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Heroes: Ephraim & Myrrh Bound Hero Battle Revival!

Eirika takes a back seat while Myrrh’s around Ephraim. It’s a Bound Hero Battle Revival: Ephraim & Myrrh!

Ephraim: Restoration Lord and Myrrh: Great Dragon are the main opponents within this challenge. Rewards are 2 x Orbs for beating Hard, 3 x Orbs for Lunatic, and 4 x Orbs for Infernal. Since this is a revival, if you’ve already beaten them before, you can’t earn these rewards again. However, there are new BHB quests for everyone to complete, and doing so will net you up to 5 Orbs.

The BHB begins today and will run until the 25th of April, 6:59am UTC.

Since it’s Thursday, a new Tactics Drills map has been added: “Feline Perimeters” under Skill Studies. Lethe and Ranulf fight together against a hoard of enemies. Make use of their skills and find a way through all the enemies in 5 phases. The reward for completion is 300 Feathers.

Heroes: Dragalia Lost × Fire Emblem Heroes Coming Soon! + New Bound Hero Battle!

Recently, Dragalia Lost released a new episode of Dragalia Digest (their own version of Heroes’ Feh Channel). While the video explains what is coming up for their players as part of its 6-month anniversary and gives details on the upcoming update, the final ~24 seconds of the 5 and a half minutes-long video teased that a Dragalia Lost × Fire Emblem Heroes collaboration is coming soon!

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You can watch the Dragalia Digest video here. No further details were revealed, but we’ll be posting information in future updates when they come. If you’re like me and play both Heroes and Dragalia, this is something to look forward to in Dragalia. Save your Wyrmite!

Back to the news within Heroes: Today we see the release of a new Bound Hero Battle: Bartre & Fir!

The challenge is available in 3 difficulties: Hard, Lunatic and Infernal. You can earn up to 9 Orbs for completing all difficulties. The BHB is available from today, and will close out on the 3rd of April, 6:59am UTC.

Accompanying every new Bound Hero Battle is a banner.

The banner features Bartre, Fir, and Karla.The banner ends on the 3rd of April, 6:59am UTC.

A family reunion of sorts, ignoring the age gap between the two lovers, of course. When will we see Blazing Sword’s younger and dumber Bartre in Heroes?

Heroes: Ishtar & Reinhardt BHB Revival returns

Back from the Bound Hero Battle bench is the duo of Ishtar and her friend/protector Reinhardt from FE titles Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776.

If this is your first rodeo with the BHB, you can collect Orbs for completing each of the difficulties (hard, Lunatic, and Infernal) for the first time. You can also earn up to 5 Orbs for completing the extra quests.

You have until the 26th of March, 6:59am UTC to complete all the quests before the event and its quests disappear.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Micaiah & Sothe

Another BHB has made its way back to Fire Emblem Heroes! When you have the time, check out Bound Hero Battle Revival: Micaiah & Sothe in the Special Maps menu.

If you weren’t able to beat these maps previously, now’s a great time to give it a go. Regardless, this Revival version also comes with a series of quests as well! Use Anna, Fjorm, and Cavalry heroes to complete the maps and earn up to 5 additional Orbs. Check full details in the Quests and Missions menu in-game.

Bound Hero Battle Revival: Micaiah & Sothe will be around for a bit less than a week, ending on 11 March.

Don’t forget, today is also the final day of the final round of the current Voting Gauntlet! As I type, Soren and Female Morgan are still hotly contesting the winner’s spot. May the best tactician win!