Icon Class Weapons Promotes to Notes
fe7lyn Lord (Lyn) Sword Blade Lord
bladelord Blade Lord Sword, Bow
eliwood2 Lord (Eliwood) Sword Knight Lord
knightlord Knight Lord Sword, Lance Horseback
fe7hector Lord (Hector) Axe Great Lord
greatlord Great Lord Sword, Axe Armoured
mercenary Mercenary Sword Hero
hero Hero Sword, Axe
myrmidon Myrmidon Sword Swordmaster
swordmaster Swordmaster Sword +15 critical
thief Thief Sword Assassin Can steal items
assassin Assassin Sword One-hit KO skill
armourknight Armour Knight Lance General Armoured
general General Lance, Axe Armoured
soldier Soldier Lance Enemy only
fighter Fighter Axe Warrior
warrior Warrior Axe, Bow
bandit Bandit Axe Berserker Can cross mountains, enemy only
pirate Pirate Axe Berserker Can cross seas
pirate Corsair Axe Can cross seas, enemy only
berserker Berserker Axe +15 critical, can cross mountains and seas
archer Archer Bow Sniper Can use ballistae
sniper Sniper Bow Can use ballistae
nomad Nomad Bow Nomad Trooper Horseback
nomadtrooper Nomad Trooper Sword, Bow Horseback
socialknight Cavalier Sword, Lance Paladin Horseback
paladin Paladin Sword, Lance, Axe Horseback
pegasusknight Pegasus Knight Lance Falcon Knight Flying
falconknight Falcon Knight Sword, Lance Flying
dragonknight Wyvern Rider Lance Wyvern Lord Dragon, flying
dragonmaster Wyvern Lord Sword, Lance Dragon, flying
monk Monk Light Bishop
cleric Cleric Staff Bishop
bishop Bishop Staff, Light
troubadour Troubadour Staff Valkyrie Horseback
valkyria Valkyrie Staff, Anima Horseback
mage Mage Anima Sage
sage Sage Staff, Anima
archsage ArchSage Staff, Anima, Light, Dark
shaman Shaman Dark Druid
druid Druid Staff, Dark
darkdruid Dark Druid Staff, Anima, Light, Dark Enemy only
bard Bard Can allow an ally to move again
dancer Dancer Can allow an ally to move again
magicseal Magic Seal Silences all characters within range, enemy only
bramimond2 Bramimond Staff, Dark Unused
? Fire Dragon Dragon, enemy only
civilian Civilian NPC only
prince Prince Sword NPC only
tent Transporter (Tent) Transporter (Wagon) Can store items
transporter Transporter (Wagon) Can store items