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Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: Beach Battle Ballot Now Live!

Grab your swimsuits and head out towards the ocean for the next Fire Emblem Heroes event! Voting Gauntlet: Beach Battle Ballot starts today!

This latest Voting Gauntlet features all eight of the new summer characters that came out this year. Choose your hero from the swimsuit versions of Laegjarn, Laevatein, Helbindi, Gunnthrá, Lyn, Wolt, Lilina, or Ursula. If you lack any of these heroes, their banners are still available in the summon screen. Check out the first round match-ups below:

Compete in matches to earn points and battle flags for you chosen hero. You can also earn up other sweet rewards, like Orbs, with quests during each round! Each round will last a bit less than two days, as usual. Voting Gauntlet: Beach Battle Ballot as a whole will end on 7 August.

Additionally, August quests are also now available! You’ll have the whole month to complete these quests and reap the rewards. Check out details in-game.

Heroes: Deep Bonds Event – New Quests, Leif & Nanna BHB, and More!

The brand new Deep Bonds Event has just begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! This is a new, special event meant to celebrate the brides and grooms of Fire Emblem.

The very first aspect of this event will be immediately obvious when you login; the Leif & Nanna Bound Hero Battle is now live! Accompanying the BHB is also a summoning focus with 5★ focus units for Lachesis, Nanna, and Leif.

Build up a strong team to tackle their battle in the Special Maps menu. You can earn up to 9 Orbs by beating all three modes! Bound Hero Battle: Leif & Nanna will be around until 5 June.

Additionally, the Deep Bonds Event contains a lot of other goodies, including Quests, a new Log-In Bonus, and more! We also get a hint at what the upcoming Voting Gauntlet theme will be. Click on the “Read More” button below for further details. The event lasts through 10 June.

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Heroes: Bridal Belonging Banner Now Live!

It’s wedding season in Fire Emblem Heroes! Three brides and one groom are now available in the Bridal Belonging banner! Spend some Orbs to try your luck at special Bridal versions of Sigrun, Pent, Tanith, and Fjorm. Check out our earlier article for our first look at these news heroes in their preview trailer.

You can also see all four heroes in action in the new paralogue story, also entitled “Bridal Belonging“. Complete all three chapters and their associated Lunatic quests to earn 12 Orbs! We’ll also be getting more Orbs over the next couple weeks with the latest Log-In Bonus.

If that’s not enough Bridal action for you, you’re in luck. Both of the previous years’ Bridal Banners, Bridal Bloom and Bridal Blessings, will be getting reruns starting later this week! A bridal-themed Tempest Trials will also be starting soon, featuring a free Bride Louise to match Groom Pent.

For now, the Bridal Belonging banner and quests will be around for around a month, ending on 21 June.

Lastly, as a reminder, the second round of Grand Conquests just came to a close. The final round will begin in around four hours. The quests have also been reset. Good luck and may the best army win!

Heroes: Eir Quests Now Available!

A new series of quests is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Break out your copy of the Daughter of Death to complete the Eir Quests.

As you’ve probably guessed, you’ll need to use Eir in these quests. Use her to KO enemies and compete in the Training Tower. Rewards include 2 Orbs, 300 Hero Feathers, 10 Sacred Coins, and 1,500 each Transparent Shards and Crystals. Check out the Quests & Missions page for more details.

The Eir Quests will be available for two weeks, ending on 25 May.

Additionally, pre-registration is now open for the next edition of Grand Conquests! This time around, we’ll be fighting in Nohr and Hoshido. The army leaders are Xander, Ryoma, and Female Corrin. The battle begins in two days on Friday, 17 May.