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Heroes: Death Blow Summoning Focus & Daily Training Tower Quests!

The latest skill-based banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Death Blow Summoning Focus contains three 5★ units with the coveted Death Blow skill: Effie, Klein, and Hawkeye.

The new banner will be around for about two weeks, ending on 3 October at 6:59am UTC.

Additionally, Daily Training Tower Quests are back! These quests reward you with Crystals, Dueling Crests, and Hero Feathers for completing battles in the Tower. The quests reset daily, so make sure to do them often! They’ll be around until 2 October.

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Heroes: Dauntless Crimeans Summoning Focus & Log-In Bonus!

Three new heroes have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Dauntless Crimeans Summoning Focus contains new 5★ characters from Path of Radiance: Nephenee, Oscar, and Elincia. Read our earlier post for their introductory trailer and a breakdown of their new abilities.

A new Story Mode chapter, “Diabolical Bloodline“, is also available now! The chapter shows off the new characters in action, and also continues the Heroes plot. Complete all five chapters on all three difficulties for 15 Orbs! You can also earn some additional orbs by completing the Diabolical Bloodline quests. Check out the details below.

To celebrate the release of these new characters, Heroes has started a new log-in bonus! All players will get additional orbs on log-in for the duration of the event.

The Dauntless Crimeans summoning focus and its associated quests and log-in bonuses will be available for about two weeks until 29 September at 6:59am UTC.

Today also marks the end of the Mini Tempest Trials event! You can pick up your rank rewards and read the end of the story once final results have been calculated. According to the September schedule, the next full Tempest Trials will be starting up again shortly on 23 September.

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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival: Robin!

Another Grand Hero Battle is coming back to Fire Emblem Heroes! Grand Hero Battle Revival: Robin is now available for players to earn a few more copies of the female version of Awakening‘s tactician.

As is common for reruns of older GHBs, the GHB Revival for Robin also includes a new Infernal difficulty map! You can defeat this map for a 4★ copy of Female Robin and 2,000 Hero Feathers. You can also complete a series of quests to earn an additional 3★ copy of Female Robin and some orbs. Check out the quest details below!

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Robin will be available for about one week until 20 September at 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Tempest Trials Mini: To Die on the Battlefield Starts Today!

The latest event in Fire Emblem Heroes is live! Tempest Trials Mini: To Die on the Battlefield starts today and runs for a single week.

The plot seems to pick up where we left off, but this time, Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector are diving into the tempest with “Marth”. Awaiting them at the end is a powerful Berserker…

Since the event is shorter than previous Trials, the rewards are easier to earn. You get your first prize at only 50 points and the final reward is at 50,000. You can score yourself repeat rewards for Masked Marth (4★ at 3,000 and 5★ at 15,000) and Quickened Pulse (at 6,000). Additionally, there’s a new Def+1 Sacred Seal at 10,000 and Distant Def 1 at 20,000. Daily Quests are also available for even more prizes.

Tempest Trials Mini: To Die on the Battlefield ends next Friday, 15 September, at 6:59am UTC. You can also see the full September event schedule here.

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