Heroes of Fire Emblem

In most of the Fire Emblem games, there was a great battle that took place hundreds of years before the beginning of the game. A few of the elite fighters who fought in the war were remembered as heroes. None of the games really told us much about these heroes, but most of what we do know can be found here.

Shadow Dragon / Mystery of the Emblem

heroesgop_01_Anri with the Falchion
(Image from Shadow Dragon)

Just over a hundred years ago the tyrannical Dolunian Empire, led by the Shadow Dragon Medeus, ruled the continent of Akaneia. Mankind fought back to the death, but they were powerless against Medeus’s overpowering might. In the end, a miracle occurred as Anri defeated Medeus with the divine Falchion sword and ended Doluna’s reign.

Name: Anri (also known as Henry)
Title: Hero
Country: Altea
Weapon: Falchion
Likely class: Lord

Marth’s ancestor; the legendary hero who slayed Medeus and brought peace to Akaneia. Anri was in love with Akaneia’s princess Artemis, but could not marry her since he was a peasant. Later, he founded the Kingdom of Altea, ruling it as its king. Due to his undying love for Artemis, Anri never married nor had children; after his death, Altea was succeeded by his younger brother Marcelus. Anri’s weapon, the Falchion–which he obtained after a treacherous journey–was kept at Altea until Gharnef took it by force.

Name: Cartas
Title: Duke
Country: Akaneia
Weapon: Unknown
Likely class: Unknown

The leader of Akaneia’s liberation army, who received the Fire Emblem from Akaneia’s princess Artemis. Cartas received immense support from the citizens and even started turning the table against Doluna. However, his winning streak ended as soon as Medeus entered the battlefield. After the Dolunian Empire fell, Cartas married Artemis and ascended as king of Akaneia. His younger brother Marlon became the first ruler of Aurelis.

Name: Ordwin
Title: General
Country: Grust
Weapon: Unknown
Likely class: General

Known as one of the Three Heroes of the War of Liberation, alongside Anri and Cartas. Ordwin, a veteran Akaneian general, was the leader of the garrison situated at Grust. He eventually conquered the barbarians of Grust with his mighty knights and founded the Kingdom of Grust.

Name: Iote
Title: Unknown
Country: Medon
Weapon: Unknown
Likely class: Dracoknight

Originally a slave sent to the underdeveloped forests of Medon to work for the Dolunian Empire. Iote could not tolerate the harsh conditions that the slaves worked under, so he and his companions fought, riding airborne Wyverns, to liberate the slaves. Following Doluna’s fall, Iote was encouraged to become the first king of the newly founded Kingdom of Medon.

Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn

The Three Heroes
(Image from Radiant Dawn)

Over 600 years ago, the Dark God flooded the world, destroying all but the continent of Tellius. The Goddess Ashera and her three heroes fought the Dark God, eventually sealing the Dark God away within Lehran’s Medallion. At least that is what history tells us…


Name: Deghinsea
Title: Black Dragon King
Country: Goldoa
Weapon: Black Breath
Class: Dragon King

Deghinsea is the current king of Goldoa, the realm of dragons, and the only surviving member of the three heroes. Perhaps from his experiences, he constantly warns the other Laguz kings not to fuel conflicts while Lehran’s Medallion exists. His son is Kurthnaga, a gentle and kind youth who helps Ike’s group cross the seas of Kilvas. Later it is revealed that Deghinsea was the one who created the Dark God myth, to prevent the people of Tellius from warring and thus awakening the slumbering Ashera.

Name: Altina
Title: Unknown
Country: Begnion
Weapons: Ragnell and Alondite
Likely class: Swordmaster

A Beorc woman who fought the Dark God’s army with her two goddess-blessed blades. Altina later founded the Kingdom of Begnion and became its first Queen. Her original husband was Lehran, of the Heron tribe, and she bore a child with him. However, after it was discovered that Beorc and Laguz interbreeding led to the creation of the Branded, her child was raised by a Beorc husband instead. Her descendants are Sanaki, the current ruler of Begnion, and Micaiah, the Priestess of Dawn.

Name: Soan
Title: Unknown
Country: Begnion
Likely weapon: Fang
Likely class: Lion

A Lion warrior who became the second King of Begnion, following Altina’s rule. Not much is known about him, although it is strongly implied that Stefan is his descendant, due to his similar Japanese name of Soanevalcke and ending title of “Lion’s Descendent” (in the Japanese version).

