Bartre & Raven

C Support

Bartre: Ah! You!
Raven: …What?
Bartre: That gaze that misses nothing! That gait free of wasted effort! You are strong! And someday, we shall fight!
Raven: What are you talking about?
Bartre: Uwaaaaaah!
Unknown: …Ungf!
Raven: …Hey, are you hurt?
Bartre: H-Hey! What’s the big idea! Why’d you step aside!? You knew I’d fall!
Raven: I believe I should be the one asking “what’s the big idea.”
Bartre: What need have we of chit-chat! We are men who live by the strength of our arms! Fists, not words! We–We talk with our fists!
Raven: … …
Bartre: If you have not realized this, then you are greener than I thought! Bwah hah hah!
Raven: I…see.
Bartre: So–gaaah!
Bartre: Wh-What was that all about, all of a sudden–
Raven: I believe you were the one who rushed me first?
Bartre: W-Wait! I dropped my axe when I fell just now, and– Whaa!?
Raven: Fists, not words, right?
Bartre: H-Hey! I-I know your type… Cool face and heart of fire! Men shouldn’t be temper–uwwaoh!
Bartre: W-Wait! Whoaa! I-I said wait! Wait!

B Support

Bartre: Say, aren’t you that guy…
Raven: What is it this time?
Bartre: No fighting, no fighting! Just relax, there. You’re right… Words are highly underrated.
Raven: Ah, I see you’re coming around.
Bartre: That’s why I came prepared today so we could, uh, get to know one another!
Raven: Why do you think I would have any interest in getting to know you?
Bartre: J-Just look at this, will you? Took me days to write, it did. Look–it’s my family tree!
Raven: … …
Bartre: Long, isn’t it? About three times your height, I’d say. This person right here, he’s the oldest ancestor I’ve records of.
Raven: … …
Bartre: It was because of him, that the blood of fighters was passed down in my family from generation to generation.
Raven: Your handwriting is abysmal.
Bartre: Gack! I…was never good at my letters. Of course, I was kind of writing in a hurry…
Raven: Perhaps you could go rewrite this, so I can read it better, eh?
Bartre: Of course!
Raven: Take all the time you need, really.
Bartre: Yes! And I’ve got an idea! Might you teach me handwriting so as I can be sure you’ll be able to read it?
Raven: What!?
Bartre: Yeah–see, this letter… I have worlds of trouble with this one… Here, I’ve got some paper… Write me a sample, would you?
Raven: What have I done to deserve this?

A Support

Bartre: Ah! There you are! You’re a hard one to find, you know that?
Raven: …Sorry you took the trouble.
Bartre: No matter, friend! I knew you would be in good health. It takes a weaker man like you to fall to the forces of evil, yes!
Raven: Friend…did you say?
Bartre: Eh? What was that? Ah–look, I brought something! It’s my family tree. Just, I had some trouble remembering some parts. If I get a chance to go home, I’ll be sure to check and make sure. If, of course, you can wait?
Raven: You are most kind. I’d be very pleased if you went home.
Bartre: Right, right, when the time comes! So, we can save the talking for a later day, it seems… Today, I’ve come to formally challenge you to combat!
Raven: But…there’s no need.
Bartre: What?
Raven: You said it yourself, we’re “friends,” right? Friends know each other, they know each other’s strength.
Bartre: Ah! True! That is true! Forgive me, friend! There is nothing that needs contesting between us, is there?
Raven: Right you are, Bartre. Now, return to your post…friend.
Bartre: Yes…yes! … …! Eh…?
Raven: What’s wrong?
Bartre: Um, what’s your name?
Raven: … … …