Credits: Ice Dragon (sprites)
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Portrait Name Class Description
Lyn Lyn Lord A young girl from the Lorca tribe. Stouthearted and kind.
Sain Sain Cavalier A knight in service to house Caelin. A bit of a scoundrel.
Kent Kent Cavalier A knight in service to house Caelin. Virtuous to a fault.
Florina Florina Pegasus Knight A pegasus knight earning her title. A friend of Lyn’s.
Wil Wil Archer A youth from Pherae, in the Lycian League. Very social.
Dorcas Dorcas Fighter A man from a small village in Bern. Fights for his wife.
Serra Serra Cleric A cleric in service to House Ostia. Headstrong and bold.
Erk Erk Mage A young mage from Etruria. Charming, but uptight.
Rath-1 Rath Nomad A young hired sword from the Kutolah tribe.
Matthew Matthew Thief A cheery thief. His casual demeanor belies his skill.