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Heroes: Double Special Heroes Banner & June/July Event Calendar!

After taking a brief break, the official FE Heroes Twitter is back, with some useful information to share too.

Firstly, there’s currently a Double Special Heroes summoning event, featuring Special Heroes from Christmas 2019 (Zephiel, Duo Marth, Sothis and Nino), some from New Year 2020 (Duo Alfonse, Selkie and Lethe) and Valentine Conrad.

To make summoning more enticing, the 5-star focus rate starts at 6% and the non-focus rate is 0%. This summoning event will be around until the daily rollover on 25th June 2020 (UTC).

Next, the thing many of you were probably waiting for: the next event calendar, covering early June to July 2020 is now here!

Of note, new Special Heroes will be arriving on 18th June, then there’s the next Legendary Hero during 30th June, followed by another bunch of Special Heroes on 8th July. Well, well, it looks like it’s time for the annual double whammy of swimsuit banners!

Please continue for the text version of the calendar!

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Heroes: May to June 2020 Event Calendar

Looking for a glimpse into the future? Well, you can in Fire Emblem Heroes, as the next event calendar has been released! This one covers early May to early June–and promises more brides that you can shake a stick at.

Notable happenings include the next batch of Special Heroes from 20th May (presumably the 4th round of brides/grooms), a new Mythic Hero from 29th May and more New Heroes starting on 5th June (all dates PST).

Please continue for the text version of the calendar.

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Heroes: April to May Event Calendar

Summoners, it’s time to grab your diary again! The next event calendar for Fire Emblem Heroes has been revealed, covering early April up to early May. Since the series’s 30th anniversary falls during this period, the calendar is slightly busier than usual.

Highlights include the arrival of Special Heroes (including young Marth and Caeda, as seen in Feh Channel) from 20th April, another Legendary Hero on 30th April and the next batch of New Heroes from 8th May.

Not listed for obvious reasons, but the first part of the Dragalia Lost and FE Heroes crossover starts from 19th April. Meanwhile, the second part will occur sometime in “Late April”.

As usual, please continue for the text version of the calendar.

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Heroes: New March-April calendar, Hall of Forms event is live, and Resplendent Ike is now available!

Today’s FE Heroes update brings us a new Hall of Forms event. Playable Forma units are from Thracia 776, and include Finn, OG Leif, Sword Reinhardt, and Green tome Olwen.

The event is available from today until the 24th of March 6:59am UTC.

Something new from the previous Hall of Forms is that completing stages will now reward extra red Divine Codes (Ephemera 3) for completing stages, and there are now a total of 25 Stages (up from 20) for you to complete!

A reminder that you are now able to make a one-time purchase of the Forma Souls pack from the in-game shop. It is available for purchase until the 20th of April 7:00am UTC. You can read more about the Forma Souls in a previous update here.

The third Resplendent Hero is now live for subscribers of the FEH Pass, and it’s Ike: Young Mercenary!

Purchase the pass before the 25th of March 6:59am UTC to receive a 5-Star copy of Ike and the ability to change his art and voiced lines, along with the +2 increase to all his stats.

You can click on “Read more” below to see artwork for the upcoming Resplendent Hero coming on the 25th of March 7:00am UTC: Sophia: Nabata Prophet!

Also today, a new calendar was released for the month of March and beginning of April. You can click on “Read more” below to view it. There is also a text version underneath listing all events individually that Vincent kindly compiled.

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