Before continuing, it should be noted that, for the most part, the Fire Emblem games do not share a common timeline (until the developers confirm otherwise). However, there are connections between some of the games.


As for the individual games, Fire Emblem 1~5 and 9~10 have official timelines, whilst other games do not. For games without official timelines, I derived my own from events mentioned in the main dialogue and support conversations.

Because of this reason, some of the stated years may not be completely accurate. Also most of the events featured concentrate mainly on characters from the game, as opposed to major continental events.

See: Official Timeline


Derived Timeline

Around 003
– The Five Heroes, led by the Hero Grado, defeat the Demon King and seal his soul using five Sacred Stones

– Garcia retires as a general of Renais
– Joshua leaves Jehanna

– Joshua and Caellach work as mercenaries
– Eirika and Ephraim become friends with Grado’s Prince Lyon

– Lyon uses Grado’s Sacred Stone to peer into the future and discovers an earthquake will soon devastate Grado

– Death of Grado’s Emperor Vigarde
– The Fire Emblem is split into two halves- The Sacred Stone of Grado and the “Dark Stone”
– Lyon uses the Dark Stone to reanimate Vigarde

– The Grado Empire invades its ally, the Kingdom of Renais
– Princess Eirika flees Renais, while Prince Ephraim goes missing
– Eirika and Ephraim reunite at Renvall
– Ephraim’s forces conquer Grado Keep
– Eirika and Ephraim defeat the Demon King at the Black Temple
– Grado is consumed by a major earthquake


Derived Timeline

Around -20
– A fierce war breaks out between man and dragon, known as the Scouring
– The Ending Winter occurs, distorting nature
– Hartmut and the other Eight Legends defeat the dragons and drive them away from Elibe

Around 480
– Athos and Nergal meet at the Nabata Desert

Around 950
– Renault teaches Wallace the arts of combat

– Madelyn of Caelin elopes with Hassar, a Sacaen youth

– Lyndis is born (according to the Japanese version)

– Rath leaves the Kutolah tribe

– Nergal and Sonia kill Nino’s family

– The lords of Lycia hold oath rites at Ostia
– Priscilla is adopted by Count Caerleon of Etruria
– The Black Fang is formed by Brendan Reed

– Wil leaves his homeland along with his friend Dan
– Dart is rescued by Fargus

– Guy leaves the Kutolah tribe to become a swordsman
– Erk becomes a student of the Mage General, Pent

– Hugh is born

– The Lorca tribe is slain by bandits, Lyndis is the sole survivor
– Farina leaves Ilia
– Lyndis leaves Sacae
– Eliwood and Lyndis become friends
– Lyndis heads to Caelin and defeats Lundgren
– Brendan Reed marries Sonia
– Ephidel appears in front of Lord Darin of Laus

– Elbert, the marquess of Pherae, goes missing
– Eliwood and Hector meet up with Lyndis at Caelin
– King Desmond of Bern plots an assassination attempt on his son, Zephiel, which fails
– The seal on the Divine weapons is removed by Bramimond
– Eliwood and Hector defeat Nergal and the Black Fang

– Eliwood becomes marquess of Pherae
– Hector becomes marquess of Ostia
– Klein is born

– Roy is born
– Dieck saves Klein’s life

– Lugh and Ray are born

– Death of King Desmond
– Zephiel’s first meeting with Jahn

– “Death” of Prince Mildain of Etruria

– The Kingdom of Bern invades Elibe
– The Etrurian army, led by Roy of Pherae, defeats Bern
– Guinevere is crowned as Queen of Bern
– Formation of the Kingdom of Lycia

Thracia 776

Unused Timeline

– Grandbell’s expedition to Isaac
– Cuan leaves for Chalphy
– Sigurd’s forces conquer Verdane

– The Chalphy/Lenster joint army invades Agustria

– Fall of the Kingdom of Isaac
– Celice Baldos Chalphy is born in Agusty
– Fall of the Kingdom of Agustria
– The Empire brand Chalphy traitors
– Sigurd escapes to Silesia
– Cuan returns to Lenster

