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Heroes: New Power banner, Morgan BHB and banner, and more!

The latest Heroes to receive some new weapons and refines are now available as part of a New Power banner.

Luke: Rowdy Squire (Rowdy Sword), Roderick: Steady Squire (Steady Lance), Matthew: Faithful Spy (Spy’s Dagger), and Raigh: Dark Child (Hermit’s Tome) are able to be summoned as 5-Star focus Heroes. You can read more about their new weapons here.

The banner begins today and will come to an end on the 27th of July, 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: New Power Banner! Faye, Lukas, Stahl, & Sully

Another New Power Banner is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! If you’re so inclined, you can spend some Orbs to summon 5★ Faye, Lukas, Stahl, or Sully.

All four of these heroes received new unique weapons in the recent 3.5 version update. Click here to see the update article and read details about the new weapons.

This New Power Banner will be available until 26 May.

Additionally, Heroes has recently patched the game to Version 3.5.1 to fix the recent Aether Raids bug. As compensation for the bug, all players are receiving 10 Orbs and 100 Heroic Grails! You can grab them from Feh next time you log in. The game should prompt you to download the update immediately, or you can grab it from your device’s app store.

Heroes: New Power banner is now available!

Remember those four Heroes who recently received new weapons with refines? They are all now the focus Heroes in a New Power banner!

Hana, Peri, Cain and Abel are all available as 5-Star Heroes from this banner.

There’s no reason why you would want to spend your Orbs on this banner when all of these Heroes are available in the 3-4-Star pool. Easy skip unless you really cannot wait to grab merges for these Heroes due to lack of Feathers. Even then, probably not worth it.

The banner’s available until the 23rd of April, 6:59am UTC.