Heroes: Feh Channel breakdown – Spooky Scary banner, new game mode, new Aether Resort plantation feature, and more!

They did it again, dropping another Feh Channel on us unannounced and catching us unawares.You can watch it for yourself here:

If you don’t have 15 minutes or can’t watch/listen to a video for whatever reason, you can read through this breakdown post to get the gist of things that were revealed. Click on “Read more” below to find out what’s coming over the next few weeks.

New R&R Structures for the Aether Resort

The first of two new R&R buildings is the Field. Here you can grow your own materials, ranging from ingredients to cook dishes in the Dining Hall (the other upcoming R&R structure), to Dragonflowers.

You can plant whatever you want, and it will be ready to harvest once the next season of Aether Raids begins. So, once a week you must collect your grown crops or else they will have withered and died by the time the following AR season begins. So check in every so often to check you don’t have anything that could go left uncollected and perish.

Worthy of note is that each plantation of Dragonflowers will cost 60 R&R Affinity, wielding 5 Dragonflowers each time, so I hope you’ve been stockpiling that good stuff. Other materials such as wheat, pumpkin, vegetables, etc. will cost nothing to plant. At the start of each new Aether Raids week, Feh will come by and supply you with things that cannot primarily grow from the ground, such as meat (this is not Digimon World) and eggs to help supplement dishes for the Dining Hall. Speaking of…

The second building which has already been mentioned is the Dining Hall.

Essentially, you use ingredients gathered from the fields and from Feh’s gatherings to put together dishes for your Heroes.

After every dish you make will earn a rating which will go towards a total rating, netting you some rewards every reward cycle.

Special Heroes: A Monstrous Harvest

That spooky scary time of year will soon be upon us, and FEH has us covered with the appropriate units once more.

This year’s Halloween crew are as follows:

That’s L’Arachel, Dozla, Ilyana, and Hector ft. Lilina. These four (five) will be part of the banner, while we will be able to recruit Spooky Rolf as part of Tempest Trials+ rewards!

As part of the Harvest Festival celebrations, everyone will receive 5 Golden First Summon Tickets to use on the Monstrous Harvest banner only.

This banner will become available on the 9th of October 7:00am UTC, while the Tempest Trials+ will run from the 14th of October 7:00am UTC.

New unit type: Duo Hero

In case you didn’t notice, Hector and Lilina are a new type of unit: Duo Hero. They fight as one unit, but come with additional perks…

Fielding a Duo Hero means you get a new icon at the bottom of the screen, called a Duo Skill. Press it and confirm usage, and you will immediately deal damage to all enemies within three columns of your Duo Hero. This skill can’t be used when a Duo Hero is used with Pair Up. Duo Skills can be used on any map, including Arena and Grand Hero Battles, but only once during any battle.

On top of this, Duo Heroes also provide you with a BST score of 185 (like how Duel skills provide an artificial 170 BST) to help you score big in Coliseum modes. Man the harpoons!

Harvest Festival Celebration 2019

The events for this celebration are as follows:

Log-In Bonus and EXP/SP bonus events, and AR quests are self-explanatory, but we can go in a bit deeper on the others.

Harvest Festival Daily Reward Maps

Every day, a new map is released with Normal and Hard difficulties, each rewarding you with an Orb for completion. You can earn 14 Orbs in total. They will begin appearing from the 9th of October 7:00am UTC.

Harvest Festival Bound Hero Battles

Lilina and Hector-specific BHB are available for you to challenge, and they will come with quests for you to earn rewards, including 3-Star copies of Eliwood and Roy. They will also be available from the 9th of October 7:00am UTC.

Twitter Event

From the 7th of October, the FEH Twitter account will run a quiz; asking one question a day for 7 days in a row. If we get at least 5 questions right, everyone gets 10 Orbs and 5000 Feathers. Ever thought what would happen if we actually failed these things?

New event: Hall of Forms

I think this is probably the highlight of this Feh Channel. Introducing the Hall of Forms.

A new game mode where you’re given a team of fresh level 10 “Forma” units. They have basic weapons equipped and no skills… Yet.

You must progress through the stages within this event to earn experience, levels, and the ability to unlock new skills/weapons for your four units. Of course, it’s not quite so simple.

First off, you have only 3 Stamina which refills each day, and challenging a chamber uses 1 stamina.

Then, only the unit who achieves the first kill on a stage will earn the right to learn a new skill once the stage is complete, as highlighted by the dropped item in the image below.

As well as special weapons and skills, you can also choose to add merges or Sacred Seals to the Forma. Skills appear at random, so you may have the chance to grab some truly deplorable skills that will make your challenge that much easier.

Will you rise to the challenge and complete all stages before the event comes to a close? You can earn rewards as you climb higher through the stages, in case you needed a little motivation to give this interesting mode a try.

Hall of Forms will begin on the 12th of October 7:00am UTC.

What are you most looking forward to? Personally I can’t wait to get into Hall of Forms. I’ve also been stockpiling R&R affinity for music not yet available, so I have plenty spare to grow a ton of Dragonflowers. I also need Eliwood merges, so the spare reward copy will be appreciated. Serves me right for sending them all home for barracks space before the combat manuals were a thing.

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