World Map

Credits: h_yusaku, toragame, Shadow Stalker X

Players can move to specified locations on the world map, where they can enter story battles, optional skirmishes or shops to purchase supplies. During any time on the map, players can manage their characters, adjusting their inventories and Skills, and managing support relationships. Players aren’t alone on the world map, as they’ll also encounter enemy squads, travelling merchants who sell rare and wonderful items, and other mysterious guests.

In addition to main locations, paralogues will appear as green (or orange) marks on the world map and a passageway to other worlds can be found south of Ylisse.

World Map Full

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The game begins on the continent of Ylisse, located at the east of the world map. Far away to the west lies the continent of Valm. Besides these two continents, three unknown continents, which are not visited in this game and are not shown in the above map, can just about be seen to the far north, south and south-west.

Chapter Name Chapter Name
Pro. Southtown End. Grima
1 West of Ylisstol Par. 1 The Farfort
2 The North Road Par. 2 The Twin’s Turf
3 The Longfort Par. 3 Peaceful Village
4 Arena Ferox Par. 4 The Twin’s Hideout
5 Border Pass Par. 5 Sage’s Hamlet
6 Ylisstol Par. 6 Great Gate
7 Breakneck Pass Par. 7 Mila Shrine Ruins
8 Border Sands Par. 8 Duelling Grounds
9 Plegia Castle Courtyard Par. 9 Verdant Forest
10 The Midmire Par. 10 Mercenary Fortress
11 Border Wastes Par. 11 Wyvern Valley
12 Port Ferox Par. 12 The Ruins of Time
13 Carrion Isle Par. 13 Law’s End
14 The Searoad Par. 14 Desert Oasis
15 Valm Harbour Par. 15 Kidnapper’s Keep
16 The Mila Tree Par. 16 Manor of Lost Souls
17 Fort Steiger Par. 17 Divine Dragon Grounds
18 The Demon’s Ingle Par. 18 Sea-King’s Throne
19 Valm Castle Approach Par. 19 Conqueror’s Whetstone
20 Valm Castle Par. 20 Mountain Village
21 Plegia Castle Par. 21 Warriors’ Tomb
22 Table Approach Par. 22 Wellspring of Truth
23 The Dragon’s Table Par. 23 Garden of Giants
24 Mount Prism Out. Outrealm Gate (DLC)
25 Origin Peak