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Merchandise: Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Soundtrack Announced!

Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo have announced the release of an original soundtrack (OST) for FE Warriors Three Hopes.

The soundtrack contains 118 tracks split between 4 disks and will release on 22nd March 2023, retailing at 4,950 Yen (with tax).

This is quite significant because the original FE Warriors did not get a complete soundtrack release, although there was a soundtrack included with the special edition containing most of the soundtrack.

Additionally, this news quashes any lingering hope of DLC for Three Hopes. Typically, Fire Emblem soundtracks are released once all the DLC is complete, in case the DLC features new music.

To be fair, Three Hopes is largely feature complete and a similar crossover, Persona 5 Strikers, had minimal DLC. Also, while there was a fair amount of unused data in Three Hopes, it was on the level of previous games in the series.

Anyway, full track list is below:

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Three Hopes: North American My Nintendo Store Offering Free* Memo Pad

After not getting a special edition for FE Warriors Three Hopes for some bizarre reason, North American fans have a small consolation prize.

Over at the My Nintendo Store, you can redeem 600 Platinum Coins for a free Three Hopes themed memo pad (link to item). You will have to pay shipping though, unless you were already planning to buy something from the store.

If you’re lacking coins, there are numerous ways to earn them, such as clearing out easy chapters in FE Heroes or searching for hidden stickers on Nintendo’s websites. Check out the My Nintendo website to see what missions are available.

The memo pad itself measures 8.5″ x 5.5″. It includes 48 pages, with decorative sheets featuring Shez, Arval and the three house leaders.

FE Warriors Three Hopes: Nintendo Dream Interview Translation

Earlier, we reported that the August 2022 issue of Nintendo Dream featured a dev interview for FE Warriors Three Hopes.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything, you can now read this interview in English.

Due to the nature of the interview, there’s some overlap with Famitsu’s interview, but there’s plenty of things they didn’t cover.

Of note, when they were discussing how to reveal the playable characters, this part definitely made us chuckle.

Hayashi: We thought about presenting each character in a video, one by one, to make the audience guess who might not make it in.

Suzuki: Looking at the reactions on social media, we felt like we hadn’t earned that much trust (laughs).

In addition, the next issue of Nintendo Dream will include a follow-up interview.

FE Warriors Three Hopes: Famitsu Interview Translation

As we mentioned earlier, the most recent issue of Famitsu, which came out on 23rd June 2022, contains an interview with the FE Warriors Three Hopes development team.

Thanks to SatsumaFSoysoy, who’s translated a lot of Three Hopes (and Three Houses) info in the past, we now have an English translation of this interview.

You can check it out on Reddit, where it was originally posted, or right here.

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