Pre-release Changes

Credits: IGN (images)

Genealogy of the Holy War

(See also the page on the prototype version)

  • The game was first announced as Light Inheritors. The same title was used as the title of Chapter 6, and a similar title used for a manga series for the game.
  • It was originally planned for the game to be divided into three parts, with Celice’s story being the second part. The third part was going to explain the parent killings and incest issues. However due to time restraints, they had to make do with two parts. This was stated in the interview with Shouzou Kaga (the game’s director) in the Fire Emblem: Treasure
    book. (Thanks to TheEnd for the additional clarification)
  • Jamka started life as an Axe Fighter with few Skills, but his character grew on Kaga so he eventually became a powerful Bow Fighter.
  • Vylon’s original face design resembled Hannibal’s. Similarly, Sylvia’s initial face design looked completely different, sporting blue hair instead of green.
  • At least two classes were cut: The Black Knight, which seems to be a recoloured Paladin (perhaps enemy-only or Aless’s exclusive class?), and a sword-wielding female Soldier (probably got absorbed into the Swordfighter class).
  • Initially, the Sage class went under the name Master Mage, while the Forrest class was called Hero like in the earlier games.
  • The Thief class was either originally known as Treasure Hunter or was combined with that class. Similarly, Bard used to the same class as Troubadour and it seems female Troubadours didn’t gain a mount until later.

The following information was stated by Shouzou Kaga on Intelligent System’s old Fire Emblem message board.

  • It was originally planned that, in the 2nd Generation, only one child would be born per parent and their gender randomly selected (with the exception of Celice, Yuria, Leaf and Altenna).
  • It seems the 1st Generation pairings were divided into various patterns (at least 0, 1 and 2). Pattern (1) included Ira x Lex, Briggid x Jamka. While, for instance, Adean x Jamka and Ira x Holyn were Pattern (2) pairings.
  • In Pattern (1), all the female 1st Generation characters survived (Tiltyu was brought back to life by Claude in exchange for his own life). In Fury and Levin’s case, after some time passes, they are brought back to life by Holsety. On the other hand, only a few of the 1st Generation male characters survived.
  • Yurius was supposed to return to his normal, unpossessed state in the end (thanks to Yuria’s love).
  • The third part was going to be a story about the parents and children reuniting. Those who weren’t Sigurd’s regular subordinates would not make a triumphant return (but would be subjugated).

Thracia 776

The following information was stated by Shouzou Kaga on Intelligent System’s old Fire Emblem message board.

  • The Luck stat was planned to be removed from the status screen (but still exist internally) to create an element of uncertainty.
  • Weapons were going to have a Durability stat, which affected the rate of weapon consumption (i.e how many Uses are reduced).
  • The game was to have around 35~40 chapters in total. In one playthrough, you would tackle 20 chapters.

Fire Emblem 64

  • This game was originally planned for the N64 (apparently the 64DD add-on), but was cancelled.

Sword of Seals

  • Screenshot from when the game was still known as Ankoku no Miko (Maiden of Darkness). The same title was used for Idoun’s theme song.
  • At one point, the HP bars in the battle screen looked more dynamic.
  • The battle screen went through various other changes (eg. version A, version B).
  • Early footage showed a younger looking Roy, and Lilina being playable from Chapter 1. The weapon icons were from the previous game, Thracia 776.
  • Roy’s official artwork was different (more younger looking).
  • Conversation between Allen and a villager. You can make out an alternate Mercenary sprite, which appears unused in all the GBA titles.
  • The female Nomadic Trooper battle sprite was slightly different.

The following information was obtained from leaked sound and miscellaneous data from Intelligent System’s web server.

  • The dark magic spell, Mir’s (aka Flux) original name was Mistyrain.
  • Similarly, it seems the dark magic spell Eclipse was originally called Hazymoon (or superceded it).
  • The Sword of Seals may have originally been named Hurtmut (aka Hartmut).

Blazing Sword

(See also the page on the prototype versions)

  • A warrior was playable in Lyn’s story. Perhaps Geitz?

The following information was obtained from leaked sound and miscellaneous data from Intelligent System’s web server.

  • Lyn’s name was originally Alicia. Similarly, Karla replaced the role of Anis (or Anis was her original name).
  • Rath had a battle conversation with Uhai in Chapter 18: The Dread Isle. In the final game, Rath is re-recuited later on so it was removed.
  • Heath was to be recruited from a village in Chapter 20: New Resolve. He mentions something about wanting to become an official at Ostia.
  • The Ninis’s Grace item was originally a Defence Robe, which itself was originally a Battle Robe.
  • The song “Prologue” from The Sacred Stones was meant to appear in this game first, as was a variant of “Distant Roads” (which was probably going to be Lyn’s second overworld theme).
  • Player Phase and CPU Phase fanfares (similar in style to the ones in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) were being planned around this stage.

The Sacred Stones

(See also the page on the prototype version)

  • Eirika’s portrait was slightly different (shorter hair), as was Vanessa’s.
  • Eirika’s normal (version A, version B) and critical battle animations were different. Most notably, Eirika performed a back flip after performing her attacks (see Version B of her normal attack).
  • The Princess of Frelia was originally called Amelia. Her name was changed to Tana, and the name Amelia given to the Recruit.
  • In the Prologue map, the objective was to seize the house, instead of defeat the boss.
  • The NPC character, being defeated by Breguet in Chapter 1, was a Cavalier instead of a Mercenary.
  • A female Myrmidon and a Shaman were playable from the Chapter 2 map. Were they Marisa and Knoll?
  • A monster attacking with a Dark Stone Shard. This item appears unused in the finished game, with a Red Gem icon. There were other icon placeholders, including the Armads icon for the Battle Axe and the Wo Dao icon for the Shamshir.

Path of Radiance

  • An early screenshot had Ike’s name as Paris, and he was fighting a Deros soldier.
  • The world map had extra territories- Est, Razia, Selinos (Serenes), Persis (same as Sephiran’s domain) and Noad. Kilvas was also missing.
  • The status screens were radically different. Also, Titania’s class was Lance Knight.
  • Ike’s personal weapon was first Rapier and then Longsword (different status screen design as well), instead of Regal Sword.
  • The battle stats (Hit, Damage and Critical) were present at one point. They were probably removed since some Skills can affect them mid-battle.

Radiant Dawn

  • There was a scene where Micaiah fought against an enemy Caineghis.
  • The title screen was very different. It featured images of Alondite, Ragnell, a Heron and Lehran’s medallion.
  • Nolan and Laura’s portraits were slightly different.