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If you want to add a page to the wiki, type in what you want the page name to be in the search bar and click on the red link that will appear at the top of the search results. Alternatively, you can link to the currently nonexistent page by adding a link to it on an existent page and then click on the red text. You can add a link by encasing the page name in double brackets (the [ symbol is a bracket).

If you wish to add a card to a page, you may copy paste this section from this page's source code (what the page looks like when you edit it) and fill in the relevant information (Example format given in lower section):

, ()



Weapon Other



Skill 1
Skill 2
Support Skill

Use these text symbols throughout the wiki.

TAP [[File:Tap.png|20px|Tap This Unit]]
LvS [[File:LvS2.png|50px|Level Skill 2]]
    [[File:LvS3.png|50px|Level Skill 3]]
    [[File:LvS4.png|50px|Level Skill 4]]
    [[File:LvS5.png|50px|Level Skill 5]]
CCS [[File:CCS.png|50px|Class Change Skill]]
FS  [[File:Formation Skill.png|50px|Formation Skill]]
Dragon Vein [[File:DragonVein1.png|50px|Dragon Vein]]
ACT [[File:Activate.png|14px|ACT]]
Trigger [[File:Trigger.png|14px|AUTO]]
Continuous [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]]
Special [[File:Special.png|14px|SPEC]]
Once Per Turn [[File:Once Per Turn.png|42px|Once Per Turn]]
Flip 1 Bond  [[File:Flip1.png|30px|Flip 1 Bond]]
Flip 2 Bonds [[File:Flip2.png|30px|Flip 2 Bonds]]
Flip 3 Bonds [[File:Flip3.png|30px|Flip 3 Bonds]]
Flip 4 Bonds [[File:Flip4.png|30px|Flip 4 Bonds]]
Flip 5 Bonds [[File:Flip5.png|30px|Flip 5 Bonds]]

Attack Supp [[File:Attack Support.png|14px|left|Attack Support]] <br/>
Defense Supp [[File:Defense Support.png|14px|left|Defense Support]] <br/>
Attack + Defense Supp [[File:AtkDef.png|30px|left|Attack / Defence Support]] <br/>

Green [[File:Green.png|15px|Green]]
White [[File:White.png|15px|White]]
Black [[File:Black.png|15px|Black]]
Red   [[File:Red.png|15px|Red]]
Blue  [[File:Blue.png|15px|Blue]]
Purple [[File:Purple.png|15px|Purple]]
Yellow [[File:Yellow.png|15px|Yellow]]
Sharp [[File:Sharp_(Cipher).png|15px|Sharp]]

[[File:Fang (Cipher).png|16px|Fang]]
[[File:DragonStone (Cipher).png|16px|Dragon Stone]]
[[File:Flying (Cipher).png|16px|Flying]]
[[File:Female (Cipher).png|16px|Female]]
[[File:Male (Cipher).png|16px|Male]]
[[File:Tome (Cipher).png|16px|Tome]]
[[File:Staff (Cipher).png|16px|Staff]]
[[File:Sword (Cipher).png|16px|Sword]]
[[File:Axe (Cipher).png|16px|Axe]]
[[File:Lance (Cipher).png|16px|Lance]]
[[File:Bow (Cipher).png|16px|Bow]]
[[File:Shuriken (Cipher).png|16px|Shuriken]]
[[File:Mounted (Cipher).png|16px|Mounted]]
[[File:Dragon (Cipher).png|16px|Dragon]]

TAP Tap This Unit LvS Level Skill 2 Level Skill 3 Level Skill 4 Level Skill 5 CCS Class Change Skill FS Formation Skill Dragon Vein Dragon Vein ACT ACT Trigger AUTO Continuous CONT Special SPEC Once Per Turn Once Per Turn Flip 1 Bond Flip 1 Bond Flip 2 Bonds Flip 2 Bonds Flip 3 Bonds Flip 3 Bonds Flip 4 Bonds Flip 4 Bonds

Attack Supp
Attack Support

Defense Supp
Defense Support

Attack + Defense Supp
Attack / Defence Support

Green Green White White Black Black Red Red Blue Blue Purple Purple Yellow Yellow Sharp Sharp

Fang Dragon Stone Flying Female Male Tome Staff Sword Axe Lance Bow Shuriken Mounted Armor Dragon

Example Character Page

To set some standard for the way the fields are filled out, I created a dummy card detailer ; to see the editing format with this information simply go into edit mode on this page.

