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This page documents various special events or methods in which exclusive content could be downloaded to Fire Emblem games.

Although, in many cases, conventional download of data doesn’t actually occur. Typically, the items, chapters and songs already exist in the games–the download only make them available for normal players to use (the items and songs can easily be unlocked using codes or via hacking).


Extra Trial Maps

In Japan, the VJump magazine held a promotional competition, tied to the Fire Emblem manga Hasha no Tsurugi, where selected winners could could receive special Sword of Seals cartridges containing unique Trial Maps already downloaded.

The Grizel Execution Court map

The Grizel Execution Court map

50 winners could obtain the “Grizel Execution Court” map, which was based on a location in the manga (where Al and Gant went to rescue Tiena).

10 winners could obtain the “V-type” and “J-type” maps, whose shapes were based on the letters V and J.

Additionally, the Japanese official site awarded the “Defeat Bandits” map to those who obtained the highest ranks in their ranking contest.

These extra Trial maps do not exist in standard cartridges, making them something of a rarity.


Item and Song Downloads

In Japan, Monthly Nintendo placed GameCube demo machines in certain department stores; these machines allowed players to connect with their GameBoy Advance (plus a copy of Blazing Sword) to download special items and songs.

When the download finished, a new option called “Transfer Data” appeared below “Extras” in the start menu. By selecting this option, the player could choose a save file to transfer the items to. The items could only be transferred to a Chapter 12+ save, and could only be added once per save file.

During May 2003, users could opt to download:

Set A: Emblem Blade, Thor’s Ire, Body Ring
Set B: Emblem Axe, Thor’s Ire, Angelic Robe

During June 2003, users could opt to download:

Set A: Emblem Lance, Vulnerary (60 uses), Secret Book, Song 99: Legend of the Divine Dragon
Set B: Emblem Bow, Vulnerary (60 uses), Goddess Icon, Song 99: Legend of the Divine Dragon

Additionally VJump held a competition, where a number of winners could receive a special Blazing Sword cartridge with a Dragon Axe, Silver Card, Vulnerary (60 uses) and Song 100: Palace of Silesia already downloaded.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disk

In North America, early copies of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for the GameCube came bundled with a bonus GameCube disk. As well showcasing various demo videos, the disk included a programme to download special items and songs to Blazing Sword.

After selecting the programme, players could connect their GameBoy Advance (with a copy of Blazing Sword) using a GC-GBA cable to the GameCube and begin the download process.

St. Elimine appears to confirm the download’s start

St. Elimine appears to confirm the download’s start

The transferring of items behaves the same way as in the Japanese events.

The items available from the disk included: Dragon Axe, Silver Card, Wind Sword, Energy Ring, Emblem Seal, Dragonshield, Emblem Blade, Body Ring, Emblem Axe, Thor’s Ire, Angelic Robe, Emblem Lance, Secret Book, Emblem Axe and Goddess Icon. Two of these items–Wind Sword and Emblem Seal–were not available in Japan.

The songs available were: 99: Legend of the Dragon God and 100: Royal Palace of Silezha.


Item Downloads

Similar to the Blazing Sword downloads, there was a promotional event at Jump Festa (Japan-only) during late 2004 where users could download specific items onto their game.

Two sets were available- Eirika’s set and Ephraim’s set. Both sets came with a Juna Fruit, while Eirika’s set had a Shadowkiller and Fiendcleaver, and Ephraim’s set had a Bright Lance and Beacon Bow. The items could only be added to a Chapter 2+ save, and could only be added once per save.

Unlike with Blazing Sword, there was no corresponding method to obtain these items in the English versions.


Extra Trial Maps and Illustrations

After completing Path of Radiance, players have the option of connecting their game with a copy of Sword of Seals, Blazing Sword or The Sacred Stones using a GC-GBA cable.

By connecting with each game, a new Trial Map, as well as the game’s illustration gallery is unlocked in Path of Radiance. In the West, the Trial Map unlocked from the Japan-exclusive Sword of Seals is unlocked by connecting with either of the other two GBA games instead.


Online Shop

By connecting via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, players can access a special shop in the Extras menu where they can purchase rare items using the in-game currency. The selection of items changes daily, depending on the Wi-Fi server’s timetable.

In Shadow Dragon, the Online shop was the only way to obtain Brave weapons and the Elysian Whip–the latter required to obtain the Falcoknight class.

Downloadable Content

After set dates determined by Nintendo, a total of 6 exclusive chapters and items can be downloaded by connecting via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and using the Download function in the game’s Extras menu.

Kleine and Katarina in a bonus chapter

Kleine and Katarina in a bonus chapter

The bonus chapters (“Wind and Thunder”, “Assassins” and “By the Sword”) are separate from the main game, taking place chronologically before the beginning of the game. The bonus items (Growth Drop, Bond Drop and Rainbow Potion) can be attributed once per save file.


SpotPass Content

Via SpotPass, players can obtain, throughout the course of several weeks, a total of 120 legacy characters, 12 rare items and unlock 6 exclusive sidequests.

For more details, please check the SpotPass section.

Downloadable Content

Awakening was one of Nintendo’s first forays into paid downloadable content.

New DLC maps were added, generally, every week following the game’s release; these maps include new missions separate from the main game. Items and experience gained from playing DLC maps carries over to the main game. After completing a DLC map, players are usually rewarded with a legacy character designed by a guest artist and sometimes an exclusive class or special Skill.

It seems Nintendo considered Awakening‘s DLC a success, as a second series of DLC was later produced. In North America and Europe, there is no distinction between series 1 and 2 DLC maps.

For more details, please check the DLC section.