Designer’s Notes

Credits: TheEnd (Radiant Dawn and Thracia 776 translations), North2 (Genealogy of the Holy War translations)

Fire Emblem Series

Radiant Dawn

Translated from the official Fire Emblem World site (specifically this page). After the game was released in Japan, Intelligent Systems received a lot of comments asking about the details of the Dawn Brigade, which had relatively little backstory in-game. So many that they decided to reveal these designer’s notes relating to the Dawn Brigade.

Thracia 776

This story was included in the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Illustrated Works. It is meant to be a prologue to Thracia 776, written by a member of the development staff during the early production stages, and could be considered as the backbone of the game. As the title suggests, it chronicles the fall of the Kingdom of Lenster and describes the fateful battle where Lenster’s army was betrayed and defeated by their sworn ally, the Kingdom of Conote.

Genealogy of the Holy War

The first set of notes can be found in the popular Genealogy of the Holy War fan book, Fire Emblem: Treasure. The second set comes from another fan book, although one that’s slightly more obscure. “Shouzou Kaga’s comments” refers to the insightful messages that Shouzou Kaga (the director of the NES and SNES Fire Emblem games as well as TearRing Saga) posted on Intelligent System’s old Fire Emblem message boards.

Mystery of the Emblem

These notes (as well as the notes from Fire Emblem: Treasure) used to be available from Intelligent System’s official Fire Emblem website, before it was revamped.

TearRing Saga Series

Although there is no direct evidence, it is possible that this Japanese blog belongs to Shouzou Kaga. The blog was created during April 2008 and includes various background information and ideas for scenarios relating to the two TearRing Saga games, as well as some never-seen-before TearRing Saga artwork, possibly by Hirota Mayumi.