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Heroes: Dragons Invade Halloween Again in “Divine Harvest”

Certain themes come and go, with even the dancer, ninja and pirate banners taking a break. But this year, we’ll still be celebrating Halloween with dragons.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Special Heroes include: Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Naga and Duo Duma (with Mila).

In addition, Nils: Wandering Star will be available from the Tempest Trials event.

If you guessed Nils and male Corrin from the silhouettes, well done. Also, at long last, Witch Corrin has made the transition from FE: Cipher to FE: Heroes. Hmm, are there any notable dragons remaining for another draconic Halloween next year?

Anyway, please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: AHR 2022 Gift, Resplendent Ophelia & March/April Calendar

Following the “A Hero Rises 2022” Voting Gauntlet, Fire Emblem Heroes players can now grab a copy of Corrin: Nightfall Ninja Act from the Present List.

You don’t need to be a ninja yourself, but you shouldn’t be a tortoise either, because the free gift will only be around until 11th April 2022 (UTC).

Also, the next Resplendent Hero has been revealed as Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine.

This Dökkálfar-themed version of Ophelia will be available for subscribers from 25th March 2022 (UTC). You can check her artwork (by Gesoking) and voice samples here.

Last, but not least, the new event calendar for mid March to mid April is here!

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Heroes: Female Corrin is August’s Legendary Hero!

Their status as a Legendary Hero was perhaps pre-determined, but female Corrin–one of the protagonists of FE Fates–will soon be arriving in her Legendary guise.

Between 31st August and 7th September 2020 (UTC), Summoners can try to summon for Corrin: Child of Dusk. Other Heroes appearing in the Legendary banner include…

  • Red: Legendary Eirika, Hrid and Fallen Ike
  • Blue: Naga, Legendary Julia and Nils
  • Green: Gunnthra, Legendary Hector and Rinkah
  • Colorless: Bramimond and Mila

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Heroes: Grand Conquests – Branch of Fate

Starting today, a new Grand Conquests in underway in Fire Emblem Heroes. This time, the battlefield is spread across the realms of Hoshido and Nohr, from Fates. Yes, we still don’t know what the continent’s name is…

Summoners will team up with Ryoma, Xander or Corrin, who are locked in a three-way battle similar to the pivotal moment in Fates. Although on this occasion, you won’t have the choice of which army to fight for, as the RNG will decide for you instead.

Like previous Grand Conquests, the event is divided into 3 rounds, each lasting around 2 days each (starting 4 hours after the next daily rollover). Each round, there will be quests where you can earn 1 Orb and more Conquest Lances to keep fighting.

From here, I don’t think there are many continents that remain untouched by war. Perhaps they’ll cycle through past continents, although we’ll probably end up fighting on Fódlan at some point in the future.