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Heroes: Illusory Dungeon: Labyrinth of Despair & GHB Julius Revival!

A new Tap Battle has begun once again in Fire Emblem Heroes! Flex your fingers and head to the Events menu for Illusory Dungeon: Labyrinth of Despair.

For now, you can complete the first 40 floors. A further 20 floors will be available each day, followed by three more Extra Stages once we reach Floor 100. Make sure to complete each stage to earn lots of Orbs, some new Accessories, and also other goodies!

Furthermore, Daily Quests start today and will last throughout this upcoming week until 18 November. On 14 November, a new series of Tap Battle quests will be available. Illusory Dungeon: Labyrinth of Despair itself will be around until 8 December. Presumably a new Tap Battle will arrive to replace it shortly afterward.

Grand Hero Battle: Julius has also returned to Heroes! This GHB Revival actually began yesterday, but I missed it in the flood of news and images for the new Tempest Trials.

If you missed kicking Julius’s butt before, now’s the time to tackle him into submission. His battle contains a large amount of reinforcements, so be careful! You can also complete a new series of quests for Orbs and another 3★ copy of Julius. Check the in-game Quest screen for further details.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Julius will be around until 16 November.

Heroes: Movement Type Quests & Voting Gauntlet Final Round!

When you’ve finished with Forging Bonds, Fire Emblem Heroes has given us some new quests to spend stamina on! Check out the newest Movement Type Quests.

As the name implies, these quests require you to complete tasks with units of a specific movement type. You can earn up to 4 Orbs, as well as a host of other smaller prizes. Those Orbs will come in handy if you want some final summons on Legendary Eirika’s banner, or you could also save them for the New Heroes coming out later this week.

These Movement Type Quests will be around for two weeks, ending on 19 November at 6:59am UTC. You can see the full list of each task in game.

Additionally, today begins the final round of Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers. Our finalists are Reinhardt and Linde. Which of them will finally persevere? Make sure to do your best to support your chosen mage! The final round will end in just 45 hours.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Tiki & Nowi & Voting Gauntlet Round 2!

Another BHB has returned to Fire Emblem Heroes! You can check out Bound Hero Battle Revival: Tiki & Nowi in the Special Maps menu.

If you weren’t playing Heroes when these maps were around before, or if you weren’t strong enough to beat them then, now is a good chance to try again. Even veterans have something to do, however, with the addition of some special quests. Use Sharena and Anna on your team to beat quests and earn Orbs! See details below.

Furthermore, the second round of Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers has now begun! Delthea, Reinhardt, Linde, and Olwen each beat their competition to move onto the next stage. Here’s the new bracket:

Round 2 will once again last for 45 hours, ending on Monday, 5 November at 3:59am UTC. All quests have been reset so you can earn more Battle Flags for your team!
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Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers & Heroes Feats Results!

Another Voting Gauntlet has just begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! Choose your favourite Blue Mage to support in Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers.

Eight different lightning-themed tome-wielders are facing off head to head in a match for glory. The first round line-up is as follows:

Delthea vs. Odin
Reinhardt vs. Tailtiu
Linde vs. Ophelia
Olwen vs. Ishtar

This first round lasts 45 hours, ending tomorrow, 2 November, at 3:59am UTC. Each round of the gauntlet also features quests that you can complete for Orbs, Battle Flags, and more. So there’s a lot that you can do to support your favourite mage! The final round will come to a close on 7 November.

Additionally, the final round of Heroic Feats is now over! Heroes players smashed the goal and everyone now gets a free 4★ Oliver! You can pick him up from the Present List.

Finally, don’t forget that today starts the month of November! For us Heroes players, that means a new round of Monthly Quests have started! Monthly Quests are a great source of Orbs and other materials, so make sure to complete those when you have the time. As usual, the quests will last the entire month, so you have plenty of time.