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Heroes: Robin & Corrin Bound Hero Battle, Nabatan Grand Conquests + New Power Banner

We have a couple of weekly reminders for Fire Emblem Heroes. Firstly, Robin & Corrin’s Bound Hero Battle is now available, until the daily rollover on 23rd May 2020 (UTC).

Except, doesn’t something look a tiny bit off about these Avatar characters? Perhaps they need more sleep? Accompanying the BHB is a banner featuring Fallen Robin and Corrin, plus Celica who’s tagging along for the ride.

Meanwhile, there’s currently a Grand Conquests event, between the three Nabatan denizens: Igrene, Sophia and Fae. At the time of writing, the first battle is still halfway along. The event will close on 21st May 2020 (UTC).

In case you missed it, there are 5 new Limited Hero Battles via Special Maps: Fallen Takumi’s Grand Hero Battle, Eirika & Ephraim’s BHB, Saias’s GHB, Ninian & Hawkeye’s BHB and Lyn’s Legendary Hero Battle. All battles will vanish on 18th May 2020 (UTC).

Lastly, in light of the recent version update and weapon refines, there’s a New Power banner featuring Gwendolyn, Leon and Siegbert. This will be around until the new day on 22nd May 2020 (UTC).

Heroes: New Power Banner, and Resplendent Eliwood revealed!

Today’s Heroes update brings us a New Power banner ft. the most recent Heroes with new weapons and/or refines, a return to the Fallen Delthea Grand Hero Battle, and a reveal of OG Eliwood’s Resplendent artwork!

On this banner is red tome Eirika, Gunter, and OG Gaius. Ursula is available only via Grails thus is not summonable. You can learn more about each of their upgrades in our previous news post here. The banner is live until the 16th of April 6:59am UTC.

Also today: Fallen Delthea is rotated into the bi-daily Anniversary Celebration GHB Revival rotation. You have 2 days to beat the quest to earn a copy of her before the next GHB is swapped in!

Today’s the 10th of the month so that means the Feh Pass rolls over, the next Resplendent is made available, and the upcoming Resplendent is revealed.

Feh Pass owners will now receive Resplendent Azura, and coming on the 25th of April is Resplendent Eliwood. You can click “Read more” below to view the revealed artwork.

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Heroes: Claim your copy of Altina before 2020-04-11, and New Power banner is live!

Today in FE Heroes news, the winner of the A Hero Rises 2020 is finally distributed after a stressful Voting Gauntlet event.

Log in to claim your neutral copy of Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade from Feh before the 11th of April 6:59am UTC. After that, she’ll be gone for good, and you won’t be able to redeem her.

Also today is the start of a New Power banner, featuring three of the four Heroes who recently received new weapons and/or refines: Gray, green-tome Olwen, and Jagen, with Tobin being a Grail unit so is of course not made part of this banner.

The banner is available until the 21st of March 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: New Power banner is now live!

Recently in FE Heroes, four older Heroes received new weapons and/or refines.

As a result, OG Laslow, Barst, OG Jakob and female Morgan are the focus units in a New Power banner starting from today, lasting through to the 21st of February 6:59am UTC.

You can read about the new weapons and refines in our previous news post here.