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Fire Emblem Engage: The results are in! Popularity poll breakdown via Nintendo Dream’s June 2023 issue

Nintendo Dream reveals who’s number one in all of Elyos

Back in February, Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream announced a character popularity poll for Fire Emblem Engage. After a two month wait, the final rankings have been published, and we’ve got the scoop on where everyone lands. Where did your favorites end up?

We’d like to give special thanks to Twitter user @mmmm7230, who graciously provided us with the top 25 characters and their placements.

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FE Warriors Three Hopes: Nintendo Dream Interview Translation

Earlier, we reported that the August 2022 issue of Nintendo Dream featured a dev interview for FE Warriors Three Hopes.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything, you can now read this interview in English.

Due to the nature of the interview, there’s some overlap with Famitsu’s interview, but there’s plenty of things they didn’t cover.

Of note, when they were discussing how to reveal the playable characters, this part definitely made us chuckle.

Hayashi: We thought about presenting each character in a video, one by one, to make the audience guess who might not make it in.

Suzuki: Looking at the reactions on social media, we felt like we hadn’t earned that much trust (laughs).

In addition, the next issue of Nintendo Dream will include a follow-up interview.

FE Warriors Three Hopes: Next Nintendo Dream Comes with Poster & Dev Interview

Less than a week remains until the launch of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes! Today, we have a quick PSA for collectors.

The next issue of Nintendo Dream, the August 2022 issue, has a big feature on Three Hopes, evident by the front cover. According to the description, the editorial team will recap all the information known up to now, while also providing their thoughts from playing the game.

Besides this, there will be an interview with the Koei Tecmo staff, which includes Hideo Suzuki (development producer), Yosuke Hayashi (producer) and Hayato Iwata (director).

The previous Nintendo Dream interview with the Three Houses team revealed many interesting tidbits such as Claude’s real name, which eventually made its way into Three Hopes. So it’ll be fun to see what they’ve got to share this time.

Last but not least, the issue comes with 2 double-sided posters: one for Three Hopes and another for Splatoon 3. Shown above is the Three Hopes poster.

The August issue releases on 21st June 2022, slightly ahead of the game’s launch. You can pre-order/order it from Amazon Japan or you could check your favourite import store.

Three Houses: Interview with Nintendo Dream (Part 2) via Nintendo Everything

As promised, here’s the translation for the second half of the interview with the Three Houses development team, found in the May 2020 edition of Nintendo Dream (which came out last month).

Like the first half, you can read the translated interview at Nintendo Everything. A big thanks to them for choosing to cover the interview–and Oni Dino for translating the contents. In case you missed it, you can find the first half here.

Here are a few highlights that we cherry-picked. Please be aware that the full interview includes spoilers for the various routes and DLC.

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