Mysteries of FE – Akaneia’s Story

This time around, there’s much more new content. Unfortunately my Japanese translation skills aren’t that good, so I can only briefly summarise the details.

Q1: Who is Nabarl?

Comments: It seems Nabarl is travelling the continent in search for an unknown person, which might be related to why he’s always silent around young girls in danger. He employs the dual wielding fighting style with eastern blades. He is in his mid 20’s.

Q2: Why can Feena equip the Rapier?

Comments: In the world of Fire Emblem, Rapiers are used by royalty. The fact that Feena can equip it implies something about her heritage.

Q3: What is magic in the world of Fire Emblem?

Comment: Originally primitive deities existed at Akaneia and people believed these deities existed in all things. To lead mankind, Gotoh utilised the power of these deities. Magic (both offensive and recovery) is about as advanced as the dragon race’s technology, but it was difficult and dangerous for humans to use. Gotoh convinced humans to borrow the deities’ powers and warned them at the same time. So fire magic comes from the deity of fire, wind magic is borrowed from the deity of wind and etc. Magic is thus the technology where one harnesses energy that exists naturally. Spell books and staves can be thought of as vessels that store this energy. To release this energy requires a certain amount of skill, such as by chanting keywords or through mental control techniques. In order to acquire a sufficient skill level, one must undergo self-training. Prayers to the deities seems to reveal the keywords, while it also raises one’s mental capacity. Meanwhile, to protect the most powerful spells, like Aura or Excalibur, Gotoh attached a contract to them so that only the user could wield them. The same kind of protection was also placed on the Falchion.

Q4: Why did Michalis kill his own father?

Comments: There are three main reasons. Firstly, Michalis thought his father was a weak king who didn’t do enough to help his citizens during terrible times. Secondly, after Medeus resurrected, Akaneia didn’t send reinforcements to aid Medon, which caused the relationship between Michalis and his father, who faithfully followed Akaneia, to sour. Thirdly, Gharnef spread rumours that Minerva would succeed the throne, which finally caused Michalis to go ahead with his plans.

Q5: What were Minerva and Maria’s feelings?

Comments: After Michalis killed his father, he announced that it was the doing of an Akaneian assassin so he could push for an alliance with Doluna. At the time, Minerva didn’t know the truth, but she was suspicious since she knew their father was on Akaneia’s side. Michalis then visited Maria and told her about the upcoming crisis that Medon faced. He requested that Maria leave for Doluna and become their hostage, to protect the citizens of Medon. Maria happily accepted, knowing that she would save tens of thousands of people and also because she would do anything to please Michalis. Although it is unsure what Michalis was thinking, for the first time in his life he shed a tear and he couldn’t dispel the guilty voice inside him. When Minerva returned, the alliance with Doluna had been confirmed and Maria was already a hostage. Minerva immediately realised their father’s death was all Michalis’s doing. However Mishiel warned her that Maria was now in Doluna’s hands and that if she opposes, Maria will be killed. Thus Minerva reluctantly submitted to Michalis’s will.

Q6 Why did Oguma serve Talys?

Comments: Haha, they’re just getting longer and longer. Basically it describes Ogma’s background and history, such as how he was rescued by Shiida when he was a gladiator. As for his background, Ogma was born at Pyrathi. His father was a lower class noble of Akaneia who was executed during a political strife at Pales. His mother died protecting Ogma while they stayed at Pyrathi. It seems she was a citizen of Grust and a beautiful woman.

Q7: What is Lena and Michalis’s relationship?

Comments: *sweats* Well, Lena was born into a powerful Medonian noble family. Her mother was a court bishop at the Grustian royal court. When Lena was 10 years old, her mother died, and Lena moved to live with her grandfather at Grust. There she met Camus, who she deeply respected and who shaped her life. Later, Lena was summoned to the Medonian royal court by her foster father. It was around this time that Michalis noticed her and decided to marry her, for her beauty and wisdom, and also to closen his ties with the elder nobility, such as on Lena’s foster father’s side.

Q8: How did Castor end up becoming a swindler?

Comments: Castor is about three years older than Shiida. He has seven younger brothers and sisters. After his mother gave birth to her ninth child, she fell dangerously ill. Their father had left for Gallder and they hadn’t heard from him for a long time. So Castor had to leave to support his ill mother and his younger siblings. After the War of Shadows, Castor quickly rushed to buy the clothes he promised as a present to his younger sister, Leen. However he was too late. While he was away, Leen sold herself to a slave merchant to earn gold for the family. Eventually he found her at a sleazy bar at Warren, where her cold and dying body lay. Around the time of War of Heroes, Castor made himself known as a swindler, but he only did it to earn gold for his family, so as to prevent Leen’s tragedy from repeating.