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Fire Emblem Warriors E3 Demonstration Analysis

Nintendo has delivered gameplay of Fire Emblem Warriors at last, and there’s quite a bit to talk about. So get cozy and grab a bite to eat.

First off, it should be noted that our protagonists Shion & Lian have been given the localized names of Rowan & Lianna.

The Koei-Tecmo devs go over a bit of information, like how switching between a group of characters was inspired by the 3DS Hyrule Warriors Legends and how they felt it would fit with Fire Emblem.

There are various missions to complete around the map. This is strikingly similar to Samurai Warriors 4-II‘s progression through maps where if you followed the missions you’d be better off in terms of the overall map. However they weren’t 100% mandatory, even if ignoring them usually puts you at a disadvantage.

Missions in 4-II are also unique to each character, although since FE Warriors is more open to who is on what map (due to not being a historical simulation of sorts), I doubt it’ll be character dependent here.

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Famitsu details on FE Warriors in depth

We finally, after nearly 5 months of waiting have some proper information on the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors.

First off we’ll go over some translated tidbits, all of which come from this week’s issue of Famitsu.

Two original protagonists: Shion and Lian. They are twins from the Kingdom of Aitriss and the children of Queen Yuana.

Shion (VA: Yūma Uchida – Who voices Rock Howard in The King of Fighters XIV in terms of recent game roles.)

The royal prince of the Kingdom of Aitriss. Aspires to be a knight who fights on the front-lines rather than a king and thus encourages his twin sister Lian to inherit the throne.

Lian (VA: Māya Uchida – Who voices Sharena in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Heroes.)

Shion’s older twin sister. Clever and is understanding of her own faults, so she has no desire to inherit the throne. Rather, she encourages Shion to become king.

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Nintendo shows ‘A Master Class in Strategy’ for English Echoes

Today, Nintendo launched a new video for Echoes, as a counterpart to the Japanese introduction trailer which we analysed here (do note some theories have changed since the game’s Japanese release).

The trailer begins by going briefly over the childhood connection between the two protagonists–Alm and Celica–before heading into gameplay territory.

We see the world map system, which those of you familiar with The Sacred Stones and Awakening etc. will be very at home with. You can move around and fight wandering enemy parties or advance the plot at your pace. Then we get a class roll call

Dread Fighter, which made its debut in Gaiden is here in full force; it’s the 3rd tier in the Mercenary line and provides quite a bit of Resistance. Unlike its recent appearances in Awakening and Fates, it’s locked to swords. Read more

GameXplain goes over Echoes details

GameXplain did a 2 hour stream of the now released Japanese version of Echoes, which you can see here.

Derrick shows off the new prologue of the game, where Alm and friends are kids assisting Mycen fight off some invaders, before Celica goes on her own way to begin her training as a Priestess. Afterwards, the stream kicks into the video we saw from the original trailer announcement.

Fast forward to the present; the new village mechanics are shown. Similar to Shin Megami Tensei IV, there are static images of characters to talk to, which can include townspeople offering hints or even your own allies sharing their backstories.

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