Translation Patches and Hacks

Translation Patches

Notes: The patches provided are the most complete patches to my knowledge. For more detailed information, please visit the project links provided.

Game Author(s) Progress Links
Dark Dragon and Sword of Light Quirino, HHIII 99% Project
Gaiden Artemis251, Shimizu Hitomi 100% Project
Mystery of the Emblem RPGuy96, VincentASM 100% Project Patch
Genealogy of the Holy War J2e, DarkTwilkitri 90% Project
Thracia 776 neonclover, Shaya 90% Patch
The Binding Blade DTN Translation Division, gringe 93% Project
Heroes of Light and Shadow The Heroes of Shadow 100% Project Patch


Game Patch Author Link
Gaiden Very Easy VincentASM Link here
Genealogy of the Holy War RM (aka Binary) Habana♦887.bsRoNI Link here
Fire Emblem 4 Remix camus the dark knight Link here
Thracia 776 Blume Unknown Link here
Super Thracia 776 LIN◆LIN/XxX/gw Link here
Blazing Sword Darion’s Darion Link here
Devourer of Time flyingace24 Link here
Elibean Nights Arch Link here
The Sacred Stones Darion’s Darion Link here
encryption20’s encryption20 Link here
FE4 graphics Celice Link here
FE7 Crossover CrypticGirl Link here
Fire Emblem Reunion sushiz Link here
Will of Good and Evil ChinaFE (site) Link here