Request: Iori in Love

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To initiate request, speak to the dazed man standing in front of the entrance to Illusory Shibuya.

Furious Man: *Sigh* ... Hey, what're you starting at? Don't play dumb... You were staring at that weird gate, weren't ya? I've been looking for a guy like you. Think you could do me a favor?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Yes
  • No

If the player chooses "no":

Furious Man ... Hey, nobody's forcing ya. If you change your mind, let me know.

Conversation ends, request unaccepted.

If the player chooses "yes":

Furious Man: Cool, thanks... Let's talk somewhere else, though. I need to calm down for a bit...

>The man takes Itsuki to the train station. Speak to him again to continue.

Furious Man: All right, let's get down to business. So it all started with that weird gate. You can see it, right? When I first saw it, I stuck my foot in and that was that: I found myself in a strange world. Next thing I knew, all these monsters were chasing me! I ran like hell, but... They still caught up, and I thought I was gonna wind up some monster's lunch... but a girl came outta nowhere and saved me! I've never seen anyone like her... That cutie was out of this world. Ahhh... She stole my heart. It was love at first sight.

>An awkward silences ensues.

Furious Man: Uh... Cat got yer tongue? So, I need you to go through the gate and tell that girl how I feel about her. My name's Souji Iori. She's somewhere near the ticket gates in that strange world. Thanks, man; I'm countin' on ya!

>There is a Sister Mirage near the exit of Illusory Shibuya.

Mirage: ... What? You got something to say to me?

Itsuki: (A girl by the ticket gates... She must be the Mirage Iori was talking about.)

>Itsuki informs the Mirage about Iori.

Mirage: Ahhh, I remember him. He was clinging to me, yelling, "Get me outta here!" He was so revolting, so I told him the way out and got rid of him. ... Just thinking of him makes my hair stand on end! Hey, you¬ Tell that Io-whatever-his-name-is this... If I ever see him again, I'll rip that jiggly pompadour of his to shreds! Hisssssssss!

Itsuki: (That's pretty harsh, but I guess I should tell Iori...)

>Speak to Iori.

Iori: Yo, did you find her? I hope she remembered our romantic encounter...

>Itsuki passes on the Mirage's letter.

Iori: She didn't have to be so heartless! What, is it the pompadour? Is that it? Maybe it's outta fashion where she's from. *Sigh* ... I guess it was a lost cause from the start. I mean, we literally live in different worlds. I mean, it sucks... but I guess I'll just hafta look for a new love. ... Anyway, thanks for the help. You and me are gonna be buddies. I can tell.

Request complete! Obtained two Mag Incenses as thanks.