill-based banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summoning Focus: Countering Skills contains 5★ focus units of three popular heroes: Ike, Hector, and Takumi.

Hector and Takumi come with the skills Distant Counter and Close Counter respectively. These skills enable them to hit foes with their weapon regardless of range. You can keep these skills on their units or give them to other heroes to make them stronger! Ike’s sword Ragnell has the Distant Counter skill built in.

The Countering Skills banner will be around for one week, ending on 21 March at 6:59am UTC.