Fire Emblem Premium Arrange Album Announced

Last month, we learned that there will be a live concert during the Fire Emblem Expo event on May 2019. For those who can’t make it–or wish to preserve the music–Intelligent Systems will be releasing a CD featuring all the songs.

Today, they officially announced the details of said CD, which is titled “Fire Emblem Premium Arrange”. It will come out on 20th March, long before the expo starts, and retails for 3,200 Yen (including tax). Those in Japan can pre-order it directly from Intelligent Systems.

The CD itself includes 15 songs, of which 14 will be played at the concert, plus a bonus song exclusive to the CD: a rendition of Conquest (Ablaze), sung by Lucina’s voice actress, Yū Kobayashi. It will also have a full colour, 8-page booklet.

To ease the wait, the official expo site includes samples of all the included songs, on this page (just click the red “play” buttons). Below, you can find the track list, as well as a re-hosted playlist with all the sample tracks.

  • Track 1: Story 2: Each Map’s Beginning – Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light
  • Track 2: Final Chapter (The Final Holy War) – Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Track 3: Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage) – Binding Blade
  • Track 4: Companions – Blazing Blade
  • Track 5: Determination – The Sacred Stones
  • Track 6: Eternal Bond – Radiant Dawn
  • Track 7: With Mila’s Divine Protection – Echoes
  • Track 8: What Lies at the End – Echoes
  • Track 9: Recruitment Medley
    • Story 5: Encounter – Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light
    • Recruitment – Genealogy of the Holy War
    • Comrades – The Sacred Stones
    • With Us! – Path of Radiance
  • Track 10: Battle Medley
    • Blessing of the Eight Generals I – Blazing Blade
    • Applying Justice: Leidrick Battle – Thracia 776
    • Battle 1: Player Attack – Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light
    • The Devoted – Radiant Dawn
    • Against the Black Knight – Path of Radiance
    • Dark Emperor – Mystery of the Emblem
  • Track 11: Conquest (Ablaze) – Awakening (vocals: Yū Kobayashi)
  • Track 12: Id (Purpose) – Awakening (vocals: Yū Kobayashi)
  • Track 13: Dusk Falls – Fates (vocals: Kawamura Yumi)
  • Track 14: Lost in Thoughts All Alone – Fates (vocals: Kawamura Yumi)
  • Track 15: Fire Emblem Main Theme – Heroes (vocals: Kawamura Yumi)

Sample Tracks

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