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Three Houses: Famitsu DLC Interview via Nintendo Everything + Bonus Questions

Last week, Famitsu covered the launch of Three Houses’s Wave 4 DLC. At the very end, there was an interview with the directors about the DLC (past and present). Thanks to Nintendo Everything, this interview has been translated to English.


Most of the key points were already spoiled ahead of time, so there isn’t much new. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting read. The interview discusses the addition of Maddening Mode, why there wasn’t a “golden route”, as well as the inspiration behind the Ashen Wolves.

Recently, Famitsu posted the online version of the interview, which oddly has parts that are completely absent in the issue itself. You can find translations of those extra parts below.

Topics include the new DLC activities (specifically the sauna and interactions with cats and dogs), the hidden story branch (spoilers if you haven’t completed the game) and the main illustration for Cindered Shadows.

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Three Houses: Version 1.2.0 (Wave 4 DLC) Now Available + Preliminary Findings

In case you missed it, Version 1.2.0 of Three Houses, which includes the Wave 4 DLC, is now available to download! This is the final planned DLC for the game.

To celebrate the DLC’s release, Nintendo shared a new piece of artwork of the Ashen Wolves students from the Cindered Shadows side story. This is the same artwork used for this week’s Famitsu cover.

Anyway, Cindered Shadows is the main highlight of the DLC, but it’s not the only thing! All players can enjoy the following:

  • Rhea added as a tea party option.
  • Dancer attire (not class) for the protagonist.
  • Option to easily change costumes from the activity selection screen.
  • New Bernadetta x Jeritza support conversations.

For more details about what 1.2.0 brings to the table, please check the official patch notes.

Now that Cindered Shadows is finally here, we’ve also updated several of our Three Houses pages with character, class and ability data. However, we haven’t had time to add everything just yet. Interestingly, some data has been changed since version 1.1.0.

Please continue if you don’t mind some mild spoilers.

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Three Houses: More Cindered Shadows Tidbits Via Famitsu!

As promised, this week’s issue of Famitsu, which includes a feature on Three Houses’s Cindered Shadows DLC story is now out! There are 12 pages, although the new stuff starts from Page 5 (the first couple of pages explain the main story).

Also, as you might expect, since this is Famitsu’s first proper feature on Cindered Shadows, a lot of the information is repeated. To save time, we’ll only cover the new information. For everything else, please refer to this article.

(Images via Nintendo Everything.)

First things first, here are the personal abilities for the Ashen Wolves students!

Yuri: Righteous Heart – Might +3 during combat, when fighting at 1 Range with no allies adjacent.

Constance: Personality Switch – Strength and Magic +3 when indoors, Defence and Resistance +3 when outdoors.

Balthus: King of Grappling – Strength and Defence +6 when user has 50% or less HP.

Hapi: Monstrous Body – User’s attacks are effective against monsters, but they are more easily targeted by monsters.

Also, here’s a list of the available class certifications for each playable character in Cindered Shadows. For each character, the first class is their initial class.

  • Yuri: Trickster, Commoner and Thief
  • Constance: Dark Flier and Noble
  • Balthus: War Monk and Noble
  • Hapi: Valkyrie and Commoner
  • Protagonist: Swordmaster, Commoner, Mercenary and Priest
  • Edelgard: Fortress Knight, Noble, Lord and Warrior
  • Linhardt: Bishop, Noble, Priest and Warlock
  • Dimitri: Paladin, Noble, Lord and Hero
  • Ashe: Sniper, Commoner, Archer and Assassin
  • Claude: Wyvern Rider, Noble, Lord and Sniper
  • Hilda: Warrior, Noble, Brigand and Pegasus Knight

Just in care you’re wondering, there is a place to hire battalions in Abyss, when playing Cindered Shadows.

Next, Trickster has the Lucky Seven ability from Awakening, except it functions differently here. Each turn, the user’s Strength, Magic, Speed, Defence, Resistance, Hit or Avoid will be increased by 5 for 1 turn.

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Three Houses: Cindered Shadows Recap & Some New Details via Official Website

Ahead of the impending release of Three Houses’s Wave 4 DLC, Nintendo has updated the Japanese Three Houses website with details about Cindered Shadows side story included in the DLC.

Note that most of the information is stuff we already know via Twitter, etc. But for the sake of completion, we’ll go through everything.

The Wave 4 DLC will be available from 13th February 2020 (Japan time). However, no specific time frame was given–and, to avoid disappointment, we’re not going to guess!

Abyss – The Dark Side of Garreg-Mach

The story takes place in Abyss, an underground area beneath Garreg-Mach. The protagonist and a few students were chasing a suspicious figure into the monastery’s basements. They arrive at the dark side of Garreg-Mach, where the surface laws don’t reach, and meet four young people who claim to be from Garreg-Mach’s “fourth house”.

Ashen Wolves

The students from the “Ashen Wolves” secretly established this fourth house within Abyss.
Each of them resides in Abyss for various reasons and they’re fighting against mysterious invaders to protect those living in Abyss.

Yuri Leclerc (VA: Junya Enoki)

The Ashen Wolves’ unofficial leader.
He was a student at the Officer’s Academy, but expelled for some reason and relocated to Abyss. Beneath his crass speech, he is devoted to protecting the denizens of Abyss, although it can be difficult to tell.

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