Harken & Vaida

C Support

Vaida: Eh? That crest on your armor… Are you a knight?
Harken: A black riding wyvern on a crimson shield… You must be Lady Vaida. I have heard of you from Lord Eliwood. I am Harken, a knight of Pherae. I am at your service.
Vaida: Eh? What are you saying? Do you walk in your sleep? We are enemies… Or are you an idiot?
Harken: Enemies…?
Vaida: You seem…uninformed, so let me tell you: I fought with your rabble here once before.
Harken: What!
Vaida: Didn’t manage to kill that brat Eliwood then… How about it, fair knight? Why not leave Eliwood and join me? You can make sure I don’t kill him, eh?
Harken: You…
Vaida: Eh? What’s that? Want to fight?
Harken: …No. My lord Eliwood has welcomed you to his side, has he not? If that is so…then we are allies.
Vaida: Hrm… What’s this “my lord” business? I care for it not one bit…

B Support

Vaida: Ah, we meet again. You disappoint me by your persistent refusal to drop dead.
Harken: You again…
Vaida: I saw you fight. Those are some fancy moves. Is that how you plan on living through the coming battle?
Harken: I am a knight of Pherae. I fight in a way befitting my station. Are you not a proud knight of Bern?
Vaida: Hah! There, you’re wrong. I’m no longer a knight.
Harken: What does that mean?
Vaida: I disobeyed the king’s orders. Everyone in my troop was stripped of rank, stripped of country… Well, I’m tired of running. I plan to return home and find like souls… We’ll sell ourselves to the highest bidder, do any job. A merry band of vagrants and vandals!
Harken: You…disobeyed orders!? Why would you do something like that…?
Vaida: I don’t recall owing you any explanations. Just–keep your distance. I’ve no desire to be friends with a tail-wagging knight, eager for a bone from his master. And…watch your tone when you speak with me in the future!
Harken: …

A Support

Harken: Lady Vaida.
Vaida: You again? Do you never learn? How many times must I tell you I’ve no interest…
Harken: I…once belonged to the Black Fang.
Vaida: What!? What did you say?
Harken: In order to avenge Lord Elbert and my companions… I would sneak into the enemy camp alone. It was then…once…I saw you there. It was outside the base… You were talking to their leader’s wife, Sonia. I remember you well… A young, earnest wyvern knight, talking to that cold-eyed woman…
Vaida: You…were watching? Hmph. You have strange tastes. I trust it you found great comedy in our exchange. Me, being reprimanded by that woman…
Harken: No, on the contrary… I
was envious of you.
Vaida: Eh…? How is that?
Harken: You… You were using Nergal to help you return to the Royal Wyvern Knights. You were willing to use any means necessary to return to your master… t the time, I had lost my master, and my will to live… Seeing your focus of mind… It was impressive.
Vaida: …
Harken: Yet, I do not understand. How could you betray a lord to whom you were so faithful?
Vaida: Grr… Leave me be. Who swore fealty to any king? Not I! The lord to whom I swore… Was not that plain man, grasping at the coattails of power, but a man born with the presence and manner of a king. Should that man take the throne, a change of fortune would sure come to Bern.
Harken: You speak of Prince Zephiel…
Vaida: That name is not to be spoken of so lightly by a knight of Pherae!
Harken: Now I understand. It is good that we were able to talk.
Vaida: …
Harken: Vaida… We are both knights of the same heart. Together, in this army, we are compatriots. I believe this, no matter how you feel about it.
Vaida: … Hmph. I care for him not one bit. …Truly… …Not one bit…