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Fire Emblem Warriors News Editor. I also stream, I tend to focus on platformers and action games, but will do various other games, especially Fire Emblem Warriors when it launches.

Jedi’s Review of Fire Emblem: Warriors: Japanese Version

Hello there! I’m Jedi, and I’ve had Fire Emblem Warriors since the Japanese launch. I’ve been a Warriors fan since the early 2000’s starting with Dynasty Warriors 3, all the way to current games such as Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends, Samurai Warriors: Spirit Of Sanada, Warrior’s All-Stars and more. I have a vast amount of experience with both Fire Emblem and Warriors games, so I was excited to tackle this game.

Despite all the controversy surrounding Fire Emblem Warriors, it’s turned out much better than I could have hoped in pretty much every department, barring the roster; even the controversial and (to me, unimpressive) roster has merits in terms of supports and interactions.

Lets start from the top with the most important aspect of any Musou: The Gameplay. FEW is probably one of the most fluid and well playing Musou games out of the entire set. As is typical of these games, multitasking is more prevalent than ever in this title. The game feels nice to play in almost every aspect and doesn’t really feel tedious unless you play for an extended period of time, and even then, there’s advanced tech like frame cancels and animation canceling with dodges to keep the boredom away.

May contain some brief spoilers.

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Serenes Forest Streams Fire Emblem Warriors

Join me today as I, Jedi, stream the Japanese release of the Fire Emblem Warriors on my Twitch Channel:

I’m not entirely sure how long the stream will be, but we will be covering story mode for pretty much the entire stream today. As was voted in my thread on Serenes Forest, I will be playing through the game with Lianna. If you have anything you’d like to add, or want to track future Warriors streams, keep an eye on the thread!

Please be aware that I do not know Japanese, so if I take some extra time in the menus, it’s due to me learning them… Don’t be surprised if you see some hiccups and errors as I play the game. Additionally, because Warriors games have weird difficulty scaling and since I want to use a good chunk of the cast, I will be playing on Normal/Classic.

Together we ride, Warriors!

For those who couldn’t see the stream, heres the youtube version

TGS Fire Emblem Warriors: Caeda and Tiki reveals

Caeda was revealed today along with Young Tiki

In gameplay shown Tiki is seen to be fighting in a goofy and childish fighting style from waving her arms around, and tripping onto opponents, however when she powers up, she gets her dragonic form to destroy her foes. Kind of like how Young Link in Hyrule Warriors fought. The transformation that is.

Caeda fights like our other two revealed Pegasus Knights Hinoka and Cordelia, except her specials involve javelins and clones of herself rushing a massive group of opponents.

The game comes out in 6 days in Japan, TGS has one more day left and there is going to be one more touch on the roster, stay tuned for more news and updates.

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TGS Fire Emblem Warriors Day 1: Celica announcement

In the first day of KT coverage we have some Fire Emblem news shortly before its release

The devs mostly discussed how to merge the aspects of Fire Emblem’s tactical nature and the Warriors hack-n-slash nature, along with casually showing Anna on this banner here. One of the Intelligent System devs was there as well.

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