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Through SpotPass, legacy characters (characters from previous games in the series), items, sidequests and Double Duel opponents can be downloaded for free.

If you’re unsure of what “SpotPass” is, please check Nintendo’s official explanation here!

To access SpotPass content, SpotPass must be enabled in-game and you must be within range of a compatible Wi-Fi access point. After successfully receiving SpotPass data, you should check the “Bonus Box” within the Wireless menu, when outside of battle, to activate the available content, which includes:

Legacy characters: These are distributed as sets (usually categorised by a previous Fire Emblem game) of 10 SpotPass Teams, each led by a character you can recruit. For example, you can recruit 10 characters from the Path of Radiance set. There are 12 sets of 10 SpotPass Teams, making for a possible total of 120 characters that can be recruited.

Spotpass Ike

All legacy characters use their original artwork for their in-game portraits

SpotPass Teams appear on the world map after being summoned from the Bonus Box. If the set you’ve summoned is the latest one released, the teams in the set will appear after 24 hour intervals of each other, independent of anything you do (so it will take at least 7-10 days to see everybody in a set), and the order of the teams differs for each player. For “old” sets you can summon specific teams at will.

Encountering a SpotPass Team works in the same manner as StreetPass Teams, so you can battle and/or recruit the legacy characters or purchase their wares. The teams include up to 10 characters–the legacy character plus up to 9 generic “Outrealm” units. After fighting, recruiting or buying items, the team will vanish from the map, until you summon them again.

Items: Rare and legendary weapons are added straight to the convoy, after being sent from the Bonus Box. Only one of each item can be sent per save file; duplicates can be obtained from the paid DLC.

New maps: Exclusive paralogues can be challenged upon completing the second-to-last chapter, Chapter 25. These new paralogues are related to the game’s storyline and allow you to recruit story characters who you couldn’t recruit before… Unlike the paid DLC chapters, the SpotPass paralogues cannot be played repeatedly in the same save file.

Double Duel (challengers): Exclusive enemy teams are added to the 2-player local co-op Double Duel mode.

Available SpotPass Content

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Notes: This page only lists the stats of the recruitable characters when they join and on Normal mode–for a full list of enemy stats, and for different difficulty levels, please check this page.

Characters Items Maps Double Duel
Shadow Dragon Tyrfing (sword) Paralogue 18: The Dead King’s Lament Virion’s Archest
Gaiden Luna (lance) Lon’qu’s Blades
Mystery of the Emblem Vengeance (axe) Paralogue 19: Irreconcilable Paths Stahl’s Horsemen
Genealogy of the Holy War (1st Gen) Astra (bow) Vaike’s Victory
Genealogy of the Holy War (2nd Gen) Mjölnir (tome) Paralogue 20: A Hard Miracle Ricken’s Chosen
Thracia 776 Mystletainn (sword) Henry’s Spellslingers
Binding Blade Gáe Bolg (lance) Paralogue 21: Ghost of a Blade Gaius’ Sneak Attack
Fire Emblem Armads (axe) Tharja’s Curse
The Sacred Stones Nidhogg (bow) Paralogue 22: The Wellspring of Truth Gregor’s Swell Swords
Path of Radiance Forseti (tome) Say’ri’s Ascension
Radiant Dawn Double Bow Paralogue 23: The Radiant Hero Tiki’s Wyverns
Others Book of Naga Army of Shadow