Guy & Karel

C Support

Guy: Y-You…!
Karel: ……
Guy: Hold on! You’re Karel, aren’t you? You’re the Sword Demon…
Karel: ……
Guy: Oh, forgive me! I am Guy, a warrior from Sacae. I would like you to teach me the art of the sword!
Karel: ……
Guy: Hm! What’s with you? Why don’t you–
Karel: Be grateful for your inexperience. If you were stronger… I would cut you down where you stand.
Guy: I… I don’t– What’s your problem!?

B Support

Guy: Master! Wait for me! Master Karel!
Karel: ……
Guy: Please, I implore you! Teach me the art of the sword! I want my name to be known far and wide in Sacae!
Karel: When my fame first spread in this land, many worthless dogs aspired to swordsmanship. Then they all fell, one by one… Forget it, pup. Leave my sight.
Guy: D-Don’t go! You want someone to fight, don’t you? Then make me your opponent!
Karel: ……
Guy: I know I’m not good enough to fight you now. So, just train me in the sword. In one year’s time, I swear I will master the art. Enough to match you– enough to best you!
Karel: …… You seem to mean it, don’t you?
Guy: Y-Yes!
Karel: Very well. From tonight, we begin your training. You will learn the sword.

A Support

Guy: Master!
Karel: ……
Guy: Master! How goes my training?
Karel: ……
Guy: I really think I am getting the hang of it. Maybe I’m, you know, gifted or something? I’m still no match for you, but soon…
Karel: Guy.
Guy: Hm?
Karel: Your training is over.
Guy: Huh? Why?!
Karel: You are strong enough. If I teach you any more than this… Then I will have to cut you down where you stand. I would cleave you in two before you could take a single breath.
Guy: ……!
Karel: Even now, I can barely restrain my blade. It longs to bathe in your blood, to test your steel. The thought alone makes my blood roil.
Guy: M-Master!
Karel: Leave. Never speak to me. Forget your offer to seek me out in a year’s time.
Guy: M-Master! Thank you! I owe you so much. But when I said I would challenge you, that was no lie. I will grow stronger. I will beat you.
Karel: …So be it. When next our swords cross, we will see. Let us meet one year from now. Then I will know your skill. Until then.
Guy: …… Yes…Master.