The Sacred Stones

Some 800 years ago, five heroes fought the Demon King with the aid of the Great Dragon and sealed the Demon King away using five Sacred Stones. This is one game that is severely lacking in information about the heroes, especially since only two of the heroes are ever named.

Name: Grado
Title: Hero
Country: Grado
Weapons: Black axe Garm and dark tome Gleipnir
Likely class: Perhaps a Hero that can use Dark magicThe Hero Grado was the leader of the five heroes and later founded the Grado Empire. His descendants include the current emperor, Vigarde, and the imperial prince, Lyon.

Name: Latona
Title: Saint
Country: Rausten
Weapons: Glorious Ivaldi and divine staff Latona
Likely class: Bishop

St. Latona founded the theocracy of Rausten. She is the ancestor of L’Arachel and, her uncle, the pontifex Mansel. According to legends, she was the only human able to fend off the Demon King’s evil possessive grip. Like Hanon of the Eight Legends, the English version incorrectly refers to her as a male.

Name: Unknown
Title: Unknown
Country: Renais
Weapons: Storm blade Sieglinde and fire lance Siegmund
Likely class: Paladin or General

Name: Unknown
Title: Unknown
Country: Frelia
Weapons: Winged lance Vidofnir and serpent bow Nidhogg
Likely class: Ranger

Name: Unknown
Title: Unknown
Country: Jehanna
Weapons: Ice blade Audhulma and wind knife Excalibur
Likely class: Swordmaster that can use Wind magic or Mage Fighter

Binding Blade / Blazing Sword

The Eight Legends
(Image from the official Fire Emblem World site)

A millennium ago, there was a huge war between humans and dragons known as the Scouring. Mankind eventually won this battle, mainly thanks to the efforts of eight warriors. These eight warriors became known as the “Eight Legends” (or “Eight Divine Generals” in the Japanese version) and their weapons became known as the “Divine General Weapons” (sometimes referred to as just “Divine Weapons”).Note: Many of the suggested classes are based on the classes of the bosses that guard each Divine Weapon in Binding Blade. For example, the boss that guards Durandal is of the Hero class. This reasoning might sound strange at first, but you’ll find that most of the classes will match up quite nicely.


Name: Roland
Title: Hero
Country: Lycia
Weapon: Durandal, the “Blazing Sword”
Likely class: Hero

Roland was the founder of the League of Lycia and ancestor of many Lycians, including Eliwood and Hector. In Blazing Sword, Eliwood meets the spirit of Roland when he undergoes the trial to obtain Durandal. During their meeting, Athos refers to him as the “little knight” (“little hero” in the Japanese version).

(Image from the Hasha no Tsurugi manga)

Name: Barigan
Title: Knight of Knights (Holy Knight in the Hasha no Tsurugi manga)
Country: Ilia
Weapon: Maltet, the “Lance of Ice and Snow”
Likely class: Paladin

Barigan was the founder of Ilia, which is slightly ironic seeing as its now mostly woman-dominated. His most likely class is not General (the class of the boss that guards Maltet), because he is depicted riding a horse.


Name: Durban
Title: Berserker
Country: Western Isles
Weapon: Armads, the “Thunder Axe”
Likely class: Berserker

After the Scouring, Durban settled down at the Western Isles. When Hector undergoes the trial to obtain Armads, he meets the spirit of Durban who refers to himself as “Armads” like his weapon. Durban allows Hector to wield his power, but warns him that such power comes with a cost.

(Image from the Hasha no Tsurugi manga)

Name: Hanon
Title: Divine Trooper
Country: Sacae
Weapon: Murgleis, the “Gale Bow”
Likely class: Nomadic Trooper

Hanon was the founder of Sacae, and the ancestor of nomads such as Lyn. It should be noted that the English version of Blazing Sword incorrectly refers to Hanon as a male. In Binding Blade (and the Japanese Blazing Sword), it is stated that Hanon is a woman.


Name: Athos
Title: Archsage
Country: Nabata
Weapon: Forblaze, the “Infernal Element”
Class: Archsage

Five hundred years after the Scouring, Athos met Nergal at the Nabata desert and together they stumbled upon the hidden village of Arcadia. Upon discovering that Nergal was using the knowledge of dragons for evil, Athos joined forces with the divine dragons and banished Nergal from Arcadia. Athos appeared in Blazing Sword, helping Eliwood and Hector fight the Black Fang. At the end of the game, however, he finally perishes and it is assumed he was buried at his home of Nabata (or at least they took his magic tome back there).

