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FE Warriors Three Hopes: Famitsu Interview Translation

As we mentioned earlier, the most recent issue of Famitsu, which came out on 23rd June 2022, contains an interview with the FE Warriors Three Hopes development team.

Thanks to SatsumaFSoysoy, who’s translated a lot of Three Hopes (and Three Houses) info in the past, we now have an English translation of this interview.

You can check it out on Reddit, where it was originally posted, or right here.

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FE Warriors Three Hopes: Next Famitsu Includes Art Card & Developer Interview

The official release of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is almost upon us!

Not to be outdone by Nintendo Dream, the upcoming 7th July issue of Famitsu, which releases on 23rd June 2022 (mere hours from this post) also has a massive blow-out feature.

There will be 28 pages of gameplay info, helpful tips for the earlygame, how to use characters etc. plus an interview with Nintendo’s Genki Yokota, Intelligent System’s Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Koei Tecmo’s Yosuke Hayashi + Hayato Iwata.

On top of that, there’s a bonus B5 size (slightly bigger than A5) art card that has Famitsu’s unique cover (a counterpart to Nintendo Dream’s with the opposite gender Shez and Byleth) on one side and the game’s main visual on the other.

Three Hopes: New Tidbits from Famitsu (5th May Issue)

Before I begin, happy 32nd anniversary to Fire Emblem!

Through Famitsu we have some additional information on the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes. Their latest issue covers the recent “Mysterious Mercenary” trailer, but offers extra insight.

BlackKite on Twitter has summed up the information, I will be piggybacking off his looks into the new content and giving my own thoughts.

Note: Most of the screenshots from Famitsu’s article are taken from the trailer. So we’ve done the same.

We begin with classes; each character in the game will have preferred classes and some will be exclusive to those characters. Shez, our new avatar will be the only character able to be a Fleugel (the dual wielding class).

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Three Houses: Famitsu DLC Interview via Nintendo Everything + Bonus Questions

Last week, Famitsu covered the launch of Three Houses’s Wave 4 DLC. At the very end, there was an interview with the directors about the DLC (past and present). Thanks to Nintendo Everything, this interview has been translated to English.


Most of the key points were already spoiled ahead of time, so there isn’t much new. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting read. The interview discusses the addition of Maddening Mode, why there wasn’t a “golden route”, as well as the inspiration behind the Ashen Wolves.

Recently, Famitsu posted the online version of the interview, which oddly has parts that are completely absent in the issue itself. You can find translations of those extra parts below.

Topics include the new DLC activities (specifically the sauna and interactions with cats and dogs), the hidden story branch (spoilers if you haven’t completed the game) and the main illustration for Cindered Shadows.

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