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Heroes: AHR 2022 Gift, Resplendent Ophelia & March/April Calendar

Following the “A Hero Rises 2022” Voting Gauntlet, Fire Emblem Heroes players can now grab a copy of Corrin: Nightfall Ninja Act from the Present List.

You don’t need to be a ninja yourself, but you shouldn’t be a tortoise either, because the free gift will only be around until 11th April 2022 (UTC).

Also, the next Resplendent Hero has been revealed as Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine.

This Dökkálfar-themed version of Ophelia will be available for subscribers from 25th March 2022 (UTC). You can check her artwork (by Gesoking) and voice samples here.

Last, but not least, the new event calendar for mid March to mid April is here!

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Heroes: Nohrian Dusk Brings Four New Faces & Garon GHB Announcement

If you’re keeping your eyes open on the next set of incoming Heroes units, and you’re a fan of Fire Emblem Fates, you’ll be pleased to see that the next batch of summonable Heroes is coming soon, from right within those means.

Nohrian Dusk brings to us several new units, including children of Leo’s retainers (Odin and Niles) Ophelia and Nina, as well as other popular Fates characters Silas and Flora. Get ready for some new skills, because we’re getting quite a few brand new ones.

Flora was slightly teased if you are an Android user and were able to spot her in the app awards list, but it definitely wasn’t an easy find for most.

Of course, with the new units, comes a new Story Chapter series, A Way Home, giving Summoners plenty of new chances to score orbs, should they wish to use them on this group of Heroes, or save them for a later occasion. They will both be available as of September 14 at 12a PT. Viewers who’d like to watch the Japanese version of the Trailer, click here.

To top it all off, next Grand Hero Battle has been announced, featuring Garon: King of Nohr. This will kick off on September 20, so prepare yourselves, Summoners.

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