(Image from the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disk)

Name: Elimine
Title: Saint
Country: Etruria
Weapon: Aureola, the “Supreme Light”
Likely class: Bishop

St. Elimine founded Etruria and the predominant religion of the continent. It is said that upon her death she ascended as a goddess, while her body was laid to rest at the Tower of the Saint constructed in Etruria. When you link up Blazing Sword to the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc (on the GameCube), St. Elimine appears and grants exclusive and rare items to your game files. She also wielded the Saint’s Staff, which is not a Divine Weapon despite it being an S Rank staff.


Name: Bramimond
Title: The Enigma (Dark Magician in the Hasha no Tsurugi manga)
Country: None
Weapon: Apocalypse, the “Oblivion’s Darkness”
Likely class: Druid (his unused class in Blazing Sword was “Bramimond”)

Bramimond gave his soul to Dark (or what some call “elder”) magic and as a consequence he mirrors the personality of those who speak to him. Like Athos, he survived the Scouring and took up residence within the Shrine of Seals in Bern. However, after Athos requests for Bramimond to release the seals on the Divine Weapons, Bramimond states that he will soon go to sleep.

(Image from the Hasha no Tsurugi manga)

Name: Hartmut
Title: Champion
Country: Bern
Weapons: Eckesachs and Binding Blade
Likely class: King

Hartmut was the leader of the Eight Legends and later founded the Kingdom of Bern. Hartmut’s Divine Weapon was Eckesachs, a powerful blade passed down by the rulers of Bern. He also wielded the Binding Blade–a weapon even stronger than the Divine Weapons–which he used to defeat the leader of the dragons. To his surprise, he found the leader was just a young dragon girl being manipulated. He defeated the girl, Idoun, but did not kill her- only sealing her away within the Dragon Temple in Bern.

Genealogy of the Holy War / Thracia 776

The Twelve Crusaders
(Image from the Fire Emblem: Treasure book)

A few hundred years ago, the evil Loputo Empire ruled the lands. When it seemed all hope was lost, twelve gods descended at Darna and gave their power to twelve warriors. These warriors, known as the Twelve Crusaders, went forth to crush the Empire and form twelve kingdoms or dukedoms. Each Crusader has their own bloodline named after them (except for Heim) and a Holy Weapon that can only be used by their direct descendants.


Name: Heim
Title: Saint
Country: Grandbell (Barhara)
Weapon: Light Magic Narga
Likely class: Sage


Name: Baldo
Title: Holy Knight
Country: Grandbell (Chalphy)
Weapon: Holy Sword Tilfing
Likely class: Paladin


Name: Hezul
Title: Black Knight
Country: Agustria
Weapon: Demon Sword Mistoltin
Likely class: Paladin


Name: Odo
Title: Sword Saint
Country: Isaac
Weapon: Divine Sword Balmunk
Likely class: Swordmaster


Name: Noba
Title: Lance Knight
Country: Lenster
Weapon: Earth Lance Gaeborg
Likely class: Duke Knight


Name: Dain
Title: Dragon Knight
Country: Thracia
Weapon: Heaven Lance Gungnir
Likely class: Dragon Master


Name: Neir
Title: Axe Fighter
Country: Grandbell (Dozel)
Weapon: Holy Axe Swanchika
Likely class: Warrior


Name: Ulir
Title: Bow User
Country: Grandbell (Jungby)
Weapon: Holy Bow Ichival
Likely class: Sniper


Name: Fala
Title: Mage Fighter
Country: Grandbell (Velthomer)
Weapon: Fire Magic Falaflame
Likely class: Mage Fighter


Name: Tordo
Title: Mage Knight
Country: Grandbell (Freege)
Weapon: Thunder Magic Thorhammer
Likely class: Mage Knight


Name: Sety
Title: Wind User
Country: Silesia
Weapon: Wind Magic Holsety
Likely class: Sage


Name: Blaggi
Title: Archbishop
Country: Grandbell (Edda)
Weapon: Holy Staff Valkyrie
Likely class: Bishop

Notes: Dain and Noba were siblings. Sety should not be confused with Holsety, who was the Dragon God that gave him his powers.