Fire Emblem Engage: Four Wings & Another Firene Twitter Tidbits

Following the recent Fell Xenologue trailer for Fire Emblem Engage, the Japanese Twitter account has shared regular tidbits of info.

First, another glimpse of the Alfred and Céline from the other Elyos:

I had a suspicion, but this confirms that Céline’s retainers and also her mother, Ève, are dead. In the trailer, there was a distinct lack of retainers. So I imagine most of–if not all of–them are dead already.

Since the Fell Xenologue tells a more compact story, it makes sense to limit the number of the characters, since we’ve already got Alear, the dragon twins, Four Wings and 8 royals, at least.

Next, the Four Wings, starting with Zelestia:

Zelestia (VA: Rika Fukami) is the leader ofthe Four Wings. She’s a mage dragon who’s lived for millenia.

A conversation with Zelestia:

You may recognise her line from the trailer. Because the Fell Xenologue occurs after Chapter 6 (when you unlock the Ancient Well), Alear has already met Zephia by then.

Zelestia in battle:

Zelestia is rocking the Melusine class, shared by Zephia.

By the way, in the base game, the Melusine class had a sort ID for the class-change menu, which suggested it was playable. It’s between Cupido and Dancer, among the exclusive classes.

The map is Fell Xenologue 4, in the Elusian snowfields. Looking at the mini-map, it seems only Ivy and Timerra will be present as bosses, leading the red Elusian army and the yellow Solmic army. Presumably the red and yellow armies can fight each other.

In the base game, there’s a Profile Card title you can unlock by racking up a certain number of kills on this map, called “Enemy of My Enemy”.

Moving on, we have Gregory’s profile:

Gregory (VA: Kenjiro Tsuda) is a member of the Four Wings.

A conversation with Gregory:

Again, it features a line from the trailer.

Gregory in battle:

The map is Fell Xenologue 3, at the Grand Crossing.

There are two bosses here: likely Alcryst and Diamant. From the trailer, Alcryst isn’t synced with his country’s Emblem, so I’m assuming Diamant is synced.

Multiple Mage Cannoneers are present, including some on the outer edges of the map. With their long range (3~8), they could be a nuisance.

Random aside, Mage Cannoneers can participate in Chain Attacks if they equip Emblem Lucina. However, their status afflictions do not trigger, since they’re all counted as skills (this includes the poison from Venom Blast).

Madeline’s profile:

Madeline (VA: Ruriko Aoki) is a member of the Four Wings.

A conversation with Madeline:

Unlike the previous two, we don’t see Madeline’s trailer line here. Instead, I suspect this snippet occurs right after that line. Hence her indignant “re-introduction”.

Madeline in battle:

Similar to Zelestia’s video, the map is Fell Xenologue 4. I suspect Madeline joins at the beginning, since Zelestia seems to join at the start of Fell Xenologue 2, while Gregory joins at the start of Fell Xenologue 3.

Finally, Mauvier’s profile:

Mauvier (VA: Tomoaki Maeno) is the vice-leader of the Four Wings. Haven’t we heard his name before…?

A conversation with Mauvier:

Mauvier in battle:

The map looks to be Fell Xenologue 5, when you fight Fogado and Hortensia at the Solmic ruins. I am guessing that Mauvier becomes playable in this map, after joining up at the end of the previous map.

This is the first time we see the mini map and there are a few odd things.

First, there only appears to be one boss, despite Hortensia and Fogado both being present in the trailer. This singular boss is located a short distance from the north-east corner, where Hortensia and Fogado should be.

Here’s a screengrab from the Hong Kong trailer, showing that corner. If you compare with the mini-map, the enemy placements all match, except there’s an enemy missing diagonally up from Fogado. It’s possible the player already defeated that enemy though or it could vary by difficulty.

Does this mean Hortensia and Fogado aren’t bosses? Looking at their HP bars, they seem to be normal foes; boss HP bars have a slight glow.

As for who the singular boss is, you can see them for a few frames in the same trailer. It’s Nil synced with Chrom.

The other peculiar thing is that two allies are located separately from the rest of the party. One is stuck in an isolated area, while another is positioned very close to the boss. If I had to guess, perhaps one of them is Nel who’s been captured? Since Diamant was trying to capture her in Fell Xenologue 2.

Unsure who the second one could be though. Nil would’ve been my next guess, but he’s the boss. We still don’t know who the data-mined playable “Rafale” is though.

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