Starting Items

Credits: Pegasus Knight

Lyn’s Story

Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5
Lyn Iron Sword Vulnerary Vulnerary
Sain Iron Lance
Kent Iron Sword Iron Lance Vulnerary
Florina Slim Lance Vulnerary
Wil Iron Bow
Dorcas Hand Axe Vulnerary
Serra Heal Vulnerary
Erk Fire
Rath Short Bow Vulnerary
Matthew Iron Sword Lockpick
Nils Vulnerary
Lucius Lightning
Wallace Iron Lance Iron Axe Vulnerary Knight Crest

Eliwood’s & Hector’s Stories


  • Lyn’s gem differs depending on how much Assets (Gold + Worth of all items) were earned in Lyn’s Story. 19,999G or less = no gem; 20,000 to 29,999G = Red Gem; 30,000 to 32,999G = Blue Gem; 33,000G or more = White Gem. If Lyn’s story was skipped, she comes with a Blue Gem.
Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5
Eliwood Rapier Vulnerary
Lowen E Iron Sword Javelin
Lowen H Iron Sword Iron Lance
Marcus E Steel Sword Steel Lance
Marcus H Iron Sword Silver Lance
Rebecca E Iron Bow Vulnerary
Rebecca H Iron Bow
Dorcas E Steel Axe Energy Ring
Dorcas H Iron Axe
Bartre Iron Axe Hand Axe
Hector E Wolf Beil Vulnerary
Hector H Wolf Beil Hand Axe
Oswin Iron Lance Javelin
Serra Heal Vulnerary
Matthew Iron Sword Lockpick
Guy Killing Edge Vulnerary
Erk Thunder Goddess Icon
Priscilla Mend Vulnerary
Lyn Mani Katti Vulnerary Blue Gem
Wil NM Iron Bow Steel Bow Vulnerary
Wil HM Iron Bow
Kent NM Steel Sword Javelin
Kent HM Iron Sword
Sain NM Steel Lance Iron Sword
Sain HM Iron Lance
Florina NM Slim Lance Javelin Vulnerary
Florina HM Slim Lance Javelin
Raven Steel Sword
Lucius Lightning Vulnerary
Canas Flux Secret Book Vulnerary
Dart Steel Axe Hand Axe Torch
Fiora NM Steel Lance Javelin Vulnerary
Fiora HM Axereaver Javelin Vulnerary
Legault E Steel Sword Lockpick Light Rune
Legault H Steel Sword Chest Key Chest Key
Ninian Ninis’s grace Elixir
Isadora Silver Sword Short Spear Angelic Robe
Heath Axereaver Javelin Mine
Rath Short Bow Longbow Light Rune
Hawkeye Killer Axe
Geitz Killer Axe Steel Bow
Wallace Silver Lance Hand Axe Elixir
Farina Killer Lance Javelin Vulnerary
Pent Elfire Physic
Louise Silver Bow White Gem
Karel Wo Dao
Harken Brave Sword
Nino Elfire Elixir
Jaffar Killing Edge Elixir
Vaida Spear
Nils Same as Ninian
Karla Wo Dao
Renault Divine Fortify Light Rune
Athos Forblaze Aureola Durandal Armads Sol Katti

NM: Normal Mode
HM: Hard Mode
E: Eliwood’s Story
H: Hector’s Story