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Heroes: Farfetched Heroes Summoning Focus!

Three new popular heroes have come to Fire Emblem Heroes in the Farfetched Heroes Summoning Focus! You can now summon Dorcas from Blazing Sword, Lute from The Sacred Stones, and Mia from Path of Radiance. All three characters scored highly in the Choose Your Legends popularity poll.

Check out our earlier article for a trailer introducing these new heroes and a breakdown of their new skills. To help provide you with enough Orbs to keep summoning, Heroes has begun another New Heroes Login Bonus! Earn up to 13 orbs just for logging into the game every day.

A new paralogue featuring Dorcas, Mia, and Lute is also now available! The Farfetched Heroes Paralogue also includes the first glimpse of another new hero, Joshua. Feh revealed him to be the reward character for the next Tempest Trials. You can also earn three additional Orbs by completing the paralogue’s quests.

The Farfetched Heroes Summoning Focus and its associated quests will be available until 4 December 2017.

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Heroes: Sacred Seal Forge Support Event

To keep us occupied before the upcoming Feh Channel in a few days, Fire Emblem Heroes has added a bunch of new special maps and quests to encourage players to craft and enhance Sacred Seals.

Altogether there are 5 maps with 3 difficulty levels each; completing on Normal and Hard awards 10 Sacred Coins, while Lunatic awards 1 Orb. Meanwhile the quests dish out 2 additional Orbs and 50 Sacred Coins.

Furthermore, for 10 days until the end of the event (on 27th November 2017.), there will be a Log-in Bonus that provides a total of 60 Sacred Coins and 20 of each Great Badge. So that’s a total of 210 possible Sacred Coins just from this event!

If you’re not sure what Sacred Seals to craft or enhance, the developers have even revealed a list of the top 10 most owned seals. At number 1, by a fair margin, is Distant Def 3. The full top 10–as well as the quests–can be found below.

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Heroes: Cecilia and Lilina’s Bound Hero Battle Returns

Not long after Fire Emblem Heroes brought back the Alm and Celica Bound Hero Battle, another Bound Hero Battle is getting a repeat run: Cecilia and Lilina.

Like before, there are new time-limited quests that award Orbs to entice those who already cleared the maps the first time. The Bound Hero Battle and related quests will run until the daily rollover on 16th November 2017.

Quest Description Reward
Clear Bound Hero Battle With Alfonse on your team, win the Bound Hero Battle against Cecilia & Lilina 1 Orb
Clear Bound Hero Battle With Sharena on your team, win the Bound Hero Battle against Cecilia & Lilina on Lunatic or higher 1 Orb
Defeat Cecilia Defeat Lvl 40 or higher Cecilia with Alfonse 1 Orb
Defeat Lilina Defeat Lvl 40 or higher Lilina with Sharena 1 Orb

Heroes: Battle of the Haircuts Voting Gauntlet Now Live!

The latest Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet, Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents is now underway. As usual, there will be three rounds spread throughout six days.

If you’d like a recap of the Heroes involved and the brackets, please check our earlier article. You can also check the game’s official site if you’d like to know the current score for all the participants.

Like the previous Voting Gauntlet, you can earn elusive Sacred Coins by completing related quests, for a total of 45 per round. That’s on top of the 4 Orbs per round, plus all the Hero Feathers for your team and total score.