– Civil war of Silesia
– Leaf Faris Claus is born in Lenster

– Yied Masscare
– Cuan’s army is decimated
– Tragedy of Barhara
– Sigurd’s army is decimated
– The Thracian army invades North Thracia
– Grandbell invades Silesia

– Battle of Noba River
– Fall of Lenster
– Prince Leaf escapes to Alster
– Grandbell defeats Thracia and a peace treaty is signed
– North Thracia under the rule of Grandbell/Freege
– Former Lenster nobles plan to assassinate King Blume
– Beginning of the Great Cleanup

– Leaf leads the Fiana militia
– Start of the liberation war of Thracia

Illustrated Works Timeline

– Leaf was born in Lenster

– Lachesis visits Lenster and gives birth to Nanna in the following year

– Thracia attacks Lenster.
– Leaf, Fin, Lachesis and Nanna escape the castle

– Leaf hides at Alster, under the protecting of Queen Ethnia
– Leaf leaves after the discovery of an assassination attempt on King Blume

– Leaf hides at the Free City of Frest under the protection of the city’s Bishop
– Afraid of the consequences, the citizens inform the Empire, who ambush the city.
– The Bishop stays behind to give time for the others to flee. He is later captured and executed

– Following the Bishop’s advice, Leaf hid at the Free City of Tahra, under the protection of the Duke of Tahra.
– Lachesis leaves Nanna in Fin’s care and heads for Isaac

– Leaf escapes to a small village called Fiana, governed by a female swordfighter called Evayle.

– Fiana is attacked by Leidrick
– Leaf’s battle begins

Genealogy of the Holy War

In-game Timeline

– The Kingdom of Gran was formed to the west of the Jun River

– Gran becomes a republic

– Time of prosperity

– The Dark God enters the Great Bishop Galle
– Formation of the Loputo Cult

– The twelve Demon Generals destroy Gran

– Galle becomes Emperor of the Loputo Empire

– The Great Purge
– A hundred thousand people killed

– Sorrow of Miletos
– Numerous children sacrificed to the Dark God

– Massacre of Edda
– Tens of thousands of peope killed

– Myra of the imperial family begins a rebellion

– Liberation army forms from fighters across the continent

– Miracle of Darna
– The gods descend and grant power to twelve fighters
– Birth of the Twelve Crusaders

– Start of the Holy War

– Fall of the Loputo Empire
– The Twelve Crusaders form seven dukedoms of Grandbell and five seperate kingdoms

– Formation of the Kingdom of Granbell

– Grandbell army’s expedition to Isaac

Mystery of the Emblem

Perfect Ending Timeline

Credits: AceNoctali

Around -4000
– Dragon tribe’s golden age; an advanced civilization under the rule of the Divine Dragon tribe is built on the whole continent.

Around -1000
– Decline of the dragon tribe.
– Signs of degeneration, fall of birth rate.
– By the elders’ advice, part of the dragon tribe takes human form.

– The Earth Dragon tribe, which became wild, attacks mankind.
– Mankind is on the verge of destruction.
– The King of the Divine Dragon tribe, Naga, opposes this, and protects mankind.

– Naga seals the sword and the holy jewels’ shield carved from his own fang, at the Fane of Raman, and dies at Thabes.

– The Fane of Raman is devastated by someone, and the sword and shield are taken away.

First year of the Akaneian calendar
– The Holy Kingdom of Akaneia is founded.
– Dragons that have lost their powers, Manaketes, are despised by people, and live poorly in a remote region of the earth.

– The King of the Earth Dragon tribe, Medeus, founds the Dolunian Empire. He is hostile towards mankind.

– The Dolunian Empire marches on Pales, the royal capital.
– Downfall of the Holy Kingdom of Akaneia.

– Anri, a youth of Altea, a developing town in a remote region, obtains the divine Falchion sword and slays Medeus.
– Downfall of the Dolunian Empire.
– The Kingdom of Akaneia is restored.

