Florina & Ninian

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Ninian: Ahh…Dame Florina…
Florina: You know… You really don’t have to call me that. You can just call me Florina.
Ninian: Oh… All right… Miss Florina. Say, Miss Florina, you’re from Ilia, right?
Florina: Um, yes. Ninian, you know about Ilia?
Ninian: Yes… There are white mountains covered with snow, and… I was, um…born there.
Florina: Y-You were? Wow…you and I are from the same place, then. That’s funny…I feel so much closer to you now… Well, we should definitely talk more…
Ninian: Sure, that would be nice.

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Florina: Um, Ninian…?
Ninian: Yes? What is it, Miss Florina?
Florina: Can I… Can I ask you for some advice?
Ninian: You want to ask me for advice? What about?
Florina: Well, you see, I… I’m really bad at talking to men… And I can’t seem to even get along with all of the soldiers we fight alongside… So what do you think I could do to…you know, make it easier to talk to people?
Ninian: Well… I feel like you sort of… picked the wrong person to ask… I don’t think I’m really all that good at talking to people either…
Florina: Oh…all right… I just thought… You know, you’re just so easy to talk to…
Ninian: Well, I feel the same way…about you.
Florina: So then… We can count on each other as friends from now on, right?
Ninian: Yes… absolutely!

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Florina: So, Ninian, where in Ilia were you born? Because… I was born in Edessa. That’s where the Pegasi gather…at the spring of Pyrene.
Ninian: I… I am not so good at geography… But it was near the tallest mountain in Ilia.
Florina: You mean the mountain of the Ice Dragon?
Ninian: …Ice Dragon?
Florina: Yes. A long time ago, there was a tall mountain where an ice dragon lived. Don’t you know the story?
Ninian: I’m sorry, I don’t… I’ve been traveling for a long time with my brother, and…
Florina: Oh…I see… Well, a long time ago, there was an ice dragon in Ilia. And this kind dragon helped the people of Ilia, who had trouble living in snow year round. But a war broke out between dragons and people… And the kind dragons, not wanting to hurt the humans, went off to a faraway place.
Ninian: ……
Florina: My sister first told me that story as a child to make me go to bed… Even now, every year, the people in that area make an offering to the mountain… When I was little, I so wanted to meet the ice dragon that I braved the cold and waited all night next to the place of offering… But I saw dawn the next morning, and the dragon never came… Then I caught a cold and my sister got very upset with me…
Ninian: …You waited all night? Miss Florina… Weren’t you afraid of the dragon?
Florina: Afraid? Why?
Ninian: Doesn’t everyone think that dragons are terrifying, man-eating beasts? I mean, how could two different species ever get along?
Florina: It doesn’t matter what species you are… Look at me. My pegasus and I are of different species…
Ninian: Yeah, I guess so…
Florina: Pegasi are all very shy around humans… But I’m kind of that way, too… At first this sweet mare and I were so afraid of each other… It didn’t go so well… But we played together, and swam together… And soon, we began to understand each other… And that’s how we became friends… So even if two beings may be shaped a little differently… That doesn’t mean they can’t get along.
Ninian: I see… Yeah, you must be right! I mean…we get along, don’t we?