Fire Emblem: Treasure

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Ayra’s Wandering

Ayra’s home country Isaac was invaded by Grandbell’s large army, and it was on the verge of destuction. Her brother and king of the time Maricle prophesized his own fate of death and hands over his only son (also only child) Shannan to Ayra. He desired Shannan to be protected until the coming reconstruction of Isaac.

At the time, any men in the enemy’s royal family, even children, were to be executed. The better case for women would be slavery, and the usual case was to be raped and murdered. Maricle of course did not want his son Shannan, nor his kawaii (in this context it doesn’t suggest anything other than brotherly love) sister, to go through such a thing. He knew that if he said to take care of Shannan, his competetive sister would not be able to say no. As Maricle thought, Ayra had no choice but to take Shannan and escape the battlefield, and her country.

The only thing is that at this time, the only country who have not been under the influence of the gigantic country of Grandbell was the hostile (towards Grandbell) country of Verdane. Even if she escaped to one of the countries with peaceful relations with Grandbell, if their identity was revealed it was not impossible for them to be presented as prisoners (to Grandbell). So Ayra escapes to Verdane, but her long time wandering made it difficult to even get the meal for the day, so she had no choice but to work as a mercenary for Verdane. Ayra who held a brave yet pure heart lending a hand for Kinbois’ atrocities had that kind of circumstance behind it.

North2’s note: kawaii means cute/adorable, like a fuzzy bunny or a cute girl. If the writer was trying to express something more than brotherly love then he would probably add a little more descriptions to suggest it. So I believe it’s just the big brother looking out for his cute little sister.

Sorry, I missed a word there. ‘At the time, IN WAR any men in the enemy’s royal family, even children, were to be executed’. It’s not really cruelty of Grandbell…it was just a rule of war at the time. Leaf would be executed by Thracia too if he was captured. I think Tiltyu was taken in as a slave or something by Blume. Althena is an exception =P.

Alvis and Azel

When the tradegies of Shigyun’s running away and Victor’s death assaulted the Velthomer family at the same time, Alvis was 7 years old.

There was a member of the Velthomer family who became the new leader, but he (Alvis) himself had what can be called a ‘gift of Kings’, and held a talent and toughness/strength which was hard to believe it could come from a child, and maintained the stature as Velthomer’s leader.

In fact, the person who supported him (Alvis) from the shadows was Barhara’s Price Kuluto, but Alvis only learned this fact a long time later.

Also, Alvis exiled all but one of his father Victor’s mistresses. He ordered their children to be demoted to servants or exiled. The only mistress left was a girl who was his mother Shigyun’s maid servant. Although she went through a tough childhood and wasn’t beautiful, she had a kind heart and frequently took care of Alvis. Even Alvis could not be cruel towards her.

Although Victor got his hands on the girl from the momentum of being drunk, when he knew the girl got pregnant he yelled, cursed, used violence, and tried to drive her away. The person who scolded at this was Shigyun, and the very child who this girl got pregnant with was in fact Azel. When Victor died, Azel was just born.

Alvis hated (like truly hated) his father for making mother sad for immature thoughts. When that father commited suicide, and Shigyun ran away, a cold mask always floated around the young expression. But, he thought of that mistress and Azel as his own family.

From there, the mistress was grateful for Alvis, and served him by taking care of the space around him, but she also died of disease around 10 years later.

From then on, there was no sight of a woman around Alvis.

North2’s note: Oh I think I got it. It’s the feeling of hate that makes you think ‘I wish ____ didn’t exist’. It doesn’t mean Alvis wants to kill his father, although it doesn’t rule out the possibility either. Judge for yourself from Alvis’s personality. In my opinion I’d say Alvis just wanted his father to go to another country and not come back.

Blagi Tower

The holy workers before the Lopto church commonly practiced rituals of the primal religion, and in reality they had no special abilities other than that they could read and write, had knowledge in herbs, and performed basic doctoral techniques. However, one of those people, Galae, acquired the power of Lopto and came back to the country. After that, holy workers of the newly constructed Lopto church used special spellbooks and staves and was able to acquire supernatural powers. Then, they controlled the world using those powers as the background (backbone), and finally achieved in creating the Lopto Empire with Galae as the peak(leader). Then the Lopto Empire even developed an absolute caste society. Especially followers of the other religion who was in the lowest caste became the Empire’s slaves, and was forced to live a life worse than poverty. On top of that, in the current situation the majority of civilians were followers of another religion because they were too poor to enter the Lopto religion, meaning they were slaves.

Under this situation, the group called Maira-ha (The -ha means style/type, pretty much like how there’s Sunni Islam or Protestant Christians…so you can think of them as Mairist Loptos. I’ll call them Mairists from here on) was in the Lopto religion but believed in the teachings of Maira, and for that they were labeled as revolutionists or justicists. Maira, although he was a member of the emperial family, protected the civilians, and was a crusader (saint) that later on caused a rebellion and was exiled. However, the teachings of Maira was something that tried to place the Lopto god to the high ranks of the Earthen (no real translation for this, I believe its read Dokishin) gods and plotted for the gods to be harmonialized to try to lose the discrimination within the Empire, so it (the teachings of Maira) was recieving pressure and obstruction from the Lopto Empire. Although Maira was said to be the one and only good person within the Emperial inner circle, he was put in a place as a secret messiah.

