Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Chrom/Robin Overview

Ahead of the release of Wave 3 of the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass, the official Fire Emblem JP Twitter has shared additional info about Emblem Chrom/Robin.

Here’s their profile:

Emblem Chrom/Robin (VA: Tomokazu Sugita & Yoshimasa Hosoya), known as the Emblem of Bonds, combines Chrom’s swordsmanship and Robin’s spells and stratagems to dazzle foes.

Next, Alear meeting with the duo:

From the backdrop, it looks like Chrom/Robin’s throwback map will be the Dragon’s Table, first seen in the Premonition of Awakening.

Chrom: I’m glad that we’re finally awake. I feel like we’ve been asleep for ages…

Chrom: “There are better places to take a nap than on the ground”, I can no longer say that in good faith.

Alear: Pardon me, you are…

Chrom: Sorry for the late introduction. I am Chrom. The one next to me is…

Robin: I’m Robin. I serve as the tactician for the Shepherds.

Robin: So you’re the one who woke us up. You have our gratitude.

Alear: I am the Divine Dragon, Alear. I see that you two are a single Emblem.

Chrom: I cannot imagine any other outcome. Robin and I, the bonds we share are stronger than destiny.

Alear: Bonds… you say?

Their sync skill:

Emblem Chrom/Robin’s Sync skill “Blindside” negates counter-attacks when attacking from terrain that boosts Avoid.

Their Engage skill and weapon:

Emblem Chrom/Robin’s Engage Skill “Other Half” allows Robin to participate in chain attacks when the user attacks. Their Engage weapon “Levin Sword” conjures lightning that can attack foes from a distance.

Finally, their Engage attack:

Emblem Chrom/Robin’s Engage attack “Giga Levin Sword” blasts the enemy with a sword infused with magic.

For the record, their Engage attack is “Giga Thunder Sword” in Japanese. “Thunder Sword” was localised as Levin Sword, but “Giga Thunder” was localised as Arcthunder. However, I imagine they’ll keep the Levin reference or perhaps make up something new.

Tomorrow, I suspect they’ll showcase Veronica, the other Emblem from Wave 3.

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