Heroes: Voting Jubilee Results & New Tap Battle with Music from the Premium Arrange Albums!

The results for the Voting Jubilee event in Fire Emblem Heroes are now available for viewing.

Here are the winners:

  • The Hero you want as a teacher: Female Byleth
  • The most graceful dancing duet: Berkut and Rinea
  • The villain you just can’t hate: Lyon
  • The most brilliant detective duo: Matthew and Leila
  • The Hero you wish were your sibling: Camilla

You can view the full results and the runner-ups via the special website.

Starting today, there’s a new Tap Battle “History Unveiled”, which is absolutely worth playing for the music alone. The featured music all comes from two Fire Emblem Premium Arrange albums (which you can read about here and here).

To find out what tracks have been included, please check out this informative Reddit post from veteran data-miner Xanek.

Also, if it tickles your fancy, you can nab 8-bit Marth and 8-bit Claude accessories from the Tap Battle quests.

Lastly, in case you missed it, the Bound Hero Battle for Ryoma and Sakura is available until 29th April 2020. Accompanying it is a summoning focus with a boosted chance of obtaining regular Ryoma, Sakura and Hinoka.

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  • CombatMagi

    It’s nice a lot of people’s choices made sense within game. I half expected a lot of crack pairings. Though I guess those would have gotten lost to the wind a lot easier then the ones that make sense. Also quite a few votes for some TMS#FE duos in there that was tied to certain performances they did in game.

  • Lyon’s a weird choice, even with the bias of FE8 being my first game. When I killed him for the first time I wasn’t sad because he was oh so misunderstood and tragic, I was pretty happy that he got what he deserved.

    • CombatMagi

      I think its was because he wanted to save Grado and was possessed by the Demon King while working with the Grado Sacred Stone in the attempt to subvert the disaster to Grado he foresaw.

      • I know his story. I just don’t think it’s a particularly compelling one. It was a corruption story but the corruption happened because Lyon was weak and stupid.

        • Ember Hermin

          He may be weak and stupid but he’s not a bad person. God you sound like a horrible person.

          • I never said that he was a bad person, only that he got what he deserved. Oh no daddy died, I’m going to use this obviously evil artifact to revive him. That certainly won’t have any drawbacks. It doesn’t help that the setting of Magvel is so barebones that there’s close to nothing that props Lyon up other than Eirika and Ephraim.

          • Big Klingy

            Me, I’m just happy that one didn’t end up as Edelgard. (Oh no, here come more downvotes. To those who say “she’s not a villain”, she is on 3/4 paths and developer interviews confirm this.)

          • Sounds like you’ve been too much on /r/fireemblem. Don’t go there. Edelgard is absolutely the villain despite what people say. That subreddit is filled with people who are willing to justify their feelings with bad arguments instead of seeing reason on any topic. Once you know the full context of the story it’s impossible to say that Edelgard isn’t the villain.

            Even in CF where she is shown in her most positive light it leaves her as a pretty ignorant character. That said, even though I came away from the game not liking her, I still consider her to be an interesting character at the same time.

          • Big Klingy

            I agree, I consider her a very interesting and well-written character and easily the best villain the series has had. Except on Crimson Flower, where her writing is all over the place, but that route was clearly rushed.

  • Big Klingy

    The Camilla one makes me cringe (and now I know this comment is getting downvoted), but I’m surprisingly okay with the other ones. Though for me, the “villain you just can’t hate” is Arvis, in that he’s one of the few FE villains you actually get to see regret what he’s done. Despite everything awful he did in Part 1, by Part 2 all he did in the name of his “ideal world” has backfired on him horribly and he’s lost everything, by the time you get to kill him he’s just a broken man who’s practically begging to for his suffering to end.

    Basically, with Arvis you get to see a villain who wins… and finds out the hard way that winning as the villain sucks.