For the card image, use "File:imagename.format|232px" enclosed in double brackets (if you want to upload an image, we prefer PNG format, but, unless it is an image we will be using indefinitely, then it's fine it isn't. The picture should be named by it's set number, stated in the lower left of the card, eg. B01-001SR.png)

"Insignia" refers to the game series and color (blue cards have "Mark of Naga" as their insignia). If the card does not have a promotion cost, then add "N/A". "Other" refers to any affinities the card has that are not "gender" or "weapon" (such as "dragon" or "flying"). If the card does not have any other affinities, then put in "None". If any info is unknown or nonexistent (like the card does not have a third effect), then leave it blank unless noted below for N/A. If you are still unsure how to go about doing this, then ask in the forums.

Note that there are 3 different field formats; FETCG0, FETCG0-3Skills and FETCG0-2SupportSkills. Replace the text at the start of a section to change it. Second is for 3 skill units, and the third is meant for purple cards with 2 Support Emblems.

Card's Title, Character Name (Unpromoted/Promoted)
Card Image
Class Name
1 , 2 , 1-2 , -
Sword of Light, Mark of Naga, Hoshido, Nohr, Medallion, Divine Weapons
Gender Male/Female
Weapon Sword/Lance/Axe/Tome/Staff/Kunai/Stone/Fangs (Only 1/card) Other Mounted/Armored/Dragon/Flying/Sharp (Separated by commas, eg."Mounted, Armored")(If none is given, "None")
Cost Deployment Cost
Promotion Cost (If none, N/A)
Attack Power Support
Support Power
Collectors Number (B00-000N)(+)
Illustrators Name
Character's Quote, bracketed and italicized, eg. "For Ylisse!"
Skill 1
"Skill 1 Name" Details (If no skill is given, N/A)
Skill 2
"Skill 2 Name" Details (If no skill is given, N/A)
Support Skill
"Support Skill Name" Use the bank of support emblems below (If no skill is given, N/A)
Usually used to add details such as how a skill works if it's confusing, a quick summary of how to play the card, or connections to other cards/characters. Avoid baised comments. If it's a promotional card, state where it comes from.

Add this to Card Image if there is a plus variant, and label it accordingly: Standard / Gold / Silver / Signed / Alternate Art / Signed Alternate Art or Set / Alt / Alt.1 / Alt.2 etc.

<tabs plain>
<tab inline name="Standard">[[File:B05-074.png|232px]]</tab>
<tab inline name="Alternate Art">[[File:B05-074R+.png|232px]]</tab>

There should be up to three extra sections on the page. The main set cards, then the "Starter Deck Exclusives", "Promo Exclusives" and "Alternate Artworks". To start a new section, type either of those names between double equal signs. Some pages may have a section below Alternate Artworks for Sleeve Images. Make sure that under the alternate artwork pieces, name where the promo comes from.

Consistent Skills

A couple things to follow when writing skills

  • Don't use "+" signs, just write gain, increased, etc. and the number.
  • Do not bracket [Once Per Turn] notes, nor Act, Cont, etc.
  • Use "Rear Guard" and "Front Line"

Here's a list of all current support emblems. Use for consistency.

[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Hero's Emblem"''' If the attacking unit has the [[File:Red.png|15px|Red]] affinity, any orbs that the unit destroys in battle becomes 2. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Emblem of Destiny"''' If the attacking unit is a [[File:Red.png|15px|Red]] affinity unit, draw 1 card, then choose 1 card from your hand and place it on top of your deck.  
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Attack Emblem"''' Until the end of this battle, your attacking unit’s attack is increased by 20. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Flyer’s Emblem"''' You may choose one ally that is not the attacking unit, and move it. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Thief’s Emblem"''' Reveal the top card of your opponent’s deck. You may then place that card in their Retreat Area. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''“Ninja's Emblem”''' When this unit supports an attack, you may discard 1 card, if you do, instead of sending this unit to the Retreat Area, deploy this unit onto the field, tapped.

