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Official Soundtracks

Music Selection

Fire Emblem: Awakening Music Selection

This bonus CD contains 20 tracks from the game. It was offered as a Club Nintendo reward in Japan. Songs from this CD are marked by a ★.

Original Soundtrack

Fire Emblem: Awakening Original Soundtrack

This soundtrack contains all the tracks from the game split between 4 disks (plus a 5th data disk). It’s on sale in Japan from 27th March 2013.

Original Soundtrack

Notes: This site will not be hosting songs from the Original Sountrack until further notice. This excludes sample tracks and songs from the Music Selection.

Disk 1

No. Name
1 Id (Beginnings)
2 Omen (Main Theme)
3 “There are better places to take a nap than on the ground you know.”
4 Id (Serenity)
5 Prelude
6 Prelude (Ablaze)
7 Assault
8 Assault (Galvanised)
9 “Gods, have the Risen spread this far?”
10 Menace (Intro)
11 Menace
12 “It appears the capital was spared the chaos.”
13 “But, Frederick, it’s nearly dark!”
14 “Something is very wrong.”
15 “I mean it. Go!”
16 “Farewell…my friends…”
17 “Oh, it’s not so bad, Lissa. Just a healthy little walk!”
18 “We’d best prepare for combat, just to be safe.”
19 Duty
20 Duty (Ablaze)
21 “Here we are! The Shepherd’s garrison.”
22 “Negotiation’s not my strong suit…”
23 “Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!”

Disk 2

No. Name
1 Destiny
2 Destiny (Ablaze)
3 Aggression
4 Aggression (Galvanised)
5 “Now that’s a declaration of war if I’ve ever heard one!”
6 Miscreant (Intro)
7 Miscreant
8 “No reaction…. Was I wrong then?”
9 “I’ve never seen one fall so gracefully.”
10 “Leave me… Save yourselves…if you can…”
11 “……”
12 “Don’t speak her name!”
13 “And what if I can’t? What if I’m not worthy of her ideals?”
14 “Dry your tears, love. This is not good-bye.”
15 Divine Decree
16 Divine Decree (Ablaze)
17 “You don’t know the first thing about peace. No man does!”
18 Mastermind (Intro)
19 Mastermind
20 “Grima has returned to slumber.”

Disk 3

No. Name
1 Conquest
2 Conquest (Ablaze)
3 “We should turn in for the night.”
4 Training
5 Training (Galvanised)
6 “Don’t you put any stock in this destiny hogwash!”
7 Rival (Intro)
8 Rival
9 “Such bonds are the true strength of this army.”
10 “The Vaike never forgets! I just don’t always remember.”
11 “I carry only the finest.”
12 “Open for business!”
13 “Let’s see what I’m capable of now.”
14 “Shh… Easy now, Girl. I won’t hurt you.”
15 “Someone has to save you from your good intentions.”
16 Storm Clouds
17 Storm Clouds (Ablaze)
18 “You may call me Marth.”
19 “You deserved better from me than one sword…”
20 “Ha ha! Yes, it will take some getting used to!”
21 “You have power… like mine.”
22 Misericorde
23 Id (Dilemma)

Disk 4

No. Name
1 Chaos
2 Chaos (Ablaze)
3 “Run all you like—you can’t escape fate.”
4 Malefactor (Intro)
5 Malefactor
6 Id (Sorrow)
7 Annihilation
8 Annihilation (Galvanised)
9 Monstrosity (Intro)
10 Monstrosity
11 “Grima. It’s all over…”
12 “The life force here shall renew me!”
13 Id (Darkness)
14 Id (Return)
15 Id (Purpose)
16 Old Battlefield
17 “There are better places to take a nap than on the ground you know.” (Reprise)
18 Champion
19 Champion (Ablaze)
20 Id (Hope)
21 Main Theme (Festival)
22 Main Theme (Summer)
23 Main Theme (Spa)
24 Main Theme (Summer) (No Voice)
25 Main Theme (Spa) (No Voice)
26 Main Theme (Title)