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Heroes: Battle of the Beach Voting Gauntlet + August Quests!

The Battle of the Beach Voting Gauntlet begins today in Fire Emblem Heroes! All eight of the swimsuit characters from both summer banners are duking it out for fame and glory. Who will you be supporting? Check out the bracket in our earlier article, or head over to the Heroes official website for live updates every hour.

Since the Gauntlet is based on existing banners, there are no special summoning banners this time around. The Ylissean Summer banner just closed after a month-long run, though the Nohrian Summer banner is still going strong.

As usual, you can also complete a series of quests to earn additional Battle Flags to support your chosen hero. Once again, they’ve been updated, and now also reward Orbs and Dueling Crests for defeating enemies within the Gauntlet! Check out below for full quest details.

The first round of the Gauntlet will end in less than two days on 3 August at 3:59am UTC. The entire Gauntlet will come to a close next Tuesday and the winner will be announced at that point. May the best swimsuit win!

Additionally, August Quests are now live! Earn yourself a bunch of Orbs, Feathers, Shards, Crystals, and Stamina Potions by completing a bunch of tasks over the course of the next month. The quests are all similar to previous months’, but we’ve outlined the full list for you below.

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Heroes: Nohrian Summer Summoning Focus is Live!

Summer is still going strong in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Nohrian Summer Summoning Focus is here, bringing new swimsuit-wearing heroes and paralogues for everyone to enjoy! Spend your orbs wisely to try and get 5★ summer versions of Female Corrin, Xander, Leo, and Elise. Check out our earlier article for full details on these new heroes.

The new Nohrian Summer paralogue contains three chapters at all three difficulties for up for nine orbs. They also have a new series of quests, as usual. If you complete the Lunatic maps under certain conditions, you can also earn three more Orbs! See full quest details below.

The Nohrian Summer banner and quests will be available throughout all of August, ending on 31 August at 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Lloyd’s Grand Hero Battle Revival!

Another Grand Hero Battle Revival has come to Fire Emblem Heroes! This latest Revival features Lloyd: White Wolf, one of the Four Fangs from Blazing Sword.

This GHB Revival brings something new to the table: an added Infernal difficulty mode. Like other Infernal maps, you’ll be in for a difficult fight against even more enemies with higher stats. Should you prevail, you’ll earn yourself another 4★ Lloyd and 2,000 Hero Feathers.

As usual with GHB Revivals, you can also complete a few new quests to get an additional copy of Lloyd as well as some Orbs. Check out the full quest listing below!

Lloyd’s Grand Hero Battle Revival and its associated quests will be available for almost a week, ending on 31 July at 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Cavalry Focus + Log-in Bonus Extended

Fire Emblem Heroes has two pieces of news to share today. Firstly, a Cavalry banner is now available until the new day begins on 5th August 2017.

The featured Heroes are Eldigan, Olwen and Titania. Useful if you’re still hunting for these characters or you’re still building a Horse Emblem team.

To celebrate the occasion, there will be Cavalry-related quests for the duration of the banner. Clear them all to earn 4 Orbs and a healthy amount of Universal Shards/Crystals. Full details can be found at the end.

Finally, the daily log-in bonus of 2 Orbs has been extended until the daily rollover on 28th July 2017, which coincides with the departure of the Alm’s Army and Celica’s Army banners.

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