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Three Houses: Second Famitsu Article (Skills, Crests, Battalions and Academy)

This week’s issue of Famitsu just came out not long ago, although their website already posted their Three Houses feature several hours ago. There’s an absolute truckload of new gameplay information, so make sure you’re comfortable and prepared for a very long read!

Before we go in, I recommend studying the contents of the previous Famitsu article, if you haven’t done so already.

History of the Crests

Some characters bear “crests” passed down by their ancestors. The crests play a major role in influencing one’s social standing; for example, the Adrestian Empire’s imperial throne has been passed down for generations to those with the crest of Seiros. In addition, crests may unlock talents such as superior physical or magical ability.

The protagonist possesses a crest, shown in the screenshot above. This same crest appears in various places, like on Sothis’s clothes, the king with the golden blade in the first trailer, etc. However, the name and properties of this crest are a complete mystery. In fact, it’s even called “Crest of ???” in the game.

However, there might be a clue about its origins later…

Skills and Crests

Skills are an important part of a character’s personality and growth. When set, they have a particular effect during battle. There are three types of skills.

  • Personal skills: Innate skills that each character has at the start. Cannot be removed and there’s only one for each character.
  • Class skills: Innate skills for each class. It’s granted to that class only and disappear once you change class.
  • Professor skills: These are learned skills according to the character’s professor levels (in Sword, Lance, Axe, Authority, etc.). Unlike class skills, they can be customised and are independent of class.

Above we can see Hubert as a Dark Mage with the following skills.

  • Personal: Strategist
  • Class: Miasma△ (from Echoes), Hex (from Awakening)
  • Professor: Reason Level 2, Authority Level 1, Rally Magic (also from Awakening), Bow Level 1

Just in case, you can find some additional information about Professor Skills via the previous Famitsu article (search for “Close Counter”).

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Three Houses: Famitsu Preview (Personal Skills, Crests and More Characters)

Last month, Famitsu shared their first batch of new Three Houses information, with a promise of more to come. This week’s issue of Famitsu, which releases on 16th May 2019, will cover additional new characters, personal skills, crests, as well as gameplay details related to the battalions and Officer’s Academy.

Featured is the preview image for this week’s article. Before you try to frantically zoom in to analyse all the details, remember that these previews are always small (to make you go out and buy the actual issue, of course). That said, it’s possible to vaguely gleam some new info…

Firstly, you don’t need to scrunch your eyes to see the half-body portrait for Hilda, from the Golden Deer. She will be one of the characters profiled–and will presumably be covered by the official Twitter account and Japanese website before long.

There’s also a screenshot showing Bernadetta and Dorothea interacting. Without context, it’s hard to tell what this is showing. But since Famitsu is covering the Officer’s Academy, I’m guessing they’ll talk about it in that section.

Personal skills make a return from Fates. As their names suggest, they are skills that are unique to each character. Sadly, it’s nigh impossible to read any of the personal skills listed. It seems like the House Leaders have a personal skill that has a crown icon, but with different colour backgrounds.

Additionally, some characters also possess crests (which–according to a certain someone–are to blame for everything). Byleth, the House Leaders, Felix, Lorenz and Hilda have crests, but Hubert, Dorothea and Dedue (previously translated as “Doudou”) don’t.

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Three Houses: More Famitsu Screenshots, Female Byleth Footage & Anna Artwork

Not too long ago, Famitsu had a 6-page feature on Three Houses, which we covered in detail in this article. However, that’s not all the information they had to share, as additional screenshots (and in higher quality) can be found on their website.

Before continuing, we highly recommend perusing our earlier article, as a lot of the information is the same. This article will only cover the new stuff–and we’ll also be referring to the earlier information at points.

First up, we have clearer official artwork for the key characters: male and female Byleth, Sothis (featured above), Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.

You may have noticed that Sothis and both Byleth are holding the same golden sword. If you’re not aware, this sword is also in the possession of two other characters in the debut trailer. However, the sword has lost its jewel in the centre.

Next, we have a batch of screenshots for the featured characters, showcasing some of their dialogue. These are mostly the same ones from the magazine, but I think there are some new ones–and the text is infinitely more legible now!

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Three Houses: Story, Character & Gameplay Info from Famitsu (16th May Issue)

As promised earlier, we have some new Three Houses information courtesy of Famitsu! The latest issue of the influential Japanese gaming magazine includes 6 pages to introduce readers to the game, ahead of its 26th July release.

(Images sourced from Nintendo Everything)

The first page shows off the game’s key art, which you’ve probably already seen before, on the game’s box art for example. The rest of the page has stuff you already know about or don’t really need to know.

The second page has close ups of male and female Byleth’s official artwork, which are new to Famitsu

The screenshot near the middle seems to depict Byleth once again leading the Black Eagles (as Caspar is visible). Of note, there’s a slightly blurry mini map in the bottom-right corner that seems to show 9 playable (blue) units. Byleth currently has 4 Movement.

Update 2: My apologies, there are only 9 playable units not 10. This is evident from a newly acquired clearer screenshot.

Below the mini map are three button prompts. ZL triggers Skyrending Pulse (more on that later), X toggles the detailed info display and ZR enables the Danger display (every enemy’s attack range at the same time).

Underneath the screenshot is a story blurb, which I’ve translated:

Armies flooding the plains, a violent clash, a battle’s end. Then a mysterious girl appears. Night after night, the protagonist–a member of their father’s mercenary band–always experiences this strange dream. One day, after having the same dream multiple times, they found youths being attacked by bandits. The protagonist shielded the youths from a bandit’s blade and, at that moment, time stopped and the girl from their dreams appeared. The girl Sothis saved the protagonist’s life by using her powers to rewind time. She allowed the protagonist to borrow her power and vanished. The protagonist discovers that the youths attacked by the bandits were students from the officer’s academy at the Garreg Mach Monastery–and the future leaders of the three largest nations of Fódlan. After saving the youths, the protagonist’s power was recognised and they were invited to the academy to become a professor. This invitation will forever change the protagonist’s fate…

Below that is a blurb about the continent of Fódlan, but it doesn’t mention anything we didn’t know already from Nintendo Direct trailer.

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