Blagi, who was one of the 12 holy knights, was a holy worker who received the teachings of that Mairist Lopto church. As he was about to become a sacrifice at a young age, he was saved by a Mairist bishop, and grew up in a hidden small island located in Augstria’s northern area which was one of their central locations. Then, in that land Blagi took in knowledge of a bishop, and joined the liberation army at a young age. He continued to fight against the oppression of the Lopto Empire, and as one of the last 12 fighters, met the miracle at Darna fortress. Blagi, who acquired the powers of the dragon race, was idolized as the one who controls fate and life’, and did myriad amounts of services during the holy war.

After the Empire was destroyed, Blagi went back to his Mairist home town that saved and nurtured him. However, that land was already destroyed by the Emperial army, and what struck his eyes was the dispersed corpses of priests. Suprised and terrified, he went on to save the ruined world, and in order to release the people from the aftereffects of the Lopto Church, strived to revive the old Earthen religion. This was because it was the one and only religion for the people who are put in a place against Lopto, and the Mairist bishops were also wishing for it. At that point, Blagi constructed a new church with his homeland of Edda as the base location, and at the same time constructed a gigantic tower at the island that protected and nurtured him. In one theory, it was said to seal his own powers, but the towers goal was to mourn for the Mairist priests who saved the world from destruction, and to serve as an omen for the next generation. The omen was that the reason to build the tower was to tell them there were people in the Emperial inner circle and the Lopto church that saved the people by sacrificing their own bodies (lives), and to pay the debts owed to their heavenly souls.

North2’s note: The caste system is a society in India with ‘levels’ that people are born into.

For people that may not know this (although most probably do), Maira was mentioned in the game. It was something like “Even if it is Lopto blood, the Lopto blood is that of Maira who fought for the people. Why should they be killed?'” This was in reference to the witch/devil hunt that was going on in for people that was claimed to have Lopto blood in their veins. Alvis was blackmailed by Manfloy because he would be burned at the stake if the world knew that he did have Lopto blood, and a man of that much pride would not want this.

[Translations by TheEnd begin here; based on these notes from the official site]

So, Blagi wanted to leave a warning to the future generations that the descendants of the Empire’s upper class citizens shouldn’t be persecuted or discriminated. Actually, Blagi wrote that himself in the altar’s stone monument, inside the tower, but somebody destroyed it later. Then, the warning was once again forgotten, and the results of such are well-known by everyone.

Eventually, the people started calling that place the “Blagi Tower” and started pilgrimages to there, as it was the place where Blagi, now a god, slept (his ashes were enshrined there). At this time, Blagi was one of the Twelve Apostles of the already organized Church of Edda, being the most worshipped god – “he who rules over life and destiny.”
In this world, those called heroes are frequently elevated to the level of lower class deities after their deaths; the high-ranking gods are eternal, the ones indicated by the primal religions as the world builders. By the way, the highest god is the sky deity called Yudu (or Gran), but these gods aren’t mentioned ingame. The Twelve Apostles are the newest group among the countless gods of this world, being the most vastly worshipped ones due to their activity in the holy war. They’re called guardian deities, military gods and other aliases.

The Edda Order

Related to what was written before – the Church of Edda was created by the High Bishop Blagi in order to liberate the people from the Lopto Church. It’s based on the primal religion that had been present in the continent for millennia (nature worship = lots of deities). Generation after generation, those of House Edda, descendants of Blagi, have been revered in the entire continent as eminent holy workers.

Heim was a holy man was well, but at the same time he was a powerful (militarily) hero who saved the world, so House Barhara was revered as the world’s rulers. This might sound quite close to the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Pope, I guess. (However, the Church of Edda doesn’t have the Roman Church’s worldly ambitions…).

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Bridgette’s Disappearance

The Tower of Blagi was a place where large amounts of wealthy people traveled for pilgrimage. The faithful and wealthy Lord Ring(ring being the name) of Yungvy was also heading towards the Tower along with his children once again. However, the ship got caught in a storm and was in danger of sinking. The calm second daughter Eden and the scared first son Andrey stayed next to Lord Ring, but the energetic first daughter Bridgette was playing inside the ship and her whereabouts were unknown. Having no choice, Lord Ring takes the two children and evacuate the ship. Afterwards, they made best efforts to find Bridgette in all directions, but she could not be found…….

10+ Years later.

At Orgahill, Eden and Bridgette were finally reunited.

In truth, after Lord Ring evacuated the ship, the ship did not sink but rather hijacked by the Orgahill pirates. These Orgahill pirates were one of the pirate gangs claiming the seas around the Tower of Blagi as their territory, and they are categorized as one of the honorable pirate gangs. These seas where countless pirates targetted ships on their pilgrimage to the Tower were territory of the country of Anphony. However, the morals of this country’s army was lacking and they accepted bribes from the pirates in exchange for pretending not to see anything. This is where these honorable pirates came in, and they took fees from ships in exchange for securing the seaway. They defended the ship from pirates attacking with the intent to take over, and that’s how they made a living. However, even though they were honorable pirates, they were also infamous for mercilessly attacking ships that would not pay fees.

Bridgette, who was crying alone in the storage room at the bottom of the ship, was then picked up by the leader of the Orgahill pirates and was grown as his daughter. Luckily, the leader of this pirate gang that saved Bridgette was one of the most powerful and honorable pirates. And thus, she inherited her foster father’s will and was eventually called a honorable pirate even better than her father.