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Fire Emblem Heroes 1st Anniversary is Here!

The Fire Emblem Heroes 1st Anniversary has arrived! Happy anniversary, Heroes!

Heroes has quite a lot in store for players as part of its anniversary celebration. Two parts of it will be immediately available as soon as you log-in: a one-time Anniversary Present of 50 Orbs and an Anniversary Log-In Bonus! The log-in bonus gives you an additional 2 Orbs each day for a total of 20 Orbs.

The third event gives you a place to potentially spend those Orbs, a new Hero Fest banner! This banner contains 5★ focus units for Sigurd, Nephenee, Brave Ike, and Brave Lyn. Even better, they have a 5% chance to appear!

The final two events are both a bit more long-lasting. The Double EXP & SP event lasts for one week, giving all of your heroes twice as much EXP and SP in battle! It will end on 9 February. We also get Daily Special Maps for 25 days! Each map rewards one Orb for both difficulties for a total of 50 Orbs. You have one week to play each map.

You may remember when you first began playing Heroes that there was a “Shards & Crystals” quest that rewarded players for completing various story chapters. Those quests were valid for one year, so they have now ended. Instead of being simply renewed or removed, these quests have been replaced with another yearly quest: Tutorial Quests.

Just like the original, these new Tutorial Quests reward you for completely various story chapters. You can also earn prizes for competing in the Arena and the Training Tower. The rewards have been updated to include additional prizes, such as new Sacred Seals, Stamina Potions, Badges, and even a couple Orbs! Check out the full list below.

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Heroes: New Three Heroes Quests!

Some more quests for players to complete have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! It’s time for another round of the Three Heroes Quests, this time featuring Hinata, Gwendolyn, and Saizo.

Complete the three easiest quests to earn a 3★ version of each hero, then use them in battle to complete additional quests. You can earn up to 6 Orbs! Check out full details below.

This version of the Three Heroes Quests will be available until 12 February.

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Heroes: Sacred Memories Banner & Book II Story Update Now Available!

The Sacred Memories banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Do your best to summon new 5★ versions of Myrrh, L’Arachel, and Eirika from The Sacred Stones.

A new story chapter was also released along with the new banner! Book II, Chapter 4 “Fiery Resolve” continues the journeys of the Order of Heroes in their quest to defeat Surtr. The chapter contains five new maps for you to play on three different difficulties.

Additionally, there is also a new series of quests to go with the chapter update. Complete all five new maps on Lunatic difficulty under certain conditions to earn up to five more Orbs! See below for full details. A new Log-In Bonus will also keep the free Orbs flowing for the next ten days.

The Sacred Memories banner will be available until 9 February at 6:59am UTC. May you have the best of luck summoning some new heroes to add to your teams!

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Heroes: Quests for Chain Challenge and Squad Assault!

The Tempest Trials may be over, but Fire Emblem Heroes wants to make sure its players are still busy! When you have some stamina to spend, check out the new Quests for Chain Challenge and Squad Assault.

There are four different quests in total, three for Chain Challenge and one for Squad Assault. Complete them all for two Orbs and six Stamina Potions! These quests will be available until 6 February.

Later this week, we also have a new banner arriving as well as a new GHB for Lyon, so stay tuned!