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Heroes: Deep Bonds Event – New Quests, Leif & Nanna BHB, and More!

The brand new Deep Bonds Event has just begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! This is a new, special event meant to celebrate the brides and grooms of Fire Emblem.

The very first aspect of this event will be immediately obvious when you login; the Leif & Nanna Bound Hero Battle is now live! Accompanying the BHB is also a summoning focus with 5★ focus units for Lachesis, Nanna, and Leif.

Build up a strong team to tackle their battle in the Special Maps menu. You can earn up to 9 Orbs by beating all three modes! Bound Hero Battle: Leif & Nanna will be around until 5 June.

Additionally, the Deep Bonds Event contains a lot of other goodies, including Quests, a new Log-In Bonus, and more! We also get a hint at what the upcoming Voting Gauntlet theme will be. Click on the “Read More” button below for further details. The event lasts through 10 June.

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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Corrin & Kana

Another BHB Revival is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! When you feel like taking a break from Grand Conquests, check out Bound Hero Battle Revival: Corrin & Kana in the Special Maps menu.

If you couldn’t beat all of the maps before, now is the perfect time to try again. Additionally, new players and veterans alike can earn more Orbs in new quests! Use Alfonse, Sharena, and Flier units in battle to earn 5 more Orbs! Check out full details in game.

Bound Hero Battle Revival: Corrin & Kana will be available for one week, ending on 27 May.

Heroes: Titania & Mist’s Bound Hero Battle + Summoning Focus

Today’s a pretty busy day for Fire Emblem news! Anyway, we’ll start with something fairly small. Fire Emblem Heroes is currently running a new Bound Hero Battle, featuring Titania and Mist from Path of Radiance.

Altogether, you can earn 9 Orbs by completing the map on all 3 difficulties. It’s not a lot, but it’s not a little either. The Bound Hero Battle will be around until the daily rollover on 5th May 2019.

Joining this Bound Hero Battle is a themed summoning focus that has Titania, Mist and Ike as 5-star Focus units. After Ike and Mist were removed from new summoning banners, this is probably your best chance to snag them. The focus runs for the same duration.

Heroes: Ephraim & Myrrh Bound Hero Battle Revival!

Eirika takes a back seat while Myrrh’s around Ephraim. It’s a Bound Hero Battle Revival: Ephraim & Myrrh!

Ephraim: Restoration Lord and Myrrh: Great Dragon are the main opponents within this challenge. Rewards are 2 x Orbs for beating Hard, 3 x Orbs for Lunatic, and 4 x Orbs for Infernal. Since this is a revival, if you’ve already beaten them before, you can’t earn these rewards again. However, there are new BHB quests for everyone to complete, and doing so will net you up to 5 Orbs.

The BHB begins today and will run until the 25th of April, 6:59am UTC.

Since it’s Thursday, a new Tactics Drills map has been added: “Feline Perimeters” under Skill Studies. Lethe and Ranulf fight together against a hoard of enemies. Make use of their skills and find a way through all the enemies in 5 phases. The reward for completion is 300 Feathers.