(Revised: 7th May 2010)

Notes: E indicates Eliwood’s story, while H indicates Hector’s story.

Section 1: Early to mid-game

Q) If a character dies in Lyn’s story, will they return in Eliwood/Hector’s story?

A) Yes, they will return, but with their default Eliwood/Hector mode stats.

Q) Do items carry over from Lyn’s story

A) No. Returning characters come with a brand new inventory.

Q) How come my Thief can’t steal an item from an enemy?

A) There are two reasons for this. The most likely reason is that the enemy’s Speed is greater than your Thief’s. Otherwise, make sure that your Thief has free space in his inventory.

Q) Does participating in sidequest chapters affect your Ranking?

A) Yes and no. The game’s explanation of this is a little misleading. Each chapter that you participate in (including sidequests) adds on their own Ranking requirements to a total set of requirements (see this page for more info). So, yes, if you participate in the sidequest, the overall requirements will change. However, the decision to skip it or not doesn’t have any direct effect on Rankings by itself.

Q) Is there any point to getting a S Rank in staves?

A) Since there is no S Rank staff, no. Also it does not increase your accuracy when using stat-affecting staves.

Q) I made Merlinus obtain an item. How do I get it back from him?

A) You have to wait until the chapter’s end, then during the preparations screen use the List option (when trading items) and look for Merlinus’ item(s).

Section 2: End-game

Q) When do the Lords promote?

A) Lyn, Eliwood (in Hector’s story) or Hector (in Eliwood’s story) can promote using the Heaven Seals obtained in Chapter 24E/26H and Chapter 26E/28H. Eliwood (in Eliwood’s story) and Hector (in Hector’s story) promote at the end of Chapter 27E/29H.

Q) What happens to Sonia if you skip her chapter?

A) After being wounded by Brendan Reed, she speaks with Nergal who disposes of her due to her weakness.

Q) Can I kill off Pent/Louise to free the support slots for Louise/Pent?

A) No, if you kill off one of them, the other will leave as well.

Q) How do I get Renault’s A supports?

A) The two parts of the Final Chapter count as separate chapters for support gaining. Together with the chapter that he joins (and 32x if you’re playing Hector’s story), that’s just about enough chapters to reach an A support.

Q) If I start Lyn’s story in a certain difficulty, can I swap difficulty when I reach Eliwood/Hector’s story?

A) Yes.

Q) Can you ever fight Ephidel?

A) No. Ephidel doesn’t even have proper character data in the game.

Q) Who is Kishuna?

A) An early morph created by Nergal, who exhibited signs of emotion. Anything else is probably speculative.