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Heroes: May Three Heroes Quests!

Get ready to use some potentially new units! May Three Heroes Quests have come to Fire Emblem Heroes.

Like other iterations of these quests, they require you to use three specific heroes to accomplish some tasks. This time around, those three heroes are Adult Tiki, Gaius, and Gunter. You can earn a 3★ version of each units plus six Orbs! Check out the quest details below.

This May edition of the Three Heroes Quests will be available for about two weeks, ending on 21 May.

Additionally, today is the final day for the current Golden Week edition of Grand Conquests! You have about 24 hours left to get up to the highest rank, if you can, and help lead your army to victory.

The only other upcoming event currently known is the next “New Heroes” banner starting on Thursday, 10 May. There will also be an associated log-in bonus at the time, and the May Orb Promo will begin then as well. As such, we may get a new Event Calendar sometime in the near future.

Also, a final reminder that Heroes Maintenance will begin on Tuesday, 8 May at 10:00pm UTC. You can see the start time in your own time zone on the Notifications Screen. The maintenance period may take a few hours, but the new update will be available right after.
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Heroes: Version 2.5 Update Notification!

A new update is on its way to Fire Emblem Heroes! Check out the Version 2.5 Update Notification when you next log into the game.

The Version 2.5 Update will bring a lot of things to Heroes, some expected and some brand new. We’ll be getting some more Weapon Refinery options, and also some UI enhancements. One such enhancement is something many players have wanted for a while: an option to turn off Enemy Phase music!

Many of the unexpected changes fall into two categories: major Arena changes and an overhaul of the starting game Tutorial. Due to the Tutorial changes, all existing players will also receive a gift package.

Scroll on below for a deeper look at what the upcoming Version 2.5 changes will entail.

There will be a Maintenance Period starting on 8 May at 11:00pm UTC.. The update will go live as soon as the maintenance is over on 8~9 May. Additionally, because of the detailed Arena changes, the Arena will be closed all day on Tuesday and the next season will begin on Wednesday instead. This also applies to Arena Assault.

Additionally, the special Golden Week edition of Grand Conquests starts today! Make sure to read up on the changes from last event, such as the Rank Cap increase, and jump in when you’re ready. You can also already see the Grand Conquest Quests in the Quests and Missions page, including 3★ and 4★ Kaze: Easygoing Ninja.

Grand Conquests officially begins in a couple hours at 10:00am UTC. It will last for about a week, ending on 8 May.

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Heroes: Legendary Heroes – Lyn Summoning Event!

It’s time for another Legendary Hero Summoning Event in Fire Emblem Heroes! Try your luck summoning from the Legendary Heroes – Lyn Summoning Focus. In addition to being a Legendary Hero, Lyn is our first Green Archer and also a rather controversial alt. Check out our earlier article from last week for a breakdown of her skills.

11 other 5★ heroes are also joining Lyn in this new banner: Legendary Ike, Mage Eirika, Fallen Celica, Legendary Ephraim, PA!Shigure, Micaiah, PA!Inigo, Halloween Henry, Genny, Halloween Jakob, and Legendary Robin. The starting summoning rate for a 5★ unit is 8% and there are no off-focus units! Good luck getting the heroes you’d like!

Legendary Lyn also appears as the boss in a new series of Special Maps. Complete all four difficulties for a Wind Blessing and and nine Orbs! Like BHBs, the maps cost 0 stamina and all four of your allies must survive the battle.

The Legendary Heroes – Lyn banner and its associated map will be available until 7 May. Of the Legendary Heroes available this banner, Robin will appear again next banner late May, Ike and Ephraim late June, and Lyn not until late July. Based on this information, we can assume that the next Legendary Hero will likely be a red unit.

Meanwhile, Golden Week celebrations are continuing! The second Log-In Bonus starts today, and new Special Maps continue to pour in. Additionally, pre-registration for the special GW-edition of Grand Conquests is now open as well. The event will begin tomorrow, complete with some new changes and additions.

Finally, today is 1 May and that means new Monthly Quests! As usual, the quests are split into three parts, all similar to earlier monthly quests. It’s a great source of additional orbs if you’d like a few more to summon on the Legendary Heroes banner. You can also earn up Stamina Potions, Hero Feathers, and more. They’ll be available all month.

Heroes: Wind Blessing Quests Now Available!

A new series of quests has just dropped down in Fire Emblem Heroes! Let’s check out the newest Wind Blessing Quests.

Like the other Blessing quests from before, these quests require you to use Wind Blessed heroes to complete certain tasks. You can earn up to five Orbs and also some other prizes. Check out a full quest listing below.

Additionally, a new Rival Domains map is out today, and we also have more Tap Battle levels and also a new Golden Week Special Map! We also have three more days remaining in Tempest Trials+. So there are plenty of ways for players to complete many these tasks without even going out of their way.

Wind Blessing Quests will be available for about two weeks, ending on 12 May.
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