[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Manakete's Emblem"''' If the attacking unit has the [[File:Red.png|15px|Red]] affinity, then you may choose 1 card from your hand and put it in your Bond Area. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Tactician’s Emblem"''' If the attacking unit has the [[File:Blue.png|15px|Blue]] affinity, then you may choose one enemy unit that is not the defending unit and move it. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Mage's Emblem"''' Draw 1 card, then discard 1 card. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Dark Mage’s Emblem"''' If your opponent has 5 or more cards in their hand, then your opponent must choose one card from their hand and discard it. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Songstress' Emblem"'''  If the attacking unit has the [[File:White.png|15px|White]] affinity, choose a cost 2 or lower unit and untap it. 
[[File:Attack Support.png|14px]] '''"Mirage Emblem"''' At the end of the battle, you may deploy this unit in the same area as "Mirage Master" instead of sending this card to the Retreat Area.  
[[File:Defense Support.png|14px]] '''"Miracle Emblem"''' Until the end of this battle, your opponent’s attacking unit cannot perform a Critical Hit.  
[[File:Defense Support.png|14px]] '''"Defender's Emblem"''' Until the end of this battle, your defending unit’s attack is increased by 20. 
[[File:Defense Support.png|14px]] '''"Resistance Emblem"''' If the defending unit is defeated, at the end of the battle, deploy this unit instead of sending it to your Retreat Area. 
[[File:Defense Support.png|14px]] '''"Emblem of Hope"''' If the defending unit has the [[File:Purple.png|15px|Purple]] affinity, you may look at one of your orbs. 

For these recurring skills, use these to keep consistent.

'''"Heavenly Carrier"''' [[File:Activate.png|14px|ACT]] [ [[File:Tap.png|20px|Tap This Unit]] ] Choose 1 other ally unit, and move it.  
[[File:CCS.png|50px|Class Change Skill]] '''"Cry of the Pegasus"''' [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]] While another ally unit is supported by a [[File:Flying (Cipher).png|16px|Flying]] unit, that unit gains 10 attack. ([[File:CCS.png|50px|Class Change Skill]]: This ability does not take effect unless this unit was Class Changed.)

[[File:LvS2.png|50px|Level Skill 2]] This skill becomes active while there are a total of 2 cards stacked with this unit)
'''"Angelic Flight"''' [[File:Activate.png|14px|ACT]] [[File:Once Per Turn.png|42px|Once Per Turn]] Move this unit. This skill cannot be used if this unit is tapped. 
'''"Heal"''' [[File:Activate.png|14px|ACT]] [ [[File:Tap.png|20px]], [[File:Flip2.png|30px|Flip 2 Bonds]] ] Choose a card from your Retreat Area except "Unit Name" and add it to your hand. 
'''"Armor Expertise"''' [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]] While this unit is being attacked, it gains 20 attack unless the attacker is a [[File:Tome (Cipher).png|16px|Tome]] unit. 
'''"Wingbane"''' [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]] While this unit is attacking a [[File:Flying (Cipher).png|16px|Flying]] unit, this unit gains 30 attack. 
'''“Dance”''' [[File:Activate.png|14px|ACT]] [ [[File:Tap.png|20px|Tap This Unit]], [[File:Flip2.png|30px|Flip 2 Bonds]] ] Choose an ally unit that has been tapped and untap it

''The following skills usually have unique names despite matching effects.'' 
'''"Dark Mage's Skill"''' [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]] When your opponent has 4 or less cards in their hand, this unit’s attack is increased by 10. 
'''"Fighter's Skill"''' [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]] During your turn, this unit gets 20 attack. 
'''"Manakete's Skill"''' [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]] If you have X or more bonds, this unit gains 30 attack.
'''"The Buddy System"''' [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]] While this unit is supported by "Buddy", this unit gains 20 attack. 
'''"I'll help you"''' [[File:Continuous.png|14px|CONT]] Allied "Buddy" unit’s attack is increased by 10. 
'''"Advanced Weapon"''' [[File:Activate.png|14px|ACT]] [[File:Once Per Turn.png|42px|Once Per Turn]] [ [[File:Flip1.png|30px|Flip 1 Bond]] ] Until the end of this turn, this unit’s attack is increased by 10 and its range becomes 1-2. 
'''"Rally Skill"''' [[File:Activate.png|14px|ACT]] [ [[File:Flip3.png|30px|Flip 3 Bonds]], Discard one "Unit" from your hand] Effect. 

Lastly, thanks for helping out the FE0 wiki!

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