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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Out Now!

It’s 24th June 2022, which means FE Warriors: Three Hopes has been officially released!

To mark the occasion, Nintendo has shared a launch trailer for the game.

Also, we’ve added a work-in-progress section for the game on our dedicated wiki. There’s quite a lot of content to cover, so we’re looking for volunteers to help.

In any case, we hope you enjoy the game~

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Announced, Releasing 24th June 2022

In today’s Nintendo Direct, we started with a bombshell: Fire Emblem is getting a second Musou (Warriors) game. Seeing as Koei Tecmo did assist with making Three Houses, it’ll be quite the graceful spin from Fire Emblem fare to Warriors fare.

With Age of Calamity‘s massive success for Zelda, not to mention modest success for the original Fire Emblem Warriors, KT and Nintendo saw fit to give us a Three Houses Warriors in a similar vein.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes releases on 24th June 2022 globally. It can be pre-ordered from the eShop right now.

The game weighs at 15.6 GB. Various text languages are included* and there will be English and Japanese dual audio. There is 2 player multi-player (requires 1 Joy-Con each). The Switch Pro Controller is supported.

* German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Some languages aren’t available in the physical release (maybe they need to be downloaded?).

Digital editions of the game come with an “Owl Perch” bonus. An owl will appear in your personal quarters; talking to it will give you an Owl Feather, used for gaining support points with allies. This is not included with the physical edition, but may be offered for purchase later on (as DLC).

Japan and Europe, at least, will be receiving limited edition bundles. Both include the game itself, an artbook, tapestry map, set of 5 acrylic figures and a character postcard set.

More details on the Japanese side of things can be found on the game’s official website.

Please continue for our analysis of the trailer.

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Heroes: Resplendent Florina & January/February Calendar

The next Resplendent Hero to be revealed is another pegasus sister, although one from Elibe not Archanea–it’s Florina: Lovely Flier!

This Hel-inpsired version of Florina will be available to Feh Pass subscribers from 25th January 2022 (UTC). You can check out her artwork (by Pukyunosuke) and voice samples over here.

Also, the event calendar for mid January to mid February 2022 is here.

Highlights include Special Heroes from 17th January (UTC), the next Mythic Hero on 28th January (UTC) and the 5th anniversary Special Heroes from 8th February (UTC).

Last year, we had the Plegian festival around mid January; will we get another desert-themed banner or something different? Similarly, the past two anniversary banners featured child Heroes. This could be a good chance to add the Valentian kids and turn this into reality

Nevermind, I’m two months early!

Anyway, the text version of the calendar can be found after the break.

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Heroes: Resplendent Ishtar & December/January Calendar~

The next Resplendent Hero to be revealed is Ishtar: Thunder Goddess.

This version of Ishtar is rocking clothes inspired by Jötunheimr from Book V. She’ll be available for subscribers from 25th December 2021 (UTC). You can check her artwork (by Rika Suzuki) and voice samples here.

In other news, the event calendar for mid December and January is here.

Key happenings include (presumably) Christmas Special Heroes on 16th December (UTC), the next Legendary Hero on 24th December (UTC), New Year Special Heroes on 1st January (UTC) and more New Heroes on 7th January (UTC). Good luck managing your Orbs…

Please continue for the text version of the calendar!

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