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Echoes: Japanese Official Website Revamped

Ahead of its release in just over a month’s time (in Japan), Nintendo has upgraded the Japanese website for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia with lots of new information.

Some of this information is also covered in this week’s Famitsu, which we’re still waiting to officially come out. Although oddly the website hasn’t bothered explaining the Mila’s Gear feature at all.


The first section of the website discusses what Echoes is all about–which we all know already. More importantly, it has a couple of interesting comparison screenshots between the original Gaiden and its remake Echoes.

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Heroes: New Focus, New Paralogue, Gauntlet Wrap-up, Leaks and More!

It’s been a heck of a week for Heroes players, but Nintendo won’t stop their momentum. With the end of Launch Celebration Event and the Blue Crow: Ursula Special Maps, players will need to find new ways to keep their Orb count up. Fortunately, we now have Daily Missions to look forward to, as well as a new Paralogue, Blazing Shadows.

Blazing Shadows is now available, and like all paralogues before it, offer three chapters with three difficulties each, yielding orbs aplenty to drop into your pocket or into the new Banner.

Speaking of the new Banner, we have some exciting new characters to join the spotlight. FE_Heroes_JP Twitter was kind enough to post the official artwork of the newcomers.

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Fire Emblem Echoes: New Site and New Video

A few days ago, we were given update that a new Official web-site exists for Fire Emblem Echoes, featuring Shadow of Valentia. This site is just a preview of what’s to come, and it shows; the site is rather barebones. However, the main trailer and several screenshots are available on the site, so there’s definitely something a few things worth checking out.

For bigger news, Nintendo shared a new video for the game today, highlighting new dialogue and showing off more excellent animation and what looks to be a much more developed story from the original.

Fire Emblem Heroes: New Banners, Voting Gauntlet, Hacking Countermeasures and More!

Fire Emblem Heroes rolled out two important updates yesterday. The first discusses countermeasures that the game will be taking to help combat players who are hacking or otherwise exploiting the game.

Although few specifics are mentioned, the update states that they have “detected improper use” from some players, and that countermeasures against these players will include limiting access to certain features. Anyone subject to these measures will be notified individually through the “Personal” tab of the Notifications screen.

To go along with the upcoming Voting Gauntlet theme, there are two new Banners featuring the Princes and Princesses within the Gauntlet, aptly titled Princes and Princesses. Each includes a 5* Focus instance of their respective units (Chrom/Ephraim/Leo & Eirika/Elise/Lucina).

Additionally, the main Log-in screen now provides details on the game’s main units, and this ties in to the now live Voting Gauntlet!


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