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Three Houses Downloadable Pre-Purchase Now Available – DLC and Season Pass confirmed, and JP Bundled with Cipher Promotion Card

Fire Emblem Three Houses has had quite a few news tidbits drop today; let us start with the DLC and Season Pass. Vincent will be analyzing the new Japanese video information that just dropped in time. Look forward to that post very soon.

First off; good news, is that the main game is available for pre-purchase for NA and JP Switch users.

The expansion pass is also pre-purchasable now on the Eshop. The first part of it includes some cute officer uniforms for Byleth, (both genders).


The DLC will be released in four waves, and will work as follows,

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Three Houses: Few Details via Download Card & Upcoming Japanese Merchandise

There’s roughly one month to go until Three Houses is released. Apparently, retailers in Japan are now stocking the cards for the digital version of the game. Naturally, it’s not possible to play the game just yet, but there are some neat details on the back of the card.

Firstly, the game’s file size is 11.9 GB (and over). Which is useful to know if you’re planning to get the game digitally. For reference, the Switch version of Fire Emblem Warriors was around 13 GB. Meanwhile, the 3DS games weighed around 1 GB each.

Next, the game will support Nintendo Switch Online (the paid service). From what we know, the game does not feature online (or local) multiplayer (via Game Informer etc.). Presumably it’s for the Global Activity feature, which compares weekend statistics from players across the world.

The game will support amiibo, but no details were given. Earlier, we saw an amiibo Gazebo in the monastery grounds. I’m also curious if there will be new amiibo created for the game; for example of Byleth and the three house leaders. We had new amiibo for Echoes and Warriors.

Lastly, to nobody’s surprise, the game will have paid DLC. This time they gave some details but not a lot. Apparently you’ll be able to purchase things like new quests (the ones you can accept from bulletin boards), side stories (presumably paralogues) and costumes. I’m rather intrigued by the last one…

(Via lancelam on Reddit and gamer.com.tw)

In slightly unrelated news, Empty recently announced some new lines of merchandise for the game, scheduled for release during late July.

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Warriors: DLC Details from the Japanese Official Site + Corrected Release Date

In case you missed it, the Awakening DLC Pack for Fire Emblem Warriors is actually scheduled for 29th March 2018, not 22nd March as reported by Famitsu.

Owain will have to control his sword hand for one more week…

This information comes from the game’s Japanese official site, which updated today with additional details about the upcoming DLC pack, as well as the free Version 1.5.0 update.

We’re guessing the Awakening DLC was originally planned for 22nd March and Famitsu forgot to change the date. This would also explain why the Awakening maps for Heroes were scheduled for 12-13th March, before being taken off the calendar.

Before continuing, we recommend reading our previous DLC article if you haven’t done so already.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Awakening DLC Details + Arriving Tomorrow

Update: There has been a mistake. Despite Famitsu saying the DLC releases tomorrow (22nd March), it will actually come out on 29th March 2018.

Via this week’s Famitsu, we have details on the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors Awakening DLC Pack, which finally has a release date: tomorrow.

Thanks once again to Black Kite on Twitter for most of this info.

Olivia is the star of the DLC this time, using a unique fighting style. This DLC pack is similar to the previous pack in that it features one new play style and two clones of existing movesets that didn’t have clones at first.

It can probably be assumed that Olivia will share Azura’s refresh ability. However, how exactly she fights is kind of a mystery besides this one screen here; expect something graceful though. Also, her personal skill is Galeforce, which raises the Awakening and Warrior gauge each time a strong enemy is defeated.

Tharja is next, and from what we know of her, she’s a Robin clone that I’m guessing specializes in the HP and Magic stats very heavily. She might even have good defense since Dark Mages in Awakening were pretty tanky.

Tharja has Destruction Pact as her skill. When equipped, it gradually decreases the user’s HP as time passes. In exchange, the lower the user’s HP, the higher their attack power. Read more