– The King of Akaneia, Cartas, subjugates the northern plains, and founds there the Kingdom of Aurelis.
– Its first king is Count Marlon, King Cartas’s younger brother.

– Founding of the Kingdom of Altea by Anri the Hero.

– The Kingdom of Grust is founded by General Ordwin, Grust’s garrison leader.

– Medon’s settlers hail gladiator Iote as King, and founds the Kingdom of Medon.

– Anri, King of Altea, dies.
– Due to succession troubles, the Kingdom of Gra splits from Altea and becomes independent.

– Archsage Gotoh establishes an academy of magic at Khadein.

– The distant island country of Talys is unified, and the Kingdom of Talys is newly founded.

– The Earth Dragon Medeus is resurrected in the region of Doluna. He begins to gather the Manaketes once again.

– Sudden death of the King of Medon.
– Prince Michalis seizes power, and declares an alliance with Doluna.
– The Kingdom of Grust, which bears animosity towards Akaneia, decides to ally itself with Doluna too.
– The Dolunian Empire is restored.

– The Dolunian Empire confronts Akaneia and begins an invasion.
– Outbreak of the War of Shadows.

– The Dolunian Empire’s troops led by Medeus lay siege to Pales.
– Altea’s army, which was heading for Pales to its rescue, and Grust’s army lead by General Camus, confront at Menedy River.
– Despite having the upper hand in battle, Altea’s army is defeated due to the betrayal of its sworn ally, the Kingdom of Gra.
– The Kingdom of Altea is overrun by the Empire’s troops and falls.

Same year
– Pales’s Royal Palace falls.
– Downfall of the Kingdom of Akaneia.
– People related to the Royal family are all executed save for Princess Nyna.

– Princess Nyna escapes from Pales’s Royal Palace. She is protected by Hardin’s rebel army, who fight with guerrilla tactics on the northern plains.
– Princess Nyna recruits a volunteer liberation army, but it is defeated by a knight squad led by Princess Minerva and is in danger.
– Prince Marth of Altea, who fled to the Kingdom of Talis, uprises in response to Princess Nyna, and raises a liberation army for his country.

– Medeus is defeated by Prince Marth, and the Dolunian Empire collapses.
– End of the War of Shadows (600-605).

– Hardin, the younger prince of Orleans, is accepted by Princess Nyna as her husband, and becomes the 24th King of Akaneia.

– King Hardain calls upon the rebuilding of the Holy Empire of Akaneia, and increases the military preparations. He annexes the neighbouring minor powers.
– An insurrection breaks out in the Kingdom of Grust occupied by Akaneia.
– Marth answers to Emperor Hardin’s request and goes on an expedition against Grust, but during that time Altea’s royal castle is attacked by Akaneia’s troops and falls.
– From this, Altea and Akaneia rush against each other into a total war.
– Outbreak of the War of Heroes (607-608).

– Fall of Pales Castle. Emperor Hardin dies.

– Prince Marth marries with Princess Shiida of Talys, and officially becomes King of Altea.
– According to Queen Nyna’s strong wish, Marth replaces the dying out Royal family, and decides to rule over the world.
– The birth of Lord Marth as the legendary Hero King called “the King of all Kings”.


Semi-derived Timeline

Note: The calendar is the same as in Akaneia.

– Alpine Arum Rudolf is born
– Cellica is born
– Maisen takes Arum and Cellica to Ram Village

– Cellica is relocated to the monastery at Nova

– Mila’s disappearance, Sofia’s harvest begins to deteriorate
– Rigel conquers Sofia

– Zeak washes up at Barensia and is saved by Rudolf I

– Arum joins the liberation army to defeat Rigel
– Cellica leaves Nova to find the Earth Goddess Mila
– Arum’s army conquers the Kingdom of Rigel
– Arum and Cellica defeat the Dark God Doma

– Zeak leaves Barensia