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Fire Emblem Engage Interview with CGWORLD

CGWORLD, a Japanese magazine that covers 3D digital content, has shared an interview with the Fire Emblem Engage development team on their website: interview link.

This interview was previously available via their printed magazine last month.

Note: The interview is in Japanese, but you can view a machine translated version using the language selector near the top of the page. It’s not perfect (for example, Emblems are referred to as “heralds”), but it gets the point across.

In the interview, the team discusses how they crafted the game’s visual identity, based on Mika Pikazo’s striking artwork. There are many fun development pictures, which we rarely get to see. Below is a small selection of them.

Fire Emblem Engage: “Ask the Developer” Interview

Just before Fire Emblem Engage officially launches, Nintendo has published a really cool interview with the FE Engage development team, as part of their “Ask the Developer” series.

The interview is split into three chapters.

In Chapter 1, the developers introduce themselves and the concept of FE Engage. They also explain how they came up with the Emblem mechanic.

Next, in Chapter 2, they discuss the various characters and, naturally, Mika Pikazo’s artwork. It turns out Alear and Céline were the first characters she designed. Also, there are rough sketches of most of the playable cast!

Finally, Chapter 3 goes over some of their struggles and excitement when balancing the game around the powerful Emblems.

In addition, they tease some of the future DLC, including the Divine Paralogues and Fell Xenologues. In the former, you can recruit many Emblems, such as Tiki. Meanwhile, in Fell Xenologues, you can enjoy a new side story.

FE Warriors Three Hopes: Nintendo Dream Interview Translation

Earlier, we reported that the August 2022 issue of Nintendo Dream featured a dev interview for FE Warriors Three Hopes.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything, you can now read this interview in English.

Due to the nature of the interview, there’s some overlap with Famitsu’s interview, but there’s plenty of things they didn’t cover.

Of note, when they were discussing how to reveal the playable characters, this part definitely made us chuckle.

Hayashi: We thought about presenting each character in a video, one by one, to make the audience guess who might not make it in.

Suzuki: Looking at the reactions on social media, we felt like we hadn’t earned that much trust (laughs).

In addition, the next issue of Nintendo Dream will include a follow-up interview.

FE Warriors Three Hopes: Famitsu Interview Translation

As we mentioned earlier, the most recent issue of Famitsu, which came out on 23rd June 2022, contains an interview with the FE Warriors Three Hopes development team.

Thanks to SatsumaFSoysoy, who’s translated a lot of Three Hopes (and Three Houses) info in the past, we now have an English translation of this interview.

You can check it out on Reddit, where it was originally posted, or right here.

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