Credits: Othin, Shadow Stalker X

Shops can be found at almost every single location on the world map; players can visit shops at any time, when outside of battle, unless the Risen or a bonus team spawns on the location.

From time to time, merchants will host a shop, instead of the usual armourer, adding extra items to the shop’s inventory.

Items can also be purchased from bonus teams.

Story Chapters

Location Chapter Items
Southtown Pro. Bronze Sword Bronze Lance Bronze Axe Bronze Bow Fire
West of Ylisstol Ch. 1 Heal Vulnerary
The North Road Ch. 2 Fire Thunder Wind Flux
The Longfort Ch. 3 Heal Vulnerary Strength Tonic Defence Tonic Reeking Box
Arena Ferox Ch. 4 Iron Lance Iron Bow Thunder
Border Pass Ch. 5 Iron Sword Iron Axe Wind
Ylisstol Ch. 6 Heal Mend Vulnerary Magic Tonic Resistance Tonic
Breakneck Pass Ch. 7 Iron Sword Javelin Hand Axe Iron Bow Fire
Border Sands Ch. 8 Mend Concoction Skill Tonic Speed Tonic Luck Tonic
Plegia Castle Courtyard Ch. 9 Steel Sword Steel Lance Steel Axe Steel Bow Flux
The Midmire Ch. 10 Iron Lance Javelin Iron Axe Hand Axe
Border Wastes Ch. 11 Iron Sword Iron Bow Fire Thunder Wind
Port Ferox Ch. 12 Mend Rescue Dragonstone Beaststone Master Seal
Carrion Isle Ch. 13 Elfire Elthunder Elwind Nosferatu Reeking Box
The Searoad Ch. 14 Steel Lance Silver Lance Javelin Steel Bow Silver Bow
Valm Harbour Ch. 15 Steel Sword Silver Sword Steel Axe Silver Axe Hand Axe
The Mila Tree Ch. 16 Heal Ward Pure Water HP Tonic Second Seal
Fort Steiger Ch. 17 Silver Sword Silver Lance Silver Axe Silver Bow Arcfire
The Demon’s Ingle Ch. 18 Physic Recover Ward Dragonstone Beaststone
Valm Castle Approach Ch. 19 Silver Sword Killing Edge Silver Bow Killer Bow Ruin
Valm Castle Ch. 20 Silver Lance Killer Lance Silver Axe Killer Axe
Plegia Castle Ch. 21 Javelin Hand Axe Arcfire Arcthunder Arcwind
Table Approach Ch. 22 Heal Mend Rescue Ward Concoction
The Dragon’s Table Ch. 23 Physic Recover Dragonstone+ Beaststone+ Elixir
Mount Prism Ch. 24 Bolganone Thoron Rexcalibur Waste
Origin Peak Ch. 25 Brave Sword Brave Lance Brave Axe Brave Bow Reeking Box


Location Chapter Items
The Farfort Par. 1 Iron Sword Iron Lance Iron Axe Iron Bow
The Twins’ Turf Par. 2 Javelin Hand Axe Fire Thunder Wind
Peaceful Village Par. 3 Heal Mend Vulnerary Concoction
The Twins’ Hideout Par. 4 Steel Sword Steel Lance Steel Axe Steel Bow
Sage’s Hamlet Par. 5 Iron Sword Steel Sword Silver Sword Killing Edge
Great Gate Par. 6 Heal Rescue Concoction Elixir Second Seal
Mila Shrine Ruins Par. 7 Heal Mend Physic Rescue Ward
Duelling Grounds Par. 8 Physic Elixir HP Tonic Luck Tonic Master Seal
Verdant Forest Par. 9 Iron Lance Steel Lance Silver Lance Javelin Killer Lance
Mercenary Fort Par. 10 Recover Elixir Magic Tonic Resistance
Second Seal
Wyvern Valley Par. 11 Iron Axe Steel Axe Silver Axe Hand Axe Killer Axe
The Ruins of Time Par. 12 Mend Ward Concoction Elixir Master Seal
Law’s End Par. 13 Beaststone Concoction Skill Tonic Speed Tonic Master Seal
Desert Oasis Par. 14 Elfire Elthunder Elwind Flux Nosferatu
Kidnapper’s Keep Par. 15 Iron Bow Steel Bow Silver Bow Killer Bow
Manor of Lost Souls Par. 16 Dragonstone Concoction Strength Tonic Defence Tonic Second Seal
Divine Dragon Grounds Par. 17 Arcfire Arcthunder Arcwind Nosferatu Ruin
Sea-King’s Throne Par. 18 Silver Axe Brave Axe Hammer Dragonstone+ Beaststone+
Conqueror’s Whetstone Par. 19 Silver Lance Brave Lance Beast Killer Blessed Lance Thoron
Mountain Village Par. 20 Silver Bow Brave Bow Blessed Bow Rexcalibur Waste
Warriors’ Tomb Par. 21 Silver Sword Brave Sword Armourslayer Wyrmslayer Bolganone
Wellspring of Truth Par. 22 Physic Recover Rescue Ward Elixir
Garden of Giants Par. 23 Levin Sword Noble Rapier Short Spear Short